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US & Canada free online classifieds for apartments, home rentals, pets and used cars for sale or rent. Glasyads automatically syndicate your listings to top advertising sites.

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Free classifieds postings

  1. 1. HOW TO POST AN AD ON GLASYADSGlasyads Introduction :Glasyads is a Listings Syndication tool designed for Free ClassifiedAdvertisings. Glasyads provides a wide range of best features to popularizeyour listings in online as simplest as possible.The pictorial representation of Glasyads website :
  2. 2. Glasyads empowers with many good features like Automated Syndication,Rich Templetes & Themes, Bulk E-mail Campaign, Social MediaIntegrations, Craigslists HTML Code Generation and many more...All this high end features are at free of cost for US People & Canadians tomake their Classified listings popular.Please follow the below Steps to Post your Ads on Glasyads :Step 1:Create a Free Account in Glasyads by selecting the REGISTER Linkavailable on Top Left Menu bar and enter all required fields to complete theregistration.Note: An confirmation mail with activation link has send to your registered
  3. 3. E-mail (Check inbox / spam box). Please click on Activate My Accountlink in order to Activate your Glasyads account.Step 2:After clicking Activate My Account link, the link goes to ListingInformation page.Select your main category & relevant sub category from the drop down list.After selecting particular category, This leads you to Glasyads Listing DetailsPage.
  4. 4. Step 3:Now, provide listing information details like Listing Title, Description, Priceetc.Update the relevant product Features & attributes in Listing page. you canadd some more features and attributes by clicking on Add Attribute button.Make sure to update Contact information to get response of your listings.
  5. 5. Note: Update listing images and youtube videos to attract more visitors andclick continue.This now leads you to the next tabStep 4:Now, select the Theme Style from Default themes by clicking on therespective image visible to you per your requirement.
  6. 6. Click on Preview button to view the preview of your listing and clickcontinue.This now leads you to the next tabStep 5:This Page leads to Syndication list, under Syndication list choose and clickon any of the website option indicating radio button, in which you like topublish on.Select at least one syndication site to publish your ads
  7. 7. Click on Publish button to Publish your Ad ( or ) click save it on draft buttonfor future usageHere ends the steps to create and publish your own ADSNow, check your posted listings in My Listing Tab
  8. 8. Thank You!Please visit to post Unlimited Free Classified Listings