Today's Health Care Consumer. The COMsumer


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Today's health care consumer is no longer a passive recipient of health care. They are taking more ownership for their care. They are exhibiting the 8 COMsumer habits of today's consumer.

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Today's Health Care Consumer. The COMsumer

  1. The Health Care! ! m! Consumer! ! Driving change in Health Care! 1Copyright 2012
  2. Finding The Patient Voice!  A patient movement is happening.!!  Patients are finding their voice and are driving conversations.! Copyright 2012 2
  3. Enabled Patients and Consumers! The social web has enabled patients and health care consumers to connect. !! They are gaining exceptional reach and amplification.!! They are driving change. Copyright 2012 3
  4. Today’s Health Care Consumer alsohave COMsumer habits ! .Com savvy! ! Compare! ! Comprehend! ! Compose! ! Communicate! ! Command! ! Community-Driven! ! Commit! 4 Copyright 2012
  5. They are dot COM savvy!  Today’s health care consumer is dot com savvy.!  8 of 10 internet users search for health information online.!!  Half of internet users (48%) who go online for health information search on behalf of another person.!!  The internet has also enabled ways for patients to find and help each other.!  Social networks, blogs, online communities, and other tools allow people to share and respond immediately to people’s health care questions and needs. Source: Pew Research Center 5 Copyright 2012
  6. They want to comprehend !  Health care consumers are no longer a passive recipient when it comes to managing their health.! !  Understanding their health, or disease condition, is very important to them.! !  There is an increased ownership in managing their care.! !  They want to understand both the information and treatment “being served”. !  Health care consumers and advocates are driving for increased partnerships with patients; striving for an increased understanding of the patient experience and associated medical information. Source: Walking Gallery by Regina Holliday 6 Copyright 2012
  7. Want Communication!  Health care consumers are “hungry” for straight talk, layman’s terms, about their health condition and treatment options.!!  They are seeking clarity and support.!!  A key component of communication is listening; this is true for all parties involved.!!  Many patients and caregivers have taken to blogging. Communication, between!  Many patient bloggers1 feel they have a consumers, practitioners and story to tell. leaders, is key for the appropriate change to occur going forward.! 1. Patient Panel Medicine 2.0 Congress 2012 ! 7 Copyright 2012
  8. They are Community Driven!  Symplur2 has collected health !  The trend is growing conversations on Twitter to the sum of !  Patient communities are growing! 150+ million health tweets over the past 2 years. !  Today in addition to the advice of healthcare practitioners, patients also!  Twitter health care communities, such seek advice from both their on- as Health Care Social Media and off-line networks for managing [#hcsm,#hcsmca, #hcsmeu], have their care. developed high profile communities on the social web.!!  One-third of U.S. consumers3 are using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to find medical information, research and share their symptoms. Source: 2.Symplur: The Rise of Patient Communities on Twitter, 2012 They also offer opinions about doctors, Miranda Miller, 2012, 33% of treatments, drugs and health plans. ! U.S. Consumers Use Social Media for Health Care Info [Survey] 8 Copyright 2012
  9. They Compare!  Health care consumers want options so that they can conduct their own comparative analysis.!!  Google health-related searches are on the rise: (Nov2012)!!  Health care consumers are comparing treatments.!  Health care consumers are comparing practices. Rise Of The Patient Talk Radio show!  Health care consumers are comparing revealed that caregivers and patients manufacturers and their processes.! are avid students when it comes to their health care condition. They!  Health care consumers share their become well versed in their condition findings with their network.! and will go across borders to seek quality information, treatment and care.! 9 Copyright 2012
  10. They Compose!  Health care consumers can be extremely creative and resilient in finding options for their treatment and managing their care. !!  After being diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer, E- Patient Dave found a treatment option when he joined the online community ACOR [Association of Cancer Online Resources].!  E-Patient Dave also provided other software options to better communicate his condition.!  PatientsLikeMe, a patient social network, is a hub for patient collaboration and creativity.!  The recently launched patient-centered outcomes research institute (PCORI), encourages health care consumers to be part of designing, reviewing and participating in patient-centered research. 10 Copyright 2012
  11. They Command!  Many patients and caregivers have formed vibrant networks and have partnered with leaders in health care to drive change.!!  Regina Holliday is one of 12 women that have been cited as powerful voices in healthcare innovation. Regina is striving for increased patient partnerships when developing new health care policies and innovations.!!  Dr. Vicki Whiting is an award winning author for her book “In Pain We Trust”. Dr. Vicki Whiting is an advocate for increased partnering and listening for all those involved in health care management.!!  E-Patient Dave is the opening speaker for countless Health care consumers are medical and health care conferences; an advocate for organizing, rising and commanding change in health care.! access to medical information and partnering. 11 Copyright 2012
  12. They Commit!  Engaged health care consumers are very passionate stakeholders.!  Health care consumers form sincere and meaningful partnerships.!  They form bonds with others who have similar interests, values, open to learning and problem solving.!!  Health care consumers are often very committed to their network, committed to helping others and committed to those who can also support or drive improved health care management. 12 Copyright 2012
  13. Change is happening……and Health care COMsumers are not in the back seat A new type of leadership is emerging. A new way of partnering and collaboration has emerged. 13 Copyright 2012
  14. Credits and References!1.  Social life of Health Information Images on Flickr! [2011], Pew Internet, Susannah Fox! 1.  Walking Gallery by Regina2.  US Consumers Use Social Holliday! Media For Health Care Info Survey, [2012] Miranda Miller! 2.  Crane by CarbonNYC!3.  These 12 women are powerful voices both in healthcare and on Twitter. [2012]!4.  Health Related searches are on the rise 4 of 5 web users look for Health info online!5.  The Rise Of Patient Communities on Twitter, Symplur!! 14 Copyright 2012
  15. About Shirley Williams.!Shirley Williams has had a dynamic and assertivemanagement career that has led to a reputationof a visionary, result-driven and passionate leaderwith excellent strategic implementation andmotivational abilities.!Shirley has had 20+ years in the Pharmaceuticals,Healthcare and Information Technology. Shirley isthe principal consultant and owner at William Pearland Social Media Pearls. Shirley consults instrategy, business transformation, teamdevelopment and social media. Shirley also hasher own Talk Radio Show on Social BusinessEnvironment and Healthcare. !! Thank You Follow Me Copyright 2012 15