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Partnering for positive outcomes in the social environment. Health Care & Pharma


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There is a quiet movement happening.
The social movement. It is being driven by the ordinary person. This deck describes the rise of the consumer and social media

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Partnering for positive outcomes in the social environment. Health Care & Pharma

  2. 2. This presentation was originally prepared and presented at the Drug Information Association 2012 Annual meeting [Ottawa] and revised for the Strategic Leadership Forum [Toronto] which was unfortunately cancelled.Revisions include data from Rise Of the Patient Talk Show and posts from Social Media PearlsThe key messages are also transferrable to other sectors 2
  3. 3. There is a quiet movement happening. Borders have been removed.A universal language is being formed. Connections are being forged. Structures are being removed 3
  4. 4. It is being driven by the consumer.The ordinary is becoming extraordinary 4
  5. 5. Taking A Step Back In History Origin of the word consumer: 1375-1425 : Squanderer 5
  6. 6. Definition expanded in 1500s and still holds today.To -destroy -use up -eat or drink -spend wastefully -absorb 6
  7. 7. The current definition of consumer suggestsa passive recipient & for centuries business owners treated consumers accordingly. Many still do. 7
  8. 8. Brand Evolution: 1800 -1999Distribution and media channel controlledOrganizations and Consumers wereinstitutions focused trusting and didon getting in front to not have a voice.the customer and However thattold them what they began to changewanted. A one-way at the turn of thecontrolled channel. last century….Paternalistic 1800:Trade-mark to show ownership ~ Something consumers buy 1920s: Brand-mark to show quality ~ Something consumers trust 1980s: Mass-Brand to show superiotiy ~ Something consumers prefer 8
  9. 9. Brand Evolution: 2000-Multiple distribution and media channels Consumers are no longer passive. They wanted to be convinced. They have found their voice and readily share it. They want their say and have many channels to do just that.2000:Love-brand to show they are inspirational ~ Something consumers may love 9 Today: Wiki-brand ~ Something where consumers want to be involved
  10. 10. Today, consumers no longer just consume. It is time to update that 1500 definition. They are COMsumers 10
  11. 11. They are Dot COM Savvy 11
  12. 12. They want to COMmunicate 12
  13. 13. They want to COMprehend 13
  14. 14. They COMpose 14
  15. 15. They are COMmunity-driven 15
  16. 16. They COMpare 16
  17. 17. They COMmand 17
  18. 18. They COMmit 18
  19. 19. Rise Of The Health Care COMsumer:ePatient Dave Terminal Stage IV Cancer patient. Zero options via traditional channels. Survival options found in patient community. Leading voice on Patient Partnership “Patient is not a third person word” 19
  20. 20. Rise Of The Health Care COMsumer:Regina Holliday Caregiver to terminal cancer patient.Regina drives the importance of the social media community in her quest for patient partnership and access to data. Regina enables patient stories via the Walking Gallery. “You can make a difference today. Don’t delay” 20
  21. 21. Rise Of The Health Care COMsumer:Jennifer Sprung Caregiver to special needs child. Drives the need for improved patient - physician communication. Lack of options led her to conduct a community outreach Her research found an option in the international community. 21“Engage in your health, your love ones and children’s health”
  22. 22. Partnerships exist with Forward Thinkers The lines of virtual and physical nolonger existsThe lines between professionals and consumersare becoming blurred.The lines between virtual and physical no longerexists. Medicine 2.0 Congress 500 AttendeesConversations are no longer defined by a physical 39 countriesstructure alone. WebcastThe consumer is very informed, becoming very 7,232 Tweetseducated and has significant reach. 14 Million Impressions Global Trend A new form of leadership is emerging. From the 22 outside in.
  23. 23. Risk Of Not Engaging.In the early 1900s, how many did not engage in this new tool? This new communication tool provided the ability to communicate over vast geographical distances without seeing the person. Hmmm, I wonder if this was considered virtual? 23
  24. 24. Risk Of Not Engaging In Our Social EnvironmentCase: Medicine 2.0 Conference Playing catch-up. Lost opportunities. Missed relationships.An ignored audience of over 2billion. 24
  25. 25. What of Leaders in Health Care & Pharma? 25
  26. 26. Study on Why Pharma Does Not Engage in Social Media Is there a case for being socially friendly? 26
  27. 27. Hello? Hello? Their absence is noticeable.Is there a perspective on health care beyond the drug? Beyond promotion? 27
  28. 28. Anyone?Seeking information and support, health care and patient communities are self organizing. Self educating. Innovating and28driving change.
  29. 29. lion health itter to the sum of 150+ mil ealth conversations on Tw Symplur has collected h The Rise Of The Patient ears. twee ts over the past 2 y Twitter h ealth ca#hcsme re comm u], have unities, develop such as ed high Health C profile c are Soc ommun ial Medi ities on a [#hcs the soc m,#hcs ial web. mca,One-third of U.S. consumers are using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to find medicalinformation, research and share their symptoms. They also offer opinions aboutdoctors, treatments, drugs and health plans.29
  30. 30. The COMsumer Train has left the station…. 30
  31. 31. The Winning Path To Partner in The Social EnvironmentThe Opportunity is Today1.  Humanize the brand. Humanize your organization.2.  Listen within the related sectors.3.  Go beyond the event or campaign.4.  Engage beyond the product5.  Demonstrate leadership in an open forum. 31 Drug Information Association
  32. 32. The Winning Path To Partner in The Social EnvironmentThe Opportunity is Today6.  Demonstrate an understanding of the COMsumer.7.  Build credible relationships.8.  Develop brand ambassadors within the social space.9.  Have a voice.10.  Above all, be Authentic. 32 Drug Information Association
  33. 33. Younger & future generations will not make the distinction between the different environments It will be another natural way to communicate.So the challenge is, how fast can you adapt in order to stay relevant? 33
  34. 34. About Shirley Williams.Shirley Williams has had a dynamic and assertive management career that has led to a reputation of a visionary, result-driven and passionate leader with excellent strategic implementation and motivational abilities.Shirley has had 20+ years in the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Information Technology. Shirley is the CTO and owner at William Pearl and Social Media Pearls. Shirley consults in strategy, business transformation, team development and social media. Shirley is also a New Media Enthusiast and Advocate. She has her own Talk Radio Show on Social Business Environment, Rise of The Patient and Give Start Ups A Chance. Thank You Follow Me
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