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Seric case study Cigna Commvault


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Case study for Cigna healthcare for backup using Commvault simpana

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Seric case study Cigna Commvault

  1. 1. a. Seric Systems Ltd, Studio 2004, Abbey Mill Business Centre, Mile End Building, 12 Seedhill Road, Paisley, PA1 1JS. t. 0141 561 1161 e. w. tw. @sericsystems CASE STUDY Cigna Commvault backup solution saves £1M BRIEF Cigna had a cloud based backup solution, incurring ever rising costs and recovery time as the company’s data grew as a result of business growth in Asia and other markets. Cigna required a cost effective backup solution that could address rapid data growth in an expanding virtual and physical infrastructure within an ever decreasing backup window. With multiple overseas offices and an array of applications the solution would have to address varying protection, risk and complexity challenges and ensure an acceptable recovery time. SOLUTION Seric’s solution was to bring the backups in house with Commvault's market leading innovative Simpana software on IBM storage. Simpana’s single software solution allowed Cigna to minimise downtime with application aware agents allowing to protect and recover files in a fraction of the time. Not only did this solution help protect invaluable data it also improved backup performance and lowered network requirements utilising source based duplication. Due to the selected capacity licensing model Cigna can also roll out Archiving and Enterprise Search at a later date, for no additional license costs. OUTCOME Taking into account hardware, maintenance and administration costs, the solution reduced backup costs by over 50% per year, saving in excess of £1M over five years. provided a better service to the business and a platform capable of reaping much more future benefits. “There are many complexities in replacing a backup solution which cause many companies to shy away from the challenge, however the massive savings bought about with the Seric solution could not be ignored” European IT Infrastructure Manager, Cigna Healthcare International PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS STORAGE AND INTEGRATED SYSTEMS SOCIAL BUSINESS AND COLLABORATION IT SECURITY