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William Cauffiel Lickle


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William Cauffiel Lickle

  1. 1. William  Cauffiel  Lickle   A  Biography  July,  2011   William  Cauffiel  Lickle  was  born  on  August  2,  1929,  in  Wilmington,  Delaware  to  the   late  Charles  and  Hazel  Cauffiel  Lickle.  Mr.  Lickle's  family  home  and  its  acreage  later   became  Cauffiel  Park,  later  part  of  Bellevue  Park.     Mr.  Lickle  prepped  at  The  Hill  School  in  Pottstown,  Pa.  and  the  Tower  Hill  School  in   Wilmington,  and  earned  both  bachelor's  and  law  degrees  at  the  University  of   Virginia.  While  at  U.Va.,  he  joined  the  Kappa  Alpha  and  Phi  Alpha  Delta  fraternities.   He  was  accorded  membership  in  several  honor  societies,  including  Omicron  Delta   Kappa,  a  national  collegiate  leadership  organization,  the  Raven,  Skull  and  Keys,  and   Intermediate  Honors.  He  was  also  a  member  of  the  Lawn  and  Rotunda  Societies.     The  retired  former  chairman  of  Laird  Bissell  &  Meeds  (NYSE),  the  Delaware  Trust   Company,  and  J.P.  Morgan  International  Holdings  Corporation,  Mr.  Lickle  was  also   an  advisor  to  Republican  leaders,  a  contributor  to  many  medical,  civic,  and  social   institutions  and  causes,  a  leading  steeplechase  owner,  an  inveterate  traveler,  and  a   man  of  many  hobbies  and  broad  interests.     Before  graduation  from  law  school  in  1953,  Mr.  Lickle  became  a  member  of  the   Virginia  and  American  Bar  Associations.  In  1957,  after  a  brief  stint  working  in  the   then  relatively  new  field  of  mergers  and  acquisitions,  he  joined  Laird  Bissell  &   Meeds  of  Wilmington  as  a  stockbroker,  and  eventually  became  CEO.  After  merging   LBM  with  Dean  Witter  in  1973,  he  became  a  director  and  senior  vice  president  at   Witter.  In  1977  he  joined  Delaware  Trust  Company  as  vice-­‐‑chairman,  and  soon   became  chairman  and  CEO.  In  1988:Delaware  Trust  was  merged  with  Meridian   Bancorp.  In  1989  he  was  named  chairman  otJ.P.  Morgan  International  Holdings,  a   position  that  also  included  heading  up  Morgan  Florida.     After  retiring  from  Morgan  in  1993,  Mr.  Lickle  followed  his  love  of  books  and   learning  to  become  a  publisher  of  high-­‐‑end  coffee  table  and  children's  books  with   his  own  firm,  Lickle  Publishing.  In  2006  he  sold  the  firm  to  Charlesbridge  Publishing   of  Boston,  for  whom  he  became  a  consulting  editor.  Mr.  Lickle's  literary  efforts   during  this  time  included  The  Supreme  Court,  an  award-­‐‑winning  pictorial  book  on   the  nation's  highest  court;  Brandywine:  A  Legacy  of  Tradition  in  Du  Pont  &Wyeth   Country;  and  two  series  of  children's  books,  Come  Look  With  Me,  about  art  and   Come  Learn  With  Me,  which  focused  on  science.  He  was  also  publisher  of  the  famous   American  Indian  book  The  Ledger  Book  of  Thomas  Blue  Eagle.     Mr.  Lickle  has  been  an  adviser  to  or  director  of  many  organizations,  including   Marvin  Palmer  Associates,  Inc.  (Global  Investment  Advisors)  of  Wilmington,  Del.;  J.P.   Morgan  Holdings  and  Christiana  Care,  both  of  Wilmington,  Del.;  Bessemer  Trust   Company,  and  the  Registrar  &  Transfer  Co.  (Chairman),  both  of  New  York,  N.Y.;  and   General  Recreation  Corporation  of  Ithaca,  N.Y.     Beyond  his  immediate  professional  career,  Mr.  Lickle  has  an  extensive  record  of   over  50  years  of  leadership  in  business  and  civic  affairs  and  the  arts.  A  founder  of   the  Delaware  Better  Business  Bureau,  the  Delaware  Community  Foundation,  and  the   Delaware  Cancer  Network,  he  has  also          
  2. 2. William  C.  Lickle  Biography  Draft  3.2     July  12,  2011  Page  2     been  a  director  of  the  United  Community  Fund  of  Delaware;  the  Delaware  Chamber   of  Commerce;  Blue  Cross  &  Blue  Shield  of  Delaware,  where  he  was  also  treasurer;   the  Delaware  Roundtable;  the  Boys  Club  of  Wilmington,  Delaware;  the  Delaware   Museum  of  Natural  History;  the  Palm  Beach  Civic  Association,  and  Planned   Parenthood  of  Palm  Beach  County.  In  the  arts,  Mr.  Lickle  has  served  in  leadership   capacities  with  the  Raymond  F.  Kravis  Center  for  Performing  Arts  and  the  Society  of   the  Four  Arts  in  Palm  Beach,  Fla.,  and  the  Brandywine  River  Museum,  the  Grand   Opera  House,  the  Delaware  Museum  of  Natural  History,  and  the  prestigious   Winterthur  Museum  and  Gardens,  all  in  Wilmington,  Del.  Also  an  art  collector,  he   gave  his  extensive  private  collection  of  pre-­‐‑Columbian  art  to  the  University  of   Delaware,  where  it  remains  on  permanent  display.     Also  on  a  voluntary  basis,  as  treasurer  and  chairman  of  the  Finance  Committee  Mr.   Lickle  helped  arrange  the  largest  medical  merger  in  Delaware  state  history  when   three  100-­‐‑bed  hospitals  were  merged  to  create  the  1000-­‐‑bed  private  facility   Christiana  Care.  Subsequently,  Mr.  Lickle  as  a  director,  helped  Christiana  to  become   a  teaching  hospital  by  affiliating  it  with  the  Thomas  Jefferson  University  Medical   School  in  Philadelphia,  on  whose  board  he  served  for  seven  years.     Very  active  in  higher  education,  Mr.  Lickle  has  been  particularly  dedicated  to  his   alma  mater,  the  University  of  Virginia,  where  he  served  as  president  of  the  Board  of   Managers  of  the  Alumni  Association  and  a  vice-­‐‑chairman  of  the  Alumni  Association's   Jefferson  Scholar's  Program,  where  he  endowed  the  William  C.  Lickle  Scholarship.   He  also  served  as  a  trustee  of  the  Ethel  Walker  School  in  Simsbury,  Conn.     Mr.  Lickle  began  his  lifelong  activism  in  the  Republican  Party  as  a  member  of  the   Citizens  for  Eisenhower  in  Delaware  in  the  1950s.  He  was  subsequently  active  on   the  Goldwater,  Nixon,  and  Reagan  campaigns  in  Delaware,  and  served  as  a  treasurer   and  member  of  the  executive  committee  of  the  Delaware  Republican  Party.  In  1988,   Mr.  Lickle  was  appointed  by  President  Ronald  Reagan  to  the  President's  Export   Council.  A  history  buff  and  member  of  the  Society  okolonial  Wars  ,  the  Sons  of  the   American  Revolution,  and  the  Magna  Carta  Barons,  Mr.  Lickle  is  a  director  of  the   Bath  and  Tennis  Club,  where  he  served  as  treasurer  and  vice  president,  and  a   director  of  the  Everglades  Club,  also  of  Palm  Beach;  In  Wilmington  he  has  been  a   member  of  the  Wilmington  Country  Club,  the  Wilmington  Club,  and  the  Vicmead   Hunt  Club,  where  he  also  served  as  a  director.  He  also  enjoyed  membership  at  the   Seminole  Golf  Club  in  Palm  Beach,  Fla.,  and  at  the  Lyford  Cay  Club  in  Nassau.     Mr.  Lickle  considers  steeplechasing  and  flat  racing  as  perhaps  the  first  of  his  many   passions.  An  advisory  board  member  of  the  National  Steeplechase  Museum  in   Camden,  S.C.  and  a  former  steward  of  the  National  Steeplechase  Association,  Mr.   Lickle  was  three  times  named  Owner  of  the  Year  by  the  National  Steeplechase   Association,  and  his  racing  silks  are  on  display  in  the  Hall  of  Fame  of  the  National   Museum  of  Racing  in  Saratoga.  In  1996,  he  won  the  Eclipse  Award  with   steeplechaser  Corregio.  He  also  owned  the  famous  Victorian  Hill,  who  retired  as  the   all-­‐‑time  leading  steeplechase  money  winner  in  1996.     Mr.  Lickle  was  a  successful  thoroughbred  owner  and  breeder,  partnering  with  well-­‐‑ known  breeder  Seth  Hancock  in  Cherry  Valley  Farms  in  Paris,  Kentucky.  Their  horse  
  3. 3. Sintra  won  the  inaugural  running  of  the  Queen  Elizabeth  Cup,  presented  to  Mr.   Lickle  by  the  Queen  herself.  Mr.  Lickle  was  an  early  director  and  treasurer  of  the   Breeder's  Cup,  the  prestigious  international  annual  racing  event  for  the  all   categories  of  thoroughbreds;  vice  president  of  the  Reading  Room       William  C.  Lickle  Biography  Draft  3.2     July  12,  2011  Page  3     in  Saratoga,  N.Y.;  a  founder  and  director  of  Thoroughbred  Racing  Communications;   chairman  of  the  Board  of  Managers  of  the  Fair  Hill  Races  in  Fair  Hill,  Md.;  and  a   director  of  the  Turf  Club  at  Delaware  Park  in  Wilmington,  Delaware.  He  was  also  a   member  of  the  Coaching  Club  of  America.     Despite  his  many  business  and  volunteer  commitments,  Mr.  Lickle  has  always   pursued  a  variety  of  hobbies.  He  was  an  accomplished  pilot  and  an  enthusiastic   golfer  who  was  a  member  of  the  intramural  championship  golf  team  at  the   University  of  Virginia.  As  a  big-­‐‑game  fisherman,  he  participated  annually  during  the   1950s  and  1960s  in  the  International  Tuna  Tournament  in  Cat  Cay,  Bahamas,  and   was  chosen  in  1960  to  represent  the  U.S.  against  Mexico  in  an  international  fishing   competition.     "Willie"  Lickle  is  known  by  his  many  friends  across  the  world  as  the  life  of  the  party,   a  man  of  seemingly  endless  adventures  and  travels,  and  a  storyteller  par  excellence.   His  many  astounding  tales  tend  to  revolve  around  the  twin  themes  catastrophe  and   humor.  Seemingly  a  magnet  for  disaster,  Mr.  Lickle  has  always  had  a  strange  knack   for  finding  himself  in  the  middle  of  and  continually  emerging  unscathed  from  —   extraordinary  events  —  foreign  revolutions,  plane  crashes,  or  unfolding  crimes  —   which  often  find  their  way  into  the  next  day's  headlines.  Many  note  that  it  is  often   Mr.  Lickle's  poise  and  calm  which  prevails  in  these  sometimes  dangerous  situations.   He  has  an  equal  ability  to  wander  into  hysterically  funny  circumstances,  or   sometimes  to  simply  recount  every  day  events  with  a  mirth  that  has  entertained   family  and  friends  for  decades.  Indeed  it  is  the  sheer  volume,  drama  and  hilarity  of   his  yarns  that  led  his  inner  circle  and  family  to  persuade  him,  in  2006,  to  collect  his   stories  in  a  book,  which  he  called  The  Lickle  File.     #  #  #