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Home Marketing Plan


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Home Marketing Plan

  1. 1. THECOMPANYCENTURY21TOWN&COUNTRY Quick response with LeadRouter • Today, 87% of home buyers are online. That’s why we send internet inquiries directly to our agents’ cell phones • LeadRouter™ is a software-based system that captures leads from home buyers and sellers, and then matches the lead information with the most appr opriate sales associate within 30 seconds of the Internet lead being sent • Converting data to voice, LeadRouter™ instantly informs the sales associates of the lead via phone or designated communication vehicle. This enables sales associates to r espond to consumers within minutes of receiving the request • LeadRouter™ helps us sell homes faster and for more money Buyer Inquires Online LeadRouter™ Finds Agent by Cell Phone Agent Contacts Buyer from Anywhere Buyer is Qualified and Questions Answered Showing Appointment Set and Follow-up System in Place It takes 50% of agents up to 54 hours* to respond to a buyer inquiry. WE DO IT IN MINUTES! *National Association of Realtors. LEADROUTER © Copyright 2015, Town & Country Properties II, Inc.
  2. 2. People are accessing property websites via their mobile devices more than ever before. That’s why I have a mobile version created for every property I list. When a mobile visitor attempts to access your property site, they will be automatically redirected to a mobile version designed specifically for their device! Property Search In addition to listings in the traditional format, users can take pictures and make notes that display together and stay with that listing. Agent Search Provides information on open houses in the area you are visiting. This tab provides the time, location and other information about the event. Your Account Find a home you like or a detail you want to learn more about? Save it in your account for safe keeping. CENTURY 21 Town & Country mobile site MARKETINGCENTURY21TOWN&COUNTRY MOBILEREADY © Copyright 2015, Town & Country Properties II, Inc.
  3. 3. MARKETINGCENTURY21TOWN&COUNTRY PLANOFACTION Marketing plan of action What we do • Place the #1 recognized CENTURY 21® for sale sign on your property. • Submit your listing to the local multiple listing services so that your property is exposed to all local Realtor participants. • Provide multiple interior and exterior photos of your property for the local multiple listing services and all other available real estate websites. • Provide the opportunity to purchase a home protection plan. • Provide detailed color feature sheets of your property. • Submit your listing to the CENTURY 21® Town & Country and the CENTURY 21® websites for both local and national exposure. • Submit your listing to the nationally recognized,,,,,, and other websites. • Incoming buyer inquires are handled directly by your listing salesperson. Showing arrangements are customized to your needs. • Provide regular communication and status reports. • Present all offers directly to you, the seller. We assist you with an effective negotiating strategy to obtain the best possible price and terms. • We utilize professional company and standardized forms provided by the Michigan Association of Realtors. Metropolitan Consolidated Association of Realtors, and Multiple Listing Services. • Provide a written estimate of your net proceeds. • Monitor all pre-settlement activities and provide regular status reports. • Review all closing documents in advance and provide copies for your review. • Attend your closing and review all final documents with you. • Coordinate key exchange, occupancy charge prorations, water escrows, and provide document storage and retrieval. • We appreciate the opportunity to handle your real estate needs! © Copyright 2015, Town & Country Properties II, Inc.
  4. 4. PRICINGCENTURY21TOWN&COUNTRY Seller’s approximate cash proceeds PRICING (Taxes & Escrow Refund (if any) (Termite Inspection, Document Prep, Tax Service Fee, Closing Fee) (Use and Occupancy Escrow (if any) (Water Escrow (if any) ) ) ) APPROXIMATE CASH PROCEEDS TO SELLER City City Certifica t ions Commission Current Mortgage Balance DATE Equity Loan and or Second Mortgage FHA & VA Costs: Michigan's #1 CENTURY 21 Firm C21TC-7-08-48 SELLER'S APPROXIMATE CASH PROCEEDS Home Warranty Michigan Transfer Tax ($8.60 per $1000) Monthly Interest Adjustment Mortgage Discount Points Name Overnight Courier Fees Owner's Title Insurance Policy prior to closing. This will signify that I have seen the approximate cash proceeds on the sale of my home. Property Address Repairs SALES ASSOCIATE Seller Concessions/Miscellaneous SELLER SELLER SELLING PRICE The above figures are approximate and are to be used as a guide only. Final statements are prepared TOTAL SELLING EXPENSE Transaction Management Fee Well & Septic Inspection This contract is for use by Realcomp Subscribers. Use by any other party is illegal and voids the contract. © Copyright 2015, Town & Country Properties II, Inc.