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William R. Davidson Resume


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William R. Davidson Resume

  1. 1. William R. Davidson 2147 Thornbury Ln  Allen, Texas 75013  (303) 619-8423 LABORATORY ANALYST Versatile, creative Laboratory Analyst with an unconventional perspective and high enthusiasm for testing petroleum oil, fuel, lubricant and coolant products for the Energy and Oil industry. Maintains high-level accuracy and precision during analysis and reporting and makes insightful recommendations for product dispositions. Synthesizes complex data for easy interpretation by stakeholders across teams and divisions. Clear and effective communicator with both internal and external managers at all levels. Directs multiple projects on different deadlines and works well under pressure. CDL-Class A driver: Operates tractor/trailer OTR, 53’ refrigeration and dry box trailers, fuel tankers servicing frack-drilling operations, double/triples, tanker and HazMat-endorsed vehicles. AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Petroleum Product Evaluation  Hazard Communication Procedures  Lab Instrumentation Troubleshooting  Atomic Emission Spectroscopy  Fluid Viscosity & Particle Counting  Analytical Lab Testing  Unit Control Sample Analysis  Equipment Calibration  Induction Coupled Plasma  Blot Analysis  Laboratory Reporting  ASTM Standards  Chemistry Instruction  Karl Fischer Titration  Potentiometric Titration LABORATORY AND RESEARCH EXPERIENCE  Adept at troubleshooting and fuel analysis for trace contamination issues to support refineries, pipelines, terminals and other Energy/Oil industry operations using ASTM, ISO and IP standards.  Medical laboratory testing of tissue culture, cell-based assays, transfection, immunoprecipitation, Western/Southern/Nothern blot analysis, PCR, plasmid cloning and RNA and DNA purification.  Established mouse and zebrafish xenograft models to assess radiation exposure in cells and screen for drug toxicity.  Proficient at operating laboratory equipment: fluorescence and dissecting microscopes, spectrophotometer, luminometer, coulter cell counter, LiCor system and X-ray machine. TEACHING EXPERIENCE  Delivers oral essay, textual exegenesis, multimedia, participatory, and problem-solving lectures on the following chemistry and biochemistry topics: Amino acid and protein sequencing, inhibitors, enzyme kinetics, bisubstrate reactions, nucleotide co-enzymes, lipids and membranes, signal transduction, bioenergetics and glycolysis, fatty acid metabolism/catabolism and supercoiling.  Supports the work of scientists, engineers and other analysts by educating laboratory users on proper equipment operation, maintenance and cleaning, lab and equipment safety, work plans, chemical stockcontrol, research cataloguing and recordkeepingand experiment trial procedures.  Prepares oral presentations, papers, posters & abstracts for national/international conferences. WORK HISTORY TITAN LABORATORY, Denver, CO, Fluid Analyst 2013-Present COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF DENVER, Denver, CO, Chemistry Adjunct Professor 2010-2013 CAMDEN COUNTY COLLEGE, Blackwood, NJ, Chemistry Adjunct Professor 2005-2010
  2. 2. WILLIAM R. DAVIDSON – Page 2 EDUCATION Doctor of Philosophy, Biochemistry, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA Master’s of Science, Population Genetics, University of Delaware, Lewes, DE Bachelor’s of Science, Marine Biology and Oceonographic Science Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS  AACR MICR Scholar-in-Training Travel Award, 2006  Best Poster Award, RRS Annual Meeting, 2005  NIH Ruth Kirschtein Fellow, 2005 PUBLICATIONS Differential regulation of p53 function by the N-terminal ΔNp53 and Δ113p53 isoforms in zebrafish embryos. Davidson WR, Kari C, Ren Q, Daroczi B, Dicker AP, Rodeck U. BMC Dev Biol. 2010 Oct 7;10:102. Inhibition of p73 function by Pifithrin-alpha as revealed by studies in zebrafish embryos. Davidson W, Ren Q, Kari G, Kashi O, Dicker AP, Rodeck U. Cell Cycle. 2008 May 1;7(9):1224-30. Epub 2008 Feb 11. Antisense inhibition of cyclin D1 expression is equivalent to flavopiridol for radiosensitization of zebrafish embryos. McAleer MF, Duffy KT, Davidson WR, Kari G, Dicker AP, Rodeck U, Wickstrom E. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2006 Oct 1;66(2):546-51. Epub 2006 Aug 14. Coordinate control of cell cycle regulatory genes in zebrafish development tested by cyclin D1 knockdown with morpholino phosphorodiamidates and hydroxyprolyl-phosphono peptide nucleic acids. Duffy KT, McAleer MF, Davidson WR, Kari L, Kari C, Liu CG, Farber SA, Cheng KC, Mest JR, Wickstrom E, Dicker AP, Rodeck U. Nucleic Acids Res. 2005 Sep 2;33(15):4914-21. Print 2005. Novel use of zebrafish as a vertebrate model to screen radiation protectors and sensitizers. McAleer MF, Davidson C, Davidson WR, Yentzer B, Farber SA, Rodeck U, Dicker AP. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2005 Jan 1;61(1):10-3. Loss of heparan N-sulfotransferase in diabetic liver: role of angiotensin II. Williams KJ, Liu ML, Zhu Y, Xu X, Davidson WR, McCue P, Sharma K. Diabetes. 2005 Apr;54(4):1116-22. Poster: European Zebrafish Meeting 2007. Off-target Effects of the p53 Inhibitor Pifithrin- Related to inhibition of p73 in Zebrafish Embryos. Poster: Radiation Research Society (RRS) 2005. P53 Knock Down Suppresses Radiation Induced Malformations and Increases Survival in Zebrafish.