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How to steal seo traffic from your competitors


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How To Steal SEO Traffic From Your Competitors

Want to rank higher than your competitors? Reverse engineer their content, create something better, replicate the links they have and, chances are, you will outrank them! In this tutorial you will learn how to piggyback your competitors' content marketing efforts, so that to find the best content ideas you should focus a lot of effort on

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How to steal seo traffic from your competitors

  1. 1. Spy on any YouTube video and grab their keywords (tags) Benefits of knowing keywords (tags) - 1) You will know what keywords are working for your competitor’s video or any video that you’re curious about 2) Copy competitor keywords and gain their traffic with ease 3) Outrank competitor videos with social signals (likes, social media shares) 4) Utilize competitor keywords to help create your own keywords which could rank your video to the #1 spot 5) Easily direct more traffic and money to your video by knowing your competitor’s keywords To learn your competitor’s keywords 1) Copy any YouTube video link (just the link). 2) Email the link to 3) Within 24 hours you will receive an email with the keywords for that video link. 4) My goal is to provide assistance to those who are attempting to get traffic to their video or product.