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The Missing Pieces in Talent Development


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Discussion of practical learning development approaches to improve learning outcome. This slide deck was presented at the Annual HRA conference in Beijing, China.

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The Missing Pieces in Talent Development

  1. 1. The Missing Pieces in Talent Development William Chin 陈伟雄 Talent and Org Development Director ⼈人才与组织发展总监 ⼈人才发展的迷思 fotolia© miztanya HRA中外企业⼈人才管理理⾼高峰论坛
  2. 2. •Challenges Confronting Talent Development
 ⼈人才发展⾯面临的挑战 •Case Studies: Examples of What’s Working
 案例例分析: 有效做法的例例⼦子 •Solutions: Towards a More Effective Approach
 通向更更有效的途径 Agenda ⽇日程表 Fotolia©
  3. 3. Challenges Confronting Talent Development ⼈人才发展⾯面临的挑战 1
  4. 4. HR, I need training for my team! 嘿HR,我想给我的团队 组织⼀一场培训! Fotolia© Jenner
  5. 5. Yes, I will arrange the classes 好,我去安排课程 Fotolia© Ronen
  6. 6. You Organized a Great Class 你组织了了⼀一场很棒的课程 HiPo Management Trainee Rotation Program Leadership Development Program
  7. 7. This is not the training we needed. 这不不是我想要的培训! Fotolia© EastWest Imaging How do I apply this to my work? 跟我的实际⼯工作 有什什么关系?!
  8. 8. 想想感动听听激动 回去不不动 Fotolia© PR Image Factory
  9. 9. Reaction Learning Behavior Results Kirkpatrick Training Evaluation What is ROI? 什什么是ROI? fotolia© leungchopan 培训审核模型
  10. 10. Fotilia © Creativa Images Limited Budget 有限的 预算
  11. 11. Case Studies: Examples of What’s Working 案例例分析: 有效做法的例例⼦子 2
  12. 12. Identify specific technical skills 能⼒力力诊断 Develop targeted training 匹配定制化的培训 Assign new job assignments to employees 布置新的⼯工作任务给员⼯工 Assess skills quarterly 季度性评估能⼒力力应⽤用 Skills Map 技能地图
  13. 13. Focus on behavioral skills 注重⾏行行为能⼒力力改善 4 Sections 4⼤大部分 2 Work Projects 1 Team Development 1 Self Awareness 2个⼯工作项⽬目 1项团队发展、1次⾃自我审视 Allows for employee to define their own learning outcome ⿎鼓励员⼯工⾃自⼰己审视学习结果 Individual Dev Plan 个⼈人发展计划
  14. 14. iStock/dlewis33 Manager feels the pain 经理理的痛点 Training is not enough 培训远远不不够 4 months, 2 hours
 every Friday 4个⽉月、2⼩小时、每周五 Peer review, feedback 同⾏行行评审、收集反馈 Practice Groups 联系⼩小组
  15. 15. Applied learning 应⽤用学习 Develop New skills 新技能开发 Mentored by principal engineers 被资深专家指导 Team Workshop 团队⼯工作坊
  16. 16. Towards a More Effective Approach 通向更更有效的途径 3
  17. 17. Impact clients posi.vely 积极影响客户 results 延续效果作⽤用 Training Design 培训设计 Purposeful development ⽬目的性明确的发展计划
  18. 18. Know the Requirements 了了解真实需求 Involve Employees 紧密围绕员⼯工 Make Practices Required 匹配定制化的练习 Follow-up Action ⾏行行为效果跟踪 Fotolia© Delphotostock 学习—>练习
  19. 19. Information contained within is the opinion of the author and not that of my employer. HRA中外企业⼈人才管理理⾼高峰论坛