"What Does It Take to Locate and Recruit the Best? in HR Matters Magazine


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Morais, Rowena. "What Does It Take to Locate and Recruit the Best?" HR Matters Jan 2013: 33-37; http://www.hr-matters.info/ContentsJan2013.htm

Rowena Morias talks to three HR leaders representing winners on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2012 List – Zappos.com, Dreamworks Animation and Qualcomm. We discuss the recruiting landscape, the inherent challenges and enticing dream candidates who are not looking to move.

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"What Does It Take to Locate and Recruit the Best? in HR Matters Magazine

  1. 1. HR MATTERSwww.hr-matters.info PEOPLE LEADING BUSINESS Issue 21 January 2013 PP 14525/06/2013(032679) I MY J OB LOCATING AND RECRUITING THE BEST
  2. 2. January 2013 CONTENTS Features Workforce Trends Special Feature - RECRUITING 11 Passing Along Wisdom When the 33 What Does It Take to Locate and Younger Set Isn’t Interested? Why we need to get techno-savvy souls to embrace the wisdom Recruit the Best? that older co-workers can share. By Robert W Wendover. Rowena Morais talks to three winners from Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2012 List about the Organisational Change recruiting landscape and projections for 2013. 14 Leadership Development – It’s All in33 the Mind! Talent Management Effective leadership models and ideas cannot concentrate solely on 38 Millennials Reshaping the Workforce behaviours – attitudes and emotions are also hugely important, Alison Kartina Abdul Latif talks to Isabella Chan about the ramifications France asserts. of key findings from a PwC Malaysia survey on how our workforceFor us, the most significant factor is being reshaped by the preferences of a new generation of Courage talent.in attracting the right calibre oftalent is the beauty, consistency and 16 Courageous Leadership Skills : Backers or Trendsdedication to the technical quality of Busters? Sandra Ford Walston explains that one way in which a leader constructs 39 What’s in the Year Ahead?each of our films. That’s what people Are we the calm in the maelstrom? Do we focus on small, courage is by revealing vulnerability.see and know.– Tim Norman impactful activities continuously? How should we approach our Positive Psychology employees’ health and wellbeing and is this the year of focused convergence? HR leaders tell Rowena Morais what they see 18 Keeping What We’ve Got! 39 ahead, for themselves and for HR. Could it be that the reason we sometimes miss out on achieving desired outcomes lies in the fact that we change too often and too soon? Sulynn Awards Choong makes the case for repetition –not just repetition but incremental development at each turn. 45 Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate A key component in Employers for 2012 Leadership The inaugural Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers driving tomorrow’s business success 20 Exemplary Leadership : Encouraging the Conference focused on attracting and retaining talent. The Conference also recognised and rewarded the most popular is the fact that the Heart graduate recruiters in the eyes of students and fresh graduates. workforce ethos is Encouragement is absolutely essential to sustaining employees’ commitment Sector Winners and Finalists announced. to organisations and outcomes, says Judith Brown, Ph.D. changing. – Adriana Botha Outsourcing HR Practitioner 46 Latest Trends in HR Outsourcing in 26 Brand Building at Gamuda Recent accolades prove that human capital and talent management are key the APAC Region concerns for this leading infrastructure play, and instrumental to its long Key findings from an exploratory survey on human resource 26 term sustainability. By Peter Raj. outsourcing. By Mandy Sim. Workforce Planning Governance 28 Building a Sustainable Talent Supply: 50 Improving Risk Competency Should Every organisation The Drive to Strengthen Workforce Planning Be Top Priority for HR should have a story Vijayam Nadarajah says that if corporations do not have sufficient in Malaysia people at all levels of the organisation analysing business risks, to tell. Without a story, With talent scarcity believed to increase over time, it is no wonder why then companies will not be apprised of risk status –risk priorities there is no dream, to there has been growth in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) will either not be there or be high enough for a comprehensive capture the imagination. sector. Doug Edmonds outlines the business benefits so associated. focus. – Lai Tak Ming People and Sustainability 29 Care-Connect-Co-Create : A Message In This Issue 28 from 900 A.D.? According to Jayantee M Saha, history proves that everything 09 News we do whether as individuals, organisations or society is a matter of choice and brings consequences, good or bad. 13 Featured Blog Dan Pink While RPO is usually 23 Lit What the Most Successful People Do on the Building Leaders Weekend and Making Ideas Happen associated with reducing 31 Grow Your Brain cost to hire, its positive If your brain is indeed the most important part 26 HR Practitioner Lai Tak Ming impact on business of your body, what are you doing to ensure you 30 Diary means that it should not understand how it works and how best it can 46 Q&A Latest Trends in HR Outsourcing in the APAC be thought only as an be developed? Roshan Thiran is on a new journey to discover the power of the brain Region outsourcing solution in hard in leadership. times. – Doug Edmonds HR Matters January 2013 ¦ 3
  3. 3. PE CI S HR Matters ¦ Special Feature AL RECRu ITING E F AT RE U RoWenA moRAIS talks to three HR leaders representing WHAT DOES IT TAKE winners on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 2012 List – TO LOCATE AND Zappos.com, Dreamworks Animation and Qualcomm. We discuss the RECRuIT THE BEST? recruiting landscape, the inherent challenges and enticing dream candidates who are not looking to move.What are your projections for 2013 interms of the recruiting landscape inyour industry?Christa Foley : We are always hiring for our customerloyalty team (our call centre). But we do get manyreferrals from our employees, so there are manycandidates coming through at any one point. We are alsohiring for our merchandising and technology teams, forexample, software engineers.Tim Norman : I see continued growth and amore competitive recruiting landscape, especiallyinternationally. The established animation, visual effectsand game companies will continue to look for the toptechnical and artistic talent across the globe while newcompanies continue to sprout up in emerging marketsincreasing competition for all studios. In the past, however,talent had fewer options.As the appetite for higher quality CG animation and VFXincreases, as the media consumer continues to understandthat CG animation can look rich and elegant, that thereis an art and deep technical craft to CG animation, localstudios across the globe continue to deliver top-tier product,drawing talent away from the larger studios. I think all largestudios or established VFX shops will have to consider amore global competitive market in 2013 and identify ways tocontinue to excite and recruit the best. As it applies directly tous, we are really excited about 2013 because of our new studio inShanghai, China that will allow us to focus on recruiting talent thatmay not have been as accessible to us in the past. since some of the top mobile manufacturers are also located here, it makes sense to bring engineering talent closer to our customerWilliam Chin : Consumer demand for smartphones, tablets and base. This in turn is driving the increase in hiring wireless engineeringother mobile devices are growing at an astronomical rate, this talent in Asia.attributed to the continued adoption of devices embedded with3G and next generation wireless technology. The Asia market has What is your most challenging issue whenbecome the worldwide leader in terms of market share for wireless locating and recruiting the best talent? HR Matters January 2013 ¦ 33
  4. 4. Special Feature ¦ HR MattersChrista Foley : Technology is the toughest on innovation in San Francisco, all of our delays and timing issues that slow down, people are right here in Las Vegas. Weboard in the US. Our challenges are believe the team needs to stay together but boarding.shortage of talent and our location. Las ultimately, we treat people as adults. PeopleVegas, where we are headquartered, is have the choice whether to work from home we are going to face a myriad of yetnot currently considered the hotspot for when needed or leave early and we work undiscovered recruiting challenges, Itechnology. However, we’ve undertaken on ensuring that people understand this and imagine--from complex and new labourwork to revitalise Downtown Las Vegas to the culture of our organisation during the laws to simple CV and resume stylechange this. Our third challenge is related recruitment process. differences and everything in between. Weto the lack of awareness that we are a will have to change the way we think abouttechnology company. Whilst we are an Tim Norman : Recruiting the best technical recruiting professionally and culturallyonline retailer, we place a huge emphasis while maintaining the basic and successfulon technology – so, there is more to us than People assume we are just an animation principles, art and science of recruiting. It’sworking on a pricing engine. company, a company that makes movies, an exciting problem that we are all veryHow do we deal with these challenges? The and only hire artists and production talent. much looking forward to attacking.talent shortage is addressed by employing Of course we do, but we are a technologya degree of creativity in our recruiting William Chin : Identifying and hiring top-strategies. We do consider candidates and recruiting top technical and overhead calibre talent is central to our recruitingwho may not be looking to move or who culture. Hiring the best will ultimately animators that have seen every one of our have an impact on our ability to continuecertain amount of direct sourcing. We’re movies and have wanted to animate since delivering next generation wirelessalso pretty active in social media, for watching Shrek, we have to source and technology innovation to the market. Thereexample, tweetups (like meetups). We’ve recruit software engineers that don’t realise are several themes Qualcomm strives forlaunched a college recruitment programme, that DreamWorks Animation has to build the when selecting candidates: software that our animators use; or that we Customer Astuteness – we look not just forwe can source and attract people early. are a super-computing facility that needs talent who possess strong core engineeringMore recently, we’ve launched a training excellent systems engineers to design, skills but are astute with customer andprogramme where people are paid to come architect and support our rendering systems market needs.in and get training on coding, for example. infrastructure exceeding 20,000 cores and Technology Savvy - Most of those whoWhile it is still in beta mode, the results are multi-petabyte storage footprint. Gettingpositive – we’ve hired up to 40 percent of that technical message out and branding HR are not trained as engineers. However,those in these programmes. ourselves as a technology company is we strive to select those who “tinker” withThe location issue is addressed by paramount to successfully recruiting wireless gadgets and who are tech savvy.spending time and effort on promoting technical talent that already knows and Cross-cultural Leadership - In leadershipand emphasising family and culture in the leans toward the technical prowess of a roles, we look for individuals with a provencity, which candidates may not be entirely Google or a Microsoft. track record of building and leading strong We hire the best and sometimes that engineering organisations.best for us is getting the candidates to come means recruiting internationally. One ofphysically to this city and then giving them our biggest challenges when we identify In the recruitment process, how a top artist or technologist from a foreign do you ensure an alignmentexperience is immersive and the conversion country is navigating the immigration and between the organisation’srate is good. Visa laws process. While we are successful in obtaining Visas, there are sometimes corporate culture and the Whilst we are an online retailer, we place a huge emphasis on technology – so, there is more to us than working on a pricing engine – Christa Foley.34 ¦ January 2013 HR Matters
  5. 5. PE CI S HR Matters ¦ Special Feature AL RECRu ITING E F AT RE U There is consistent and challenging work always. The different production philosophy, artistic and technical challenges, different directors and production executives know they will be challenged with diverse responsibilities at each turn – Tim Norman.expectations you’re created services such as free breakfast and lunchto position the company to for all employees, artistic development and it doesn’t work on one level, then we don’t exercise classes, movie screenings and an hire. Is this too subjective? Well, we look toprospective candidates? onsite medical clinic, to name a few.Christa Foley : Our core values are In my opinion, one of our corporate cultural ask a lot of behavioural questions. There’spart of every aspect of the business so strengths is that we immediately challenge also a failsafe catch - if someone is ablewe make sure it’s up front during the almost every hire we make to achieve. I let to get through the interview, the resultingrecruitment process. We treat candidates candidates know throughout the recruitment four week new hire training programme willlike customers: everyone is contacted and process that we will have high expectationsreplied to. We emphasise our casual and right away, that they will be challenged quickly. quickly, that our corporate culture supportsapplication forms where we inject humour in excellence but also supplies the freedom Tim Norman : Number one has to be thebetween all the legal jargon. In this way, the to achieve that excellence. That message beauty, consistency and the dedication toculture is infused at each touchpoint. Every seems to really inspire. the technical quality of each and every onecandidate gets a tour and themed interviewrooms (a replica of Cher’s dressing room, William Chin : Part of our formula for know and is the most important aspect offor example) help to avoid the interrogation success is getting the sharpest, most our recruitment process as I see it. Artists,feel. This gives the candidates a clear sense forward-thinking minds working together. technologists and production professionals But here’s the unique factor that puts Qualcomm over the top: we love what we understand that we expect and support theTim Norman : Mostly, it’s pretty simple. The do. It is an exhilarating experience working highest level of work from all.DreamWorks corporate culture is one of the with the highest calibre colleagues sharing A close second is that we release threebest around and is well known by artistic knowledge, and exchanging ideas with movies a year and have more than tenand production talent in the industry. You one another. Our employees are the best in production at any one time. There isgrow up knowing about all the companies ambassadors of the Qualcomm culture and consistent and challenging work always.and studios out there doing what you want they spread this throughout the industry The different production philosophy,to do and you know people that work at through their conversations with family, artistic and technical challenges, differenteach studio, you visit them as well. So when friends, colleagues and industry partners. directors and production executives andrecruiting artistic or production talent, simplyreinforcing what most know about the What aspect of your recruitment employees know they will be challengedculture is easy to do because it is genuine with diverse responsibilities at each turn.and real. process do you believe to be Innovation needs to be included in thisFor technologists or overhead candidates as well. DreamWorks Animation wasthat may not have an idea about our attracting the right calibre of instrumental in bringing 3D Stereocorporate culture, initial visits and campus talent on board? technology to animated and live actiontours usually impress so that they instantly Christa Foley : It’s the onsite interview. Wefeel our culture. However, we do continue won’t hire until the candidates come in and to innovate by building new Lighting andto highlight the culture throughout the understand what the culture is like… whichrecruitment process by giving candidates also gives us a chance to see whether theyinsight into our work-life balance philosophy,which includes a number of perks and RECRUITING THE BEST to experience a day in the life. But since [continued on page 37] HR Matters January 2013 ¦ 35
  6. 6. PE CI S HR Matters ¦ Special Feature AL RECRu ITING E F AT RE U RECRUITING THE BEST [continued from page 35] our ability to attract top talent is through employee referrals. Employees who loveproduction while improving the quality of what they do naturally look for others withknow they will innovate. similar passion – William Chin.I understand that the above are not build and enhance their own rendering or Sometimes it may take a year or two toonly that we recruit candidates that animation software, especially software that entice a candidate to join the companymake the above possible. During the is immediately implemented and utilised - this obviously is a long-term strategy.recruitment process, we highlight these right down the hall by a world class artist. Social media platforms have been a greatpoints literally by discussing them but It’s the same for a story artist, animator or aid in helping develop and sustain thesealso by demonstrating them with engaged other artist. We have had talent come to relationships.and respectful communication supportthroughout recruitment. like Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Tim Norman is Director of Overhead and Dragon. Technology Recruiting at DreamworksWilliam Chin : I think Oriental DreamWorks will provide Animation. He has been there for just overfactors of our ability to attract top talent is a new and added enticement in 2013 andthrough employee referrals. Employees beyond. We are going to build a world class Recruiting for Prosum Technology Services.who love what they do naturally look for animation studio—much from scratch—and Tim has also held director level positions inothers with similar passion. Over 30 percent artists and technologists are likely to be excited about the new adventure and the companies.through referrals. challenge. Christa Foley joined Zappos.com,How do you entice your dream attractive as well. We are able to attract Inc. in 2004 and is currently the Seniorcandidates if they are not candidates because they appreciate our Human Resources Manager. She leadscurrently looking to move? real commitment to our employees in the the Recruiting team within HR as well asChrista Foley : A combination of things. way of our many perks and amenities. internal and external training via ZapposU.We pay competitively and have an amazing There is a strong family culture here. She scours the planet for people that are One more powerful tool for helping “fun and a little weird” and works to provide undecided talent to commit is the dedication employees with a culture where they comeWe also work on converting people to make and availability of our CEO, Jeffreythe leap from general interest to coming out Katzenberg, to be part of the recruitment process. Anytime recruiting needs his help,challenge we started, winners get a fast Jeffrey will call a prospective candidate to William Chin, having over 15 years ofticket to interview at the company. Some of discuss DreamWorks Animation and answer Human Resource recruiting experience, isthese interested candidates were working questions – it doesn’t matter how junior oron their own startup at the time (therefore, senior the talent is. I don’t know how many Here, William is chartered with building upnot looking) but we convinced them to come CEOs in the world make that commitment.out and that we would learn from them. as the company expands in the region. William Chin : Talented individuals are William was a long-time recruiting veteranreally works to give them an experience that always highly regarded and engaged in of Intel and led the start-up recruitmentwords, by themselves, cannot convey. efforts for the $1 billion manufacturing looking for the next move but already have facility in Vietnam. A frequent speakerTim Norman : Usually, by giving them a clear designated career path. We make at HR conferences, William also writeswork on something they haven’t worked on it a practice to involve our hiring managers occasionally at Asia HR Blog. Williambefore or something new and revolutionary. and executives in building relationships with holds a BA in East Asia Studies, an MAFor a software engineer who longs to work prospective candidates. They may meet forwith computer graphics software, there are a casual coffee to exchange ideas or follow Resource Management.not too many companies in the world that up periodically for career opportunities. HR Matters January 2013 ¦ 37