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香港人力資源管理學會會刊                    HUMANH UMAN R ESOURCES                     RESOURCES 人才薈萃                        人才薈萃    N...
HR Strategies                                                                                                   REUTERS/Bo...
September 2012      China Focus                                                                                           ...
HR StrategiesBenefits of social media tools             campus recruiters communicate             Secondly, social media is...
September 2012      China Focus                                                                                           ...
HR Strategiesshould produce engaging content            with the finance department can help        Anticipating trends in ...
人才管理策略                                                                                            REUTERS/Carlos Barria善用社...
September 2012     China Focus                                                                  人才管理策略                社交媒體...
人才管理策略                          社交媒體作為招聘工具                                               楚劃分社交媒體的個人與專業用途之間的               ...
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Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment; Hong Kong Human Resources


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Chin, William. "Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment" Human Resources / The Official Journal of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management 01 Nov 2012: 14-22.

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Leveraging Social Media for Recruitment; Hong Kong Human Resources

  1. 1. 香港人力資源管理學會會刊 HUMANH UMAN R ESOURCES RESOURCES 人才薈萃 人才薈萃 November 2012November 2012 Global Trends and the Changing Role of HR 環球營商大趨勢 人力資源顯智慧
  2. 2. HR Strategies REUTERS/Bobby YipLeveraging Social Mediafor Recruitment By William Chin, Staffing Director, Qualcomm Asia Pacific Social media platforms offer an alternative for recruitment as they allow HR professionals to access a more diverse candidate pool and reach out to “passive” candidates without spending any money. It is critical for HR professionals to design policies on social media to enhance productivity and engagement with online social communities.14 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012
  3. 3. September 2012 China Focus HR StrategiesA lthough HR directors in Hong Kong prefer traditional methods,such as postings on online job boards an online competitive intelligence service, underlines that Singaporeans spend the longest time on social The millions of users on social networking sites thus present HR professionals with significantand newspaper advertisements, to networks, with an average of opportunities to target specificrecruit candidates, there are obvious 38 minutes and 46 seconds per potential talent. HR professionals canproblems with such methods. For Internet session – a fact that recruiters leverage social media platforms suchthe former, it is a reactive approach should use to tailor their social as the professional networking siteas HR professionals could only skim media strategies. In my experience, LinkedIn, which boasts overthrough résumés that were posted 100% of the Integrated Circuit design 25 million members in Asia the job board database for an engineers that I hired in Singapore On top of LinkedIn, the micro-extended period. There may be cases are through a social media channel. blogging service Twitter and thewhen most of the job applicants are Similarly, half of my HR positions in online social networking sitegenerally juniors who do not meet Asia Pacific were filled through social Facebook are common platforms forthe requirements of the senior level media networks. tapping into the talent market in Asia.job posting. HR professionals wouldthus still have to spend money on Social Media Platforms at a Glancerecruitment agencies to reach out to LinkedInsenior candidates. Furthermore, aftereach posting, recruiters have to waitfor applicants to apply, thus addingmore time to the recruitment process.The rise of social media as arecruitment toolSocial media platforms, on the Facebookother hand, offer an alternative forrecruitment as they provide HRprofessionals global access to amore diverse candidate pool andenable them to reach out to “passive”candidates who are not activelylooking for new opportunities. HRprofessionals can also utilise socialmedia tools as an employer branding Twitterand communication vehicle. Mostimportantly, social media platformsenable HR professionals to work on atight budget as basic services(eg skimming through prospectivetalent profiles) are often free ofcharge. Sina Weibo Social media platforms areconsidered a boon for HRprofessionals. People’s willingnessto post personal and professionalinformation offers a wealth of datafor recruiters to mine for recruitingpurposes. For example, a 2011 studyconducted by Experian Hitwise, H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012 15
  4. 4. HR StrategiesBenefits of social media tools campus recruiters communicate Secondly, social media is a precious directly with their targeted student tool for HR professionals to attractTraditional job boards tend to be audience. Students I have spoken the growing Gen Y which is enteringa static way to source candidates: to indicated that they prefer and are the labour market, as this connectedCandidates apply to job postings accustomed to micro-blogs in order to cohort is more adept at using onlineand recruiters search for résumés get timely information. tools and social media platforms tomatching the keywords required communicate and look for careerfor a particular position. Whilst the Employers can access to an opportunities.applicant pool may be plentiful, applicant’s network (according tosome résumés may be outdated as the concept of “friend of a friend”). Thirdly, social media platformsapplicants do not usually refresh it They can increase their connections enable HR professionals to advertiseafter applying to a position. Social based on education level, industry, their company’s brand. A strong socialmedia channels, on the other skills or other relevant criteria. media presence is a way to highlighthand, allow HR professionals to HR professionals cannot identify internship opportunities, corporatehave a more dynamic relationship specific candidates and expand activities or social responsibilitywith their network. For instance, their network to such extent with events. For instance, some companiescompanies hiring in mainland China traditional sourcing methods. Thus, may even feature their CEOs’ andhave started to create dedicated social media platforms enable executives’ webcasts and webcorporate recruitment accounts employers to develop a community chats. This enhances the corporateon Sina Weibo. Recruiters know of qualified applicants who meet the image by conveying the idea of athat, during the campus recruiting skill sets needed. HR professionals company connected with current andseason, the physical bulletin boards can spread the word about a position prospective employees – somethingare cluttered with other companies’ through their direct connections and that would be considered as anannouncements. With micro-blogs, expanded network. attraction of an employer.16 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012
  5. 5. September 2012 China Focus HR Strategies with a broader network of potential Social Media as a Recruiting Tool candidates, dramatically increasing theLinkedIn qualitative value of social media tools. These recruiters take into account the community aspect of social media platforms and focus on the quality rather than the quantity of contacts. Just as with business networking events, advanced-level recruiters do more than just collect business cards. They actually have conversations and exchanges of ideas with their networks. Developing a social media strategy After understanding the benefits ofFacebook attracting talent through social media, many HR professionals may rush to open accounts on LinkedIn or Sina Weibo. Yet, creating an account is far from being enough to recruit talent. Recruiters have to devote time to maintaining an online profile; their interest in social media should not wane after a short while. It is critical for HR professionals toMicro-blogging (Twitter, Weibo) first list their objectives and identify the results they want to achieve. They should assess the current candidate recruitment situation and the gap they want to close in their organisation. These initial planning steps will help them determine their overall social media recruitment strategy.Types of social media recruiters The intermediate-level HR Next, HR professionals need to professionals build a network of grasp their target audience. In thisThere is a wide range of recruiter applicants by connecting with target regard, they have to understand thatexpertise when it comes to using candidates. He/she aims at building different social media platforms targetsocial media for recruitment. At the up thousands of contacts. These different types of job applicants. Amost basic level, the HR professionals recruiters may update their profile primary target audience in mainlandsimply search through a social media status with the current positions they China will likely be using a Weibosite, which is similar to searching want to fill, hoping that job applicants account. A Hong Kong youngthrough a résumés database. Some will come across it as they browse the professional audience may be usingHR professionals may also use Internet. Such HR professionals do not Facebook. If HR professionals want tothese platforms to post recruitment go beyond connections number. reach out to mid-career professionals,advertising, which is also similar to they should use LinkedIn.traditional channels. This type of The advanced-level HRrecruiter does not take full advantage professionals utilise social media In order to build up connections onof the social aspect of these platforms. platforms to engage and interact social media sites, HR professionals H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012 17
  6. 6. HR Strategiesshould produce engaging content with the finance department can help Anticipating trends in socialand tailor it for each audience. For determine the return on investments recruitinginstance, they might use videos and in social media recruiting. Making a company’s recruitingother interactive media to reach out A social media recruitment survey, information available on mobileto the Gen Y job applicants rather titled “Social Media and Resourcing: devices is critical for HR professionalsthan posting a job description. On the The Impact of Social Media on as people now access information “onother hand, HR professionals could Recruitment and HR in Asia Pacific” the go.” In Asia’s largest cities, peoplewrite an attractive job description to that Alexander Mann Solutions and are addicted to their smart phones.raise the interest of mid-career and The Chapman Consulting Group They are constantly looking downsenior candidates on LinkedIn. In all released, underlines that senior HR on their handsets and other mobilecases, they should refresh their online professionals are better at articulating devices while commuting on buses orcontent on a regular basis. Nothing is benefits of social media platforms subways.worst than a “zombie account”, where such as sourcing pool, employerthere is no updated activity. HR professionals should thus build branding reach and cost savings mobile applications that provide HR professionals should also master opportunities. relevant information to their targetways to respond appropriately tocandidates on social media platforms Developing social media job applicants so that prospective guidelines candidates can connect with recruitersas their feedback is also exposed to on their mobile devices. For example,users worldwide, thus affecting the It is critical for HR professionals to develop clear guidelines as the lines creating a job posting applicationreputation of their company. Whilst are increasingly blurred between that sends new job announcementswith traditional résumés job boards, the personal and professional use to users could make it easier forthe typical candidate profile sits in of social media tools. For example, HR professionals to reach out andthe database until a recruiter contacts employees ought not to post pictures share information with prospectivehim/her for an interview, with social of the party they attended over the candidates. It is also critical thatmedia, “fans” or “linked connections” weekend on the same social media employers keep up-to-date with socialexpect instantaneous responses to platform they use to network with media software to help a companycomments and enquiries. industry professionals. Such guidelines stay relevant in this ever-changing It is therefore imperative that the should include a code of conduct social media environment.HR team be trained to develop and related to the use of social media.improve their corporate social media Conclusion HR professionals should providepolicies and practices. This will ensure examples of the type of appropriate Social media platforms are a preciousthat all HR professionals get a keen information that employees and channel for HR professionals’understanding of corporate online executives can post online. They recruitment efforts. It allows them tocommunication and key messages to should also stress that confidential reach candidates who are difficultspread. Ultimately, alignment between corporate data should never be to find through other traditionalpublic relations and HR professionals’ disclosed to the public. In addition, channels. In this respect, an efficientsocial media strategy will enhance a HR professionals should explain to use of social media platforms cancompany’s corporate brand. staff how to respond to negative enhance engagement with a broader comments on the Internet whilst audience and contribute to aSocial media metrics remaining professional. Guidelines company’s branding efforts. So longIn order to foster a corporate culture related to social media should also as the population in Asia uses thethat incorporates the use of social refer to anti-competitive practices as Internet, social media will continuemedia platforms, HR professionals HR professionals often recruit from to play a more significant role inmust develop metrics to measure their market competitors. Ultimately, recruitment. HR professionals whosuccess. Developing case studies designing policies on social media can leverage the best use of socialwill contribute to deepen their governance will enhance productivity media for recruitment purposes willknowledge of networking techniques. and engagement with online social win in the pursuit of the region’sIn addition, collaborating on budgets communities. talent.18 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012
  7. 7. 人才管理策略 REUTERS/Carlos Barria善用社交媒體招攬人才 Qualcomm Asia Pacific員工招聘事務總監陳偉雄 社交媒體平台提供另一個招聘渠道。透過這類平台,人力資源管理專才毋須花費,便可 接觸更多元化的人才庫,招攬「被動型」的人才。 人力資源管理專才必須制訂社交媒體使用策略,提升使用這類媒體的招聘成效,加強與 網上社群互動。香 港的人力資源總監普遍傾向使用 傳統方法招聘員工,例如在求職網站或報章刊登招聘廣告。不過,這 庫,招攬那些不會主動尋找新機會的「被 動」人士。人力資源管理專才亦可利用社 交媒體,為僱主塑造品牌形象和建立溝通 體渠道聘請;同樣地,筆者的亞太區人力 資源部門員工,一半也是透過社交媒體網 絡聘請的。些方法出現明顯的問題。這是被動式, 渠道。最重要的是,社交媒體的基本服務 全球各個社交網站的用戶數以千萬人力資源管理專才只能持續瀏覽求職網 一般都是免費 ( 如瀏覽求職者資料 ) ,人力 計,為人力資源管理專才提供機會,從中站資料庫內的履歷,但會出現求職者大 資源管理專才可以利用有限的預算進行招 尋找和鎖定有潛質的人才。人力資源管多資歷較淺,未符合高級職位要求的情 聘。 理專才可充份利用社交媒體平台,如為況。因此,人力資源管理專才最終還是 社交媒體可說是人力資源管理專才的 專業人士而設的社交聯繫網站 LinkedIn ,要花錢找人事顧問公司,物色資深的求 恩物。大眾願意把個人資料和專業資歷上 單在亞太地區用戶已超過 2,500 萬名。除職者。其次,每次刊登招聘廣告後,往 載至互聯網,從而建立一個豐富的招聘資 LinkedIn外,Twitter及Facebook亦經常成往要等待求職者應徵,令招聘過程更加 料庫,讓招聘者從中物色人才。舉例說, 為接觸亞洲人才市場的平台。費時。 網絡分析公司Experian   Hitwise   2011年的 研究顯示,新加坡人在社交網絡花上最長 社交媒體作為招聘工具的好處社交媒體冒起成為招聘工具 時間,每次上網時花在社交網絡的時間平 傳統的網上招聘板傾向以靜態方式搜尋人社交媒體平台為人力資源管理專才提 均達38分46秒。僱主制訂社交媒體策略時 才:求職者應徵職位,招聘者則找出與職供另一種招聘途徑,他們可透過這類平 宜參考這些實際情況。筆者在新加坡聘用 位所需的關鍵要求相符的履歷。雖然某一台,輕易接觸全球更多元化的潛在人才 的集成電路設計工程師,全部透過社交媒 職位可能吸引多人應徵,但求職者提交申20 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012
  8. 8. September 2012 China Focus 人才管理策略 社交媒體平台概覽 招聘者使用社交媒體的方式LinkedIn 招聘者使用社交媒體招聘的方式各適其 專業人士建立聯繫的主要平台 適。最基本是人力資源管理專才搜尋某個 會員在網站列出個人專業經驗,並與現任和前任僱員及同事建立聯繫 社交網站,情況與搜尋履歷資料庫相若。 公司用戶可自設專頁 個別人力資源管理專才亦可在這些網站張 LinkedIn根據用戶的共同興趣建立群組 貼招聘廣告,做法與傳統的方式大同小 招聘者經常以此網絡接觸專業界別的人才 異。這種招聘方式並無充份利用這些網站 香港用戶超過50萬,中國內地用戶200萬 的社交功能。Facebook 主要屬社交性質(例如與朋友聯絡) 經驗較豐富的人力資源管理專才會採 用戶上載聯誼活動照片,並對朋友的照片和言論表示「讚」和發表評論 用中級招聘方式,與目標人才聯繫,建立 公司可自設「粉絲」專頁,分享照片和影片 求職者網絡,從而建立數以千計的聯絡 用戶對專頁表示「讚」,便可接收求職資訊和更新資料 人。人力資源管理專才可不時更新網上簡 企業用以接觸「Y世代」 介的狀態,列出職位空缺,讓求職者瀏覽 香港用戶超過400萬 互聯網時得知有關消息。這類人力資源管 在中國內地無法登入Facebook 理專才著重的在於網絡聯繫的人數。Twitter 提供微博服務,用戶之間以不多於140字的「短訊」聯絡 更高層次的招聘方式,即利用社交媒 利用Twitter的流動應用程式,用戶可隨時隨地保持緊密聯繫 體平台,與更多潛在人才在網絡溝通和交 公司可張貼職位空缺「標題」,但必須使用適當的關鍵字(例如#hashtags)才能接觸目標用戶 流,從而大大提高社交媒體工具的質量價 必須準確掌握發出「短訊」的時機,確保成功將職位空缺資料傳送至目標用戶 值。採用這種方式的人力資源管理專才, 在中國內地無法登入Twitter 考慮到社交媒體平台的群組特徵,著重的新浪微博 是聯繫者的質素而非人數。像商業聯誼活 國內規模最大的微博服務,用戶超過2億5千萬 (市場對手是「騰訊微博」) 動般,這類人力資源管理專才並不只是到 以中文為主 處收集名片,而是務實地與聯繫者傾談和 「短訊」最多140字,由於使用中文,短訊內容較Twitter的英文「標題」豐富 交流意見。 大部分用戶年齡介乎19至30歲,多來自大城市 已有公司開始建立招聘專用的公司帳戶 訂立社交媒體策略 香港登記用戶超過200萬 人力資源管理專才明白到利用社交媒體 招攬人才的好處後,或會急不及待在請後,一般不會經常更新履歷,因此部分 適求職者。人力資源管理專才只要透過直 LinkedIn 或「新浪微博」等網站開設帳履歷的內容可能已經過時。相反,社交媒 接聯繫人和擴大的網絡,便可把某特定職 戶。然而,單單設立帳戶仍不足以招聘人體讓人力資源管理專才與他們的網絡建 位的資料發放出去。 才。招聘者須花時間管理網上簡介;他們立更為互動的關係。舉例說,內地公司開 此外,社交媒體是一個不可多得的途 亦要對社交媒體保持興趣,不能只有「三始在「新浪微博」設立招聘專用的公司帳 徑,讓人力資源管理專才吸引陸續投入勞 分鐘熱度」。戶。招聘者都知道,每逢招聘季節,校園 動市場的「Y世代」。這個喜歡互相聯繫的布告板總會貼滿公司的招聘廣告。透過 的族群善於使用網上工具和社交媒體來溝 人力資源管理專才應先列出他們的目微博,有意招聘畢業生的招聘者可直接與 通和尋找求職機會。 標和預期成果。他們應檢討目前的招聘情目標人才通訊。不少學生向筆者表示喜歡 況及找出機構需要填補的職位空缺。這些 最後,社交媒體平台可讓人力資源管和習慣利用微博獲取即時資訊。 籌劃步驟有助他們制定在社交媒體的整體 理專才推廣公司品牌。活躍於社交媒體是 招聘策略。 透過微博,僱主可接觸求職者的社交 推廣實習機會、企業活動或「社會責任」網絡 (按照「朋友的朋友」的概念),並可 活動的方法。舉例說,個別公司可安排行 隨後,人力資源管理專才便要爭取目根據教育水平、行業、技能或其他相關準 政總裁和管理人員在網上廣播和對話。此 標群組。就此而言,他們要明白到,各個則擴大網絡。若沿用傳統招聘方法,人力 舉有助向各界展示公司與現職僱員以及或 社交媒體平台的目標求職者群組各有不資源管理專才難以這樣物色個別人才和擴 會成為僱員的人士保持聯繫,由此令公 同。假如目標群組身處中國內地,他們很大網絡。因此,社交媒體平台讓僱主建立 司成為具吸引力的僱主,藉此提升企業形 可能主要使用「新浪微博」;香港的年青群組,而群組成員都是具備所需技能的合 象。 才俊則可能主要使用Facebook。人力資源 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012 21
  9. 9. 人才管理策略 社交媒體作為招聘工具 楚劃分社交媒體的個人與專業用途之間的 界線。舉例說,僱員不應在與業內專業人 LinkedIn 士聯繫的社交媒體平台張貼他們在週末私 招聘專業人士的最佳選擇 人力資源管理專才可先與現任同事及其他專業人士建立聯繫(他們是第一層聯絡人) 人派對的照片。 他們繼而可要求這一層聯絡人介紹新聯絡人,然後吸納他們成為第一層聯絡人 此等指引應包括使用社交媒體的行為 他們應確保在有關行業物色符合公司技能需要的聯絡人 守則。人力資源管理專才應提供實例,說 他們可加入LinkedIn群組,接觸有共同興趣的人士,建立新聯繫 明僱員及行政人員可在網上張貼哪些資 LinkedIn提供收費的招聘服務:LinkedIn  Recruiter讓人力資源管理專才接觸整個社交網絡 訊,也應強調僱員絕不能公開披露公司的 他們可定期更新其「動態」欄目,提供職位空缺資料和張貼其他公布 他們應經常更新簡介,並附上專業照片作為簡介 機密資料。此外,人力資源管理專才應向 僱員解釋如何以專業態度回應網上的負面 Facebook 評論。人力資源管理專才經常從競爭對手 人力資源管理專才可設立「粉絲」專頁,讓加入專頁的目標人士得知相關的職位資訊 他門可以把照片和影片上載到公司專頁,以及刊登公司的服務,突顯公司是最佳僱主之選 網羅人才,因此,社交媒體相關的指引亦 雖然Facebook並非求職網站,但用戶可透過Branchout等應用程式建立行業網絡 應涵蓋反競爭實務。 人力資源管理專才應恰當回應用戶的意見 總的來說,制訂社交媒體管治政策, 人力資源管理專才可舉辦小型比賽,又或邀請用戶在公司的「粉絲」專頁張貼原創內容, 有助加強與網上社群的溝通和互動。 獲得最多「讚」的創作可獲獎,這樣既可吸引用戶有興趣留意公司的動態,又能讓他們繼 續參與。 於社交媒體招聘員工的趨勢預測 微博 (Twitter , 新浪微博) 今時今日,大眾普遍都能隨時隨地查閱訊 人力資源管理專才可張貼精簡矚目的標題,作為招聘廣告 他們可創作關鍵字(例如#hashtags),方便用戶藉這些關鍵字搜尋相關短訊 息,因此,人力資源管理專才的另一項重 由於微博用戶眾多且不斷發放短訊,人力資源管理專才應找出目標求職者較有可能查閱更 要工作,是把公司的招聘資訊透過流動通 新資訊的時段(例如大清早、午膳時間或傍晚) 訊設備發放。在亞洲區內多個大城市,經 常見到市民在巴士和地鐵等公共交通工具管理專才如欲接觸處於事業發展中期的專 重要。這樣可確保所有人力資源管理專才 上埋首使用智能手提電話和其他流動通訊業人士,便應使用LinkedIn。 完全掌握公司網上溝通渠道和主要傳達的 設備。 訊息。最終來說,公關部門與人力資源部 人力資源管理專才若要在社交網站建 因此,人力資源管理專才應致力建立專 門在社交媒體策略如能互相配合,可提升立聯繫,應製作具吸引力的網頁內容,並 門提供相關資訊的流動應用程式,讓潛在 公司品牌形象。因應不同群組度身訂造。舉例說,要吸引 求職者利用流動通訊設備與招聘者聯絡。「 Y世代」求職者,可能要利用影片和其 舉例說,製作一個不時向用戶發放職位空 社交媒體準則他互動媒介,而不是只張貼職位詳情。另 缺詳情的應用程式,讓人力資源管理專才 人力資源管理專才必須訂立準則,評估有一方面,如要吸引處於事業發展中期或較 易於接觸準求職者,向他們提供資料。 關政策的成效,才能建立包含使用社交媒資深的人士,可考慮在LinkedIn張貼具吸 體平台的公司文化。個案研究有助他們加 此外,僱主必須定期更新社交媒體軟引力的職位詳情。不論何種情況,人力資 深認識網上社交技巧。此外,與公司財務 件,確保公司在日新月異的網上社交世界源管理專才需要定期更新網頁內容。最差 部攜手編製有關預算,有助確定投資於社 與時並進。勁的帳戶是資訊從不更新,形同虛設。 交媒體招聘的回報。 此外,人力資源管理專才應掌握如何 結論 Alexander   Mann   Solutions 與The  恰當地回應潛在求職者在社交媒體平台提 社交媒體平台為人力資源管理專才提供寶 Chapman   Consulting   Group 早前以「社出的意見,因為這些回應供世界各地用戶 貴的招聘渠道,讓他們接觸難以透過傳統 交媒體與物色人才:社交媒體對亞太區內閱覽,因而會影響公司的聲譽。在傳統的 招聘渠道尋找的求職者。在這種環境下, 招聘及人力資源管理的影響」為題,進行網上招聘廣告板,求職者的履歷放置在 善用社交媒體平台不但可聯繫更多潛在人 社交媒體招聘問卷調查。調查顯示,資深資料庫內,直至招聘者聯絡求職者面試為 才,更有助宣傳公司的品牌形象。 人力資源管理專才更擅於闡釋社交媒體平止;相反,在社交媒體平台,「粉絲」或 亞洲區內使用互聯網的人數與日俱 台的好處,例如建立人才群組、推廣僱主「人脈」的聯絡人普遍期望所有意見和查 增,社交媒體將繼續在企業招聘方面擔當 品牌形象、節省企業開支等。詢均可獲得即時回覆。 重要角色。能夠充份利用社交媒體進行招 因此,訓練和鼓勵人力資源部門發展 訂立社交媒體應用指引 聘的人力資源管理專才,定能在區內的人和改善公司的社交媒體政策和實務,最為 人力資源管理專才須訂立清晰的指引,清 才爭奪戰取勝。22 H UMAN R ESOURCES November 2012