Case Study - Topshop & Google at LFW


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My case study to the first interactive catwalk show of it's kind. How Topshop's innovative partnership with Google won plaudits at London Fashion Week 2013.

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Case Study - Topshop & Google at LFW

  1. 1. Topshop & GoogleHosting the first interactive catwalkshow at London Fashion WeekCase Study27/02/2013
  2. 2. OVERVIEWOn Sunday 17th February, Topshop and Google teamed up for what isclaimed to be the first interactive live streamed fashion show of its kind.HOW DID THEY DO THIS?Using a selection of Google properties andTopshop’s owned channels, the show wasbrought to life using a number of differentactivations pre, during and post event.WHAT’S ALL THE FUSS ABOUT?The catwalk show drew a great deal ofplaudits for both brands during the height ofLondon Fashion Week.The show was the first of its kind and isanother example of a brand using socialplatforms to engage users online from a liveevent.
  4. 4. THE BENEFITS OF MAKING LIVE EVENTS INTERACTIVE TO PEOPLE ONLINE The growing importance of social media and online content• Social media creates the opportunity for mass-scale participation.• It brings people closer to their interests.• An engaged audience is much more valuable than a passive one. Information is absorbed to a much deeper degree when you feel a part of the experience.
  5. 5. THE BENEFITS OF MAKING LIVE EVENTS INTERACTIVE TO PEOPLE ONLINE The growing importance of social media and online content• It’s easy to share real-time content and word of mouth is the strongest form of marketing communication.• Point of purchase potential – consumers can download music, click on the clothes and pre-order items, chat to the design team etc.• Live events that would have once taken place and passed us by, are now everlasting online through content created and shared.
  6. 6. KEY FEATURES OF THE SHOW1. In-store Google+ booth2. Google+3. 3D Google maps4. Google+ hangouts5.YouTube6. Model Cam & Shoot The Show7. ‘Be the buyer’ app
  7. 7. 1. IN-STORE GOOGLE+ BOOTH Digital photo booth housed in flagship store• Three days before the show a ‘Be the model’ digital photo booth was housed in the London flagship store on Oxford Street• Customers were able to try on their favourite outfits and pose for pictures in the booth, which creates animated GIFs users can share with others on their social networks• A giant screen was also installed in the store that live streamed the show and all the events in the build-up Google ‘own’ Photo Booth Interactive Touch Technology Screen Giant Phone
  8. 8. 2. GOOGLE+Making the most of the Google+ features• The show was streamed live on Google+• Users could follow the models experience in the run up to the show and throughout the day• Prior to the show, content around competitions and model diaries were shared to build anticipation• As standard with Google+, users could +1 (i.e. like), comment or share this content with friends
  9. 9. 3. 3D GOOGLE MAPSUsing 3D Google Maps, viewers were able to see inside the venue andaround the gallery before the show
  10. 10. 4. GOOGLE+ HANGOUTS The Google+ video chat feature allowed fans to connect with the design team and Creative Director on a personal level• Google+ hangouts allow you to video chat with up to 9 people at a time. Hangouts can be held privately or made open to the public (the host has control over who is invited into the hangout).• Using Google hangouts, Topshop Hangout attendees can be seen along the bottom hosted a live Q&A session with their design team and Creative Director, Kate Phelan• Viewers were able to watch live behind the scenes final preparation for the show
  11. 11. 5. YOUTUBEYouTube hosted the backstage video content and the live stream for the showLive streaming on YouTube means the show has the potential to reach a global audience.Today, hosting events offline AND online switches the dynamic from exclusive to all-inclusive.YouTube is great for hosting additional behind the scenes and branded content, bringing fans closer to theevent and their idols, in this case the designers. Live Stream Behind the scenes
  12. 12. 6. MODEL CAM and SHOOT THE SHOW• Witness the show live from a catwalk model’s perspective• Capture and share your favourite moments in real-time By clicking the ‘Shoot the show’ button (left) users could capture their favourite moments and share with friends and followers on Twitter, G+, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest as they happened. Live HD-cameras were built into the models clothes allowing the viewer to see the catwalk from the models point-of-view. These were both fantastic innovations for the catwalk experience. Both were brilliantly executed and made for a seamless user experience.
  13. 13. 7. BE THE BUYER APPFans create and share their own fashion collections using items fromthe catwalk • The app is run on Google+ and was not live during the show. It was launched the day after on Monday 18th February • Topshop experts and influential bloggers provided useful tips and advice on Google+ 1. Drag your items into the boxes located • There was a competition element too, with the user who selected the best on the right collection winning a shopping spree • Topshop are using insights taken from the data the app provides, to help their buying team decide what items to bring to retail 2. Create your collection 3. Share it on Google +
  14. 14. KEY FEATURES OF THE SHOW (REVIEW)All the features knitted together nicely and brought people closer to the show.The staged approach was well executed and made for a richer experience.1. In-store Google+ booth2. Google+ PRE The foundation stage allowed awareness and excitement to build before the show.3. 3D Google maps4. Google+ hangouts DURING Users are able to interact with the stream and capture their favourite content before sharing with their friends5.YouTube and followers in real time.6. Model Cam & Shoot The Show7. ‘Be the buyer’ app POST Because of all the content captured by Topshop, Google and the viewers, people were able to re- live the event, or witness the show for the first time at their leisure.
  16. 16. MAKING A STATEMENT The battle to stand out The online element gave Topshop were able to show that against other brands at Topshop the chance to they are an experiential and London Fashion Week is showcase their collection to innovative brand intense. The show their entire target audiencegenerated PR and positive rather than restricting the We have always pridedreviews across the internet experience to those ourselves on being first and within the industry. exclusively invited to the to market with the event latest trends and product innovation” (Sir Philip Green, Arcadia) “It’s about [using digital] to let customers in and have access to something that is usually closed off. We want to connect to the emotional side of the show” (Justin Cooke, Topshop’s Chief Marketing Officer)
  19. 19. THE SLEEPING GIANT – GOOGLE+Are we beginning to see the potential for Google’s social media platform? The event allowed Google to: 1. Showcase the benefits of 2. Encourage inactive Google+ using their technology. Prior to members to experience thethe event lots of people were still various benefits of the platform unconvinced and become active members again3. Battle to increase their user 4. Increase awareness of their base and compete long-term Although Google was the platform features such as 3D with Facebook partner for the activity, the maps & hangouts campaign was integrated across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr
  20. 20. KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS CAMPAIGN Topshop and Google made it easy for peopleThe staged approach was to capture and SHAREwell thought out, building the content. Reaching aanticipation up to the live wider, connected event audience Online users were brought A more ‘complete’ in and made to feel a part experience was delivered of the show through real- through pre, during and time interactivity and post post event activations event
  21. 21. DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF TO AT EVENTACTIVITY!It’s important to note that this campaign did not start at the event. Itstarted weeks in advance.Creating ‘buzz’ before the event is as important as what takes place .Consider not only the audience at the event, but how can you reach out tothose at home and online.Be innovative – using existing technology in a noble way can be aspowerful as coming up with something completely new.
  22. 22. A SNAPSHOT OF OTHER BRANDS AT LONDON FASHION WEEKBurberry have introduced 2 newconcepts that allow customers to pre-order clothes off the runway & watchin-store clips of the clothes being Vine is a social platform thatcreated (Click here) allows users to upload 6 second video clips and share them on Twitter & FacebookPeter Pilotto posted images onTwitter in a countdown to the showDesigners & bloggers hosted Q&A THE BENEFITS:sessions on twitter using #AskLFW • Brands can quickly & easily share insight • Share real-time contentBurberry, Jonathon Saunders, Paul • More engaging thanSmith & the British Fashion Council photographswere using Vine during LFW Read more here Click here to watch
  24. 24. Thank You THANK YOU FOR READING Tommy Willis (@TommyMWillis)