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Will Tang CV


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Will Tang CV

  1. 1. Will Tang Male Hefei China 86 18355106425 1988-04 Android Game Engineer I love programming and basketball. Co-founder Hefei LiBa Tech Co.,Ltd. Android Team Leader Anhui XinHuaBo Tech & Info Co.,Ltd. Freelancer NULL ( jin ri kan pian ) Total two millions users now. A Watching Movies online’s Application. An Internet application, the main functions are available to the user to watch videos on major video sites in China. Provide playback, video downloads, 2G /3G/4G viewing reminders, movie collection, recording play history next to continue to watch the progress of the last watch, built-in player (based Vitamio development) Basic Information NAME GENDER HOMETOWN PHONE EMAIL BIRTHDAY JOB APPLICATION SELF-EVALUATION Work Experiences 2014/09 - NOW POSITION COMPANY 2013/08 - 2014/09 POSITION COMPANY 2011/3-2013/08 POSITION COMPANY Mobile Applications NAME DESCRIPTION Curriculum Vitae
  3. 3. QiPlayer An online Music Player Listen music online & Download music NAME DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOT
  4. 4. Mobile Office for XinHuaBo developed a mobile office system for HuaBo Group. Provide internal mail transceiver, you can send e-mail attachments, the company's internal news of view, corporate address book (direct dial telephone, SMS), daily, weekly, monthly work summary, annual summary writing, problem list management, task list management, staff activity Albums, customer management, sales management, BUG management etc. NAME DESCRIPTION SCREENSHOT
  5. 5. 1. Application for Drive Training Agency 2. Application for Hospital 3. RingtoneMaker, Custom your phone ringtone 4. Online Translator 5. Super Pay, Based on Alipay SDK 2007 - 2011 Mathematics Anhui Normal University javaEE, spring, hibernate, javascript, html, sqlserver, mysql, git, svn OTHER APPLICATIONS Education MAJOR UNIVERSITY Skills