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Comic Relief 2009


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Turning red in 2009

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Comic Relief 2009

  1. 1. Comedy Comic Relief 2009 BBC Multiplatform support for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day
  2. 2. Comedy Multiplatform Support Red Nose Day Portal Let’s Dance Apprentice I Player? Red Noses across Kilimanjaro Multiplatform Support
  3. 3. Comedy Red Noses across
  4. 4. Comedy Red Noses across Purpose • A unique contribution to Comic Relief • Drive Audience Awareness of • Increase donations to Comic Relief • Pan BBC Co-Operation
  5. 5. Comedy Three different Red Noses… …appear across …when clicked they take you to bbc/rednoseday content – Homepage, Change Lives, What’s On Red Noses across
  6. 6. Comedy Red Noses across • Noses take over! • On 6th March until Red Nose Day 13th March the noses will appear across and BBC mobile sites • They will be clearly seen but will not obscure site content • When clicked, the noses take you to one of three destinations on
  7. 7. Comedy Red Noses across Destinations • The three noses will link to three areas of : Homepage, Change Lives, What’s On • Sites with bespoke noses will link to the Homepage
  8. 8. Comedy
  9. 9. Comedy
  10. 10. Comedy
  11. 11. Comedy Red Noses across Timeline Where? When? What Nose? All sites that use the Barlesque templates 6-13 March Random include of three generic noses including Programme Support Sites, APS pages and Genre indexes)   Audio & Music 6-13 March Random include of three generic noses Sport 6-13 March Sport personalised nose Weather 6-13 March Weather personalised nose News 6-13 March One nose suitable for News Comic Relief prog sites     Let's Dance 21 Feb –14 March Presenter personalised nose The Apprentice 6-13 March Sir Alan personalised nose High traffic sites:     EastEnders 27-13 March TBC Dot or Peggy personalised nose Doctor Who 27-13 March TBC David Tennant personalised nose Casualty/Holby 27-13 March TBC Doctor/Nurse personalised nose Top Gear 27-13 March TBC The Stig personalised nose
  12. 12. Comedy Red Noses across State of Play • Editorial Policy have signed it off • Barlesque & Central UXD on board • FM&T Technically straightforward • Greenlit from Commissioning
  13. 13. Comedy Red Noses across What’s Next • Mock ups are being prepared • Bespoke noses being created • Contingency plans for opt out /pulling • FAQs for • Project build & integration by Feb 28
  14. 14. Comedy What we need from you • Your approval and support • Access to your technical teams • A list of your requirements Red Noses across