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How to thrive over COVID-19 : V.I.P Network Communication Model


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With our new V.I.P. Network model, neighbors can help save lives by sharing information and resources directly to a mobile platform in real-time. That's empowerment!
Check out this infographic to learn how the ghood network reconnects broken communication links within communities to build community.

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How to thrive over COVID-19 : V.I.P Network Communication Model

  1. 1. FUNDERS GOVERNMENT MUNICIPALITIES SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS SCHOOLS POLITICIANS SOCIAL SERVICES MEDIA CHANNELS PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS OUR VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES Communication is central to community. But after COVID-19 we can’t expect how we share information to stay the same. THIS IS WHAT A BETTER COMMUNICATION MODEL LOOKS LIKE We empower trusted community stakeholders to curate and share personalized COVID-19 information to their individual networks using accessible technology ACCESSIBLE TEXT MESSAGES Gather community input by the exchange of basic SMS messages between trusted and helpful sources! what makes the V.I.P Network model better? TRUSTWORTHY HUMAN ENGAGEMENT Drive and sustain mutual support by enabling neighbors to broadcast locally sourced news, edutainment and other media products. LOCAL 'USHAHIDI ' Identify and assess local resources in real-time through Ushahidi’s interactive map platform! RUSTWORTHYRUSTWORTHYRUSTWORTHYRUSTWORTHY Bro, I can help you with virtual schoolwork I know places hiring now! Cool, I’ll post that online #HomemadeMasks Cool, I’ll post that online Support providers for essential workers Community members seeking help Front-line communit y servants Returning Citizens (Juveniles and Adults) Disenfranchised Students (Disruption of Learning) INFORM ABOUT COVID - 19 & NEWLY EMERGED RESOURCES TO SOME OF OUR MOST V ULNERABLE POPULATIONS TO ADVANCE OUR EF FORTS , WE REQUEST YOUR SUPPORT AND ASSISTANCE IN ANY/ALL OF THE FOLLOWING WAYS: Seek/Acquire funding resources to advance this effort in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Identify populations and groups to be early adopters to pilot our system as we help them strategically navigate this COVID reality. Promote our model and share this infographic with your professional network. Visibly serve as a V.I.P. Network Ambassador to champion the viability and potential of our framework, approach and product(s). CHAMPIONSEARLY ADOPTERS Watch & share this infographic in video Percent of confirmed COVID-19 cases occur among non-white people. Source: City of Philadelphia May 2020 77% how to thrive over COVID-19 THE VILLAGE INFORMATION POWER (V.I.P.) NETWORK MODEL AN ENHANCED COMMUNICATION MODEL TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 CASES IN PHILADELPHIA through Ushahidi’s ACTIONABLE 77%77% STAKEHOLDERS CURRENTLY SHARE IMPORTANT COVID-19 INFORMATION USING A TOP-DOWN MODEL CLICK TO VIEW EXAMPLE OF OUR AMP PORTAL Protected by Creative Commons License: Free to share and distribute work. Non-commercial use only. If distributed please credit the ghood network w/ link to our website. Sources: The City of Philadelphia, Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Portal, May 2020 Produced by: Eric Grimes (Shomari) & Will Remigio 77% When information is only shared from the top down, vulnerable communities are the last to hear, if at all. BECAUSE LOCAL COMMUNITY MEMBERS ARE BEST SUITED TO INFORM COVID- 19 RESOURCES YEA! I got an open slot for Telehealth at 11:00AM ACTIONABLE A BASIC SMARTPHONE Share and receive actionable info and knowledge via phone, text, video, and social media! INVESTMENTS PROMOTIONS