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Shot list


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Shot List for Pre-Production

Published in: Education
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Shot list

  1. 1. ShotList – WilliamAdams Shot No: Type of Shot: Description Location Cast 1 EstablishingShot Establishingshotof the forest. CowPitts Forest No cast neededfor scene. 2 MediumShot Mediumshotof Michael walkingaroundthe forest. CowPitts Lane AllyOliver 3 Wide Shot Wide Shotof Michael scanningthe townarea. Ringwood AllyOliver Extras 4 MediumShot MediumShotof Michael scanningthe school area lookingatthe scenery. Ringwood School AllyOliver Production Shot List: Production: Mysteryof the VideoTape Director: WilliamAdams
  2. 2. ShotList – WilliamAdams 5 MediumShot Mediumshotof Michael shakingsomeone’shand aftersolvingthe crime. Ringwood Recreation Centre AllyOliver Female extra 6 ZoomedoutMedium Shot Zoomedoutmedium shotof Michael chasing and catchingsomeone. Ringwood School AllyOliver Male Extra 7 FirstPersonShot FirstPersonshotof Michael studying evidence whichisdifficult to read. Ringwood AllyOliver 8 No Image No Image toraise tension of whatthe audience will see. No location No actors 9 Close-upshot Close upshotof Ben showinghisfocus,then zoomingoutto show “newbie’s”actions. The Lakes NathanHodd KetanRoche Marco Di Gaetano 10 Wide Shot Wide Shotof Michael, withthe sun shiningon him,thenzoomingand trackinghimas he moves. The Lakes AllyOliver 11 Overthe shoulder shot Overthe shouldershotof BenfacingMichael The Lakes AllyOliver NathanHodd 12 MediumShot Mediumshotof Michael facingthe body. The Lakes AllyOliver KetanRoche 13 FirstPersonShot Firstpersonshotof Michael lookingatthe body. The Lakes KetanRoche
  3. 3. ShotList – WilliamAdams 14 MediumShot Mediumshotof the victimrunningawayfrom the murderer. The Lakes KetanRoche NathanHodd 15 Close-upshot Close-upshotof murderer’sfootprints. The Lakes No actors 16 Firstpersonshot Firstpersonshotof Michael lookingatthe footprints. The Lakes No actors 17 Low-angle shot Low-angle shotof Michael and Benfacing the footprints. The Lakes AllyOliver NathanHodd 18 Wide shot Wide shotof “newbie” withthe videotape inhis hands The Lakes Marco Di Gaetano 19 Dual Shot Dual shot of Michael with the videotape inhis handsand the videotape falling. The Lakes AllyOliver 20 Close-upshot Close-upshotof the victim’sheadwith multiple wounds. The Lakes KetanRoche 21 Close-upshot Close-upshotof the gun firing. The Lakes NathanHodd 22 Highangle shot Highangle shotof the victimfalling. The Lakes KetanRoche 23 Close-upShot Close-upshotof Michael The Lakes AllyOliver 24 Far Shot Far shot of the “newbie” failingtocatch the videotape. The Lakes Marco Di Gaetano
  4. 4. ShotList – WilliamAdams 25 Close-upshot Close-upshotof Benwith an exasperatedlookon hisface. The Lakes NathanHodd