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Nifast Product Offerings


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Nifast Product Offerings

  1. 1. EXTERNALLY THREADED FASTENERS: Bolts Weld Screws Machine Screws Available with Torx®, Torx Plus®, MAThread®, MATpoint® Tapping Screws High Performance Thread Rolling Screws Taptite®, Taptite 2000®, Plastite®, Remform® INTERNALLY THREADED FASTENERS: Nuts (hex, flange, etc.) Weld Nuts Locknuts Nut & Washer Assemblies, Cage Nuts Non-Threaded: Washers Rivets Spacers Stampings Pins Plugs Steel Tubes Forged Tubes Collars Machined Parts (CNC) Castings (Investment) OTHER PRODUCTS: Wire Forms (muffler hangers) Plastic Components – Clips, Washers, etc. Assemblies NIFAST Product Offerings Nifast Corporation Corporate Office: 815 Carol Court, Carol Stream, IL 60188 Tel: (630) 539-0097 Fax: (630) 539-0159
  2. 2. NIFAST Product Offerings Bolts & Screws Weld StudsTapping & Thread Forming Screws Hex, Flange & Wheel Bolts Torx® & Torx Plus ® Taptite®, Plastite®, Remform® & Taptite 2000® MAThread ®, MATpoint ®
  3. 3. Cage Nuts Assembly Stamped Nuts & Washers Weld Nuts All Metal Prevailing Torque Locknuts NIFAST Product Offerings Nuts & Stampings
  4. 4. Cage Nuts Assembly Stamped Nuts & Washers NIFAST Product Offerings Nuts & Stampings
  5. 5. Cold Formed Parts + Secondary Machining Investment Die Casting Parts NIFAST Product Offerings Parts & Castings