Teaser trailer pitch


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This teaser trailer pitch, has been created for my A2 Media Coursework

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Teaser trailer pitch

  1. 1. Teaser Trailer Pitch
  2. 2. Genre Research
  3. 3. Summer ResearchOver the summer, I did some basic researchinto 3 sports films, they are the following:O InvictusO Cool RunningsO Balls of Fury
  4. 4. Further Sports Films Research Link to further sports film research
  5. 5. Decision On Teaser TrailerBefore Starting my pitch, I’m going to explain theideas I had for my teaser trailer. I had to chosebetween 3 sports for my teaser trailer, these sportswere:1. Football2. Water polo3. SwimmingHere are the reasons why I couldn’t chose two of thesports.
  6. 6. Film PlotThe Main character has a terrible injury and strugglesto get out of bed in the morning and needs help fromhis parents but videos of him get posted to theinternet and watched online by a scout that would liketo sign him up to their academy and they would liketo see him play but he doesn’t want to tell thembecause it will wreck his life-long dream. The maincharacter talks to a receptionist and says he has aproblem about the meeting. Flashbacks of theaccident are shown after the phone call. The teasertrailer ends with the main character about to open thedoor before the meeting.
  7. 7. Main Conventions of Sport Films The main conventions of Sport films are: O Contains a Sporting narrative O Constant State of emotion O Equilibrium O Disruption O Resolution O Success O Failure O Strong relationship between characters
  8. 8. Style Of Teaser Trailer And Film Genre The style of the teaser trailer is based on several sport films, where there is a problem and how it is overcome by the main character and their journey towards that happening. It is a classed as Sports Drama in the film genre. A Sports Drama film incorporates dramatic elements into a sports storyline. These films tend to examine the gritty and intense aspects of the sporting world, they have more dramatic elements and appeals to a more mature audience. Sports Drama films involve not only the rise, but the fall of the particular subject as well.
  9. 9. Locations & SettingsThe locations of the film have no beenidentified but I have created a mind map ofthe settings that I need to use in my teasertrailer.
  10. 10. CharactersAfter writing my script, I have worked outthat I only need 3 characters throughout myteaser trailer. The 2 main characters neededare:O The Main CharacterO The Football Scout
  11. 11. Budget For FilmThe budget for the is unknown as it is onlybeing funded by one film industry at thistime which is my company, but we have hadsome interest in the film from productioncompanies so that will be able to boost thebudget of the film massively if they invest.
  12. 12. TaglineI have yet to decide a tagline for the film as Iam still thinking through names of the filmbut the tagline will relate to the title of thefilm that has been chosen.
  13. 13. My Target AudienceMy target audience is based on myquestionnaire results about sport films. I’mgoing to aim it at people over the age of 16as people under the age of 16 wouldn’tappreciate a sports drama film as much aspeople over the age of 16, enjoy drama infilms more.
  14. 14. Who Would Endorse My Film?I think Warner Bros. Pictures would endorsemy film as the sport films that they endorseare always sport drama films weresomething shocking happens and how it isresolved throughout the film and this is theconcept I want my film to have.
  15. 15. Which Media Concepts Have I Considered?There are many concepts to consider, I’veconsidered the following:O Codes and conventions of film genreO AudioO Print for the advertisement of the filmO RepresentationsO Stereotypes that may be usedO Target audience O How they are going to be addressed O What would their response be to the film?
  16. 16. Does It Fit The Generic Conventions Of Sport Films?My film will fit the following concepts of sportdrama films:O Incorporates dramatic elements into a sports storylineO Tend to examine the more gritty and intense aspects of the sporting worldO Tends to appeal to a more mature audienceO Examines not only the rise, but the fall of the particular characters as well