Sport films research


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This powerpoint document is my research of the sports film genre. This will be linked to my blog as part of my research phase

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Sport films research

  1. 1. By Will Gardner
  2. 2. Analysis of Invictus Movie Poster Main Actors names clearly shown Name of film is clear over a white background so it stands outFocus on two main characterswith images Quote about the film, like a skyline used in a magazine Characters images stand out over white background Images shows us which sport that the film features Actors names on poster Release date on poster
  3. 3. Analysis of Invictus Film Magazine Parade is an American- produced magazine which is sold with Sunday newspapers and is distributed in more than 500 newspapers across the United States. • The magazines name is behind the image of the actors but is in front of the blue background of the magazine front cover and Parade always use the same Red title on every published magazine. • Magazine doesn’t feature image from film, the front cover features the director of the film and the two main actors dressed in higher class clothes. • The Title is in yellow bold text so it stands out from the image in the foreground. • The white text above the title talks about what the film is all about.
  4. 4. Analysis of Invictus Teaser TrailerInvictus Teaser Trailer:• The scene is set with text and audio voice-over from Morgan Freeman who is one of the main characters• After the voice-over the score creates tension• Uses clips from the film• Transactions between clips shows change in setting and scenes in the film• When clips of the film are shown, it doesn’t show much of the good bits but only a few so it grabs the attention of the audience.
  5. 5. Analysis of Dodgeball Movie Poster 1 • Main Actors names are used at the top of the poster • Image shows something that occurs during the film • Black Bold Text on the movie poster involves a quote from the film which is used quite often throughout • The name of the film is shown in the colour red to resemble the colour of a Dodgeball • The other actors that are involved in the film, have their names at the bottom of the movie poster • White background is used so the text and image stands out
  6. 6. Analysis of Dodgeball Movie Poster 2 • Quote from the film in bold black text so it stands out from the white background of the movie poster • The title has a Dodgeball effect like the rubber on the ball is done as the title. • The date that the film is released so their target audience know what it is available to watch in cinemas. • The image of the two teams stand out as the white background allows the image to be clear and not have any bright colours affecting the images which is the main attention of the viewer of the movie poster.The film “Dodgeball” didn’t use a film magazineto help advertise its film.
  7. 7. Analysis of Dodgeball teaser trailersDodgeball teaser trailer:• Sets the scene with a voiceover and scenes from the film• Smooth transactions from scene to scene allow so the viewer doesn’t loose track of whats going on as if too much is going on, they might not want to watch it• Later in the trailer, the score in the background helps the viewer to know what is going on• Variety of clips are shown to make the audience laugh and they’ll remember that moment and remember the film.
  8. 8. Analysis of Goal Movie Poster 1 • Title of the film stands out from the image and the background of the movie poster • Background colour/ image resembles when the sun goes down over the beach and how the main character feels like it is a dream come true. • The sport is easy to identity as the character in the movie poster is holding a football so it is easy to recognise. • In white text above the title of the film is almost like a skyline which they use in magazines. • Main actors name is not shown at the top of the poster but is shown in the list of other actors at the bottom of the poster.
  9. 9. Analysis of Goal Movie Poster 2 • Images at the bottom of the movie poster are taken from the film and are shown in different colours, almost like they are memories from his mind. • The name of the title is shown across a black bar so it is stays out with it’s white text • The image of the main character on the top image is against a blue background so the main character stands out and his image grabs the audiences attention. • The white text next to the title of the film stands out across the black background, it is in a foreign language as it was distributed in many different countries. The film “Goal” didn’t use a film magazine to help advertise its film.
  10. 10. Analysis of Goal Teaser trailerGoal teaser trailer:• Voice-over starts the trailer• Clips show the main characters dream & ambition• Tension builds into whether he is going to have the chance• Clips show how the dream becomes reality• Dream gets ruined but then soundtrack in background creates tension on what he is going to do next