A2 Media Studies Evaluation Question 2


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For My A2 Media Studies

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A2 Media Studies Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Media Coursework Evaluation Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?William Gardner
  2. 2. I believe that the combination of the two texts are different in some ways but are very similarand these two texts both work well in terms of allowing the intended audience to identify thefilm genre with the solo image on the two ancillary tasks. My main task shows the maincharacter in the sport genre with slow motion shots to show what it taking place almost liketime has stopped to admire what is taking place. The characters age is similar to my targetaudience so this should make a connection between the media text and my intended audience.The use of a still that zooms out slowly in the opening scene depicts the age group of myintended audience which is male teenagers to the middle 20’s.My magazine text helps me to identity how to target the younger part of my target audienceand determine the layout which will help me to provide an advert of the film to all of myaudience through this combination of media texts. The magazine helped me to identify whatsort of articles I could use in order to attract my intended audience and this allowed me totarget a mature audience due to the magazine being a film magazine. In terms of my magazinefront cover, I used my main character to portray my film trailer as the film is solely based thischaracter’s journey. This allowed me to engage with my target audience with the use of themain character and they could relate to him even before their viewing of the film. But this maybe a disadvantage as the target audience may not be able to relate to the character and want toassociate other feelings with the character in the teaser trailer.
  3. 3. My film poster, only use the main character and this helps draw the focus of theperson viewing the film poster due to the film poster being plain and not toobusy that distracts them from the main points of the film poster. The film posteruses a solo character and this is the same character used in my magazine frontcover and this helps the audience to relate themselves to the character. I used analmost 3D looking title of the film and I thought this would look good as it usesvery different aspects of the colour green which symbolises grass and where hestarted playing football all those years ago. The colour ‘Grass Green’ is a restfulcolour. Green symbolises self-respect and well-being. Green is the colour ofbalance. It also means learning, growth and harmony and this is used in myteaser trailer to show the growth of his dream which he has had since he wasyoung and also this relates to the colour of the football kit that he is wearing.I’ve set the background of this slide to reassemble grass as which is used in myfilm.
  4. 4. The magazine front cover, I believe is the text which attracts my intended audience themost as they are males aged between 12-25 years of age. With the main image being amale teenager and being in that age range, this forms an immediate connection with theaudience and they can almost relate to him due to being of similar age to them. The slowmotion at the start of my film trailer, adds tension to what is taking place and leaves theintended audience on almost a cliff-hanger and draws their attention to carry on watchingthe trailer. In comparison, my film poster is a portrayed as targeting the male audiencedue to a more masculine portrayal with the main character being made and the coloursrelating to the sport and also the football kit that he is wearing. This strays away from thestereotypical colours of the male gender which associated with danger, purity and mysterybut I feel that the film trailer provides the mystery along with the article name in themagazine front cover which says ‘Grassroots of Despair or Grassroots of Happiness’. Mymagazine front cover depicts my film poster as it grabs the reader more with articleswhich they may also be interested in. My film poster grabs the audience with the maincharacter being the sole focus on the film poster and this reinforces the main text beingsolely about the main character’s dream.
  5. 5. My intended plan of film release is for the early part of the school summerholidays 2013 due to the majority of my target audience being off for 6 weeksduring the summer and this will create more viewings as they will have free timebut if it was released at a different time in the year, it might not reach theintended audience as they may not have the time to watch it and this will be themost effective way to get the most views from my intended audience.All of these aspects combine together to form a brand that the target audienceshould recognise as all of the aspects relate to each other, this brand is solelyresponsible for the advertisement of the film and all aspects intra-link to coverthe whole of the target audience so they know that the film is on the market andwhether they should go watch it depending on their thoughts of the teasertrailer and the reviews it has been given by newspapers and magazines and alsothe film poster aspect and if it grabs their attention so much that they rememberit.