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  1. 1. CS GRAB & G0 MARCH 3, 2016 CS GRAB & GO 123 Southlake BLVD
  2. 2. Situation Analysis  Company: CS: Grab & Go will be arestaurantthat makesand providesPizza, Sandwiches,andSmoothies.Theseitems are goingtohave a price pointaround$5 – 9 for a meal. We want to provide the customers withthe healthies,andbestchoice of ingredients possible,atthe cheapestprice possible.We dothissothat theycan, A) Feel healthier,B) Getsomethingonthe go,C) Make itcheaperand more conventforthem geta healthierslice of pizzatheneatingyourstandardfastfood. CS:Grab & GO is not your standardrestaurantinthe TownCenter,because we will be place wherewe are willingtogothe extramile forthe bestingredients,service,andknowledge whenit comeseatinghealthy.The waysthatwe will dothisis throughour partnershipwithGill Gardens,hiringthe bestemployeeswithwillingnesstohelpandgreetcustomers,and informingthe local surround communitiesandourfansof waysto eat cleaner/healthier for cheaper!  Competition:Withthe menuthat isplannedatCS: Grab & Go, we wouldhave to compete withotherrestaurant’ssuchasSubway,PizzaHut,Domino’s,SmoothieKing, and manyotherrestaurantsthat are inSouthlake TownCentersuchasJamba Juice, CornerBakery,and SPIN!. Otherrestaurantsinthe areawill notanddo not have the wide range of healthyfoodchoicescomparedtoCS:Grab & Go. While ourpricesmaybe me a little evaluatedcomparedtootherfastfoodplaces,we will have afocuson getting and makingthe bestand healthiestmeal forcustomers.Ouringredientscome fromthe #1 healthysupplyfoodchain,Gill Gardens,andwe alsoshoplocal andencourage local farmsto bringin or call us about stuff thattheyare growingintheirgardens. Climate:  Economic: Southlake TownCenterislocatedinanupscale communitywiththe average income of $165, 295.00. InSouthlake,13.4% of the householdshave incomesthatmake between$150-200k, while 44.1% make more $200k. (Southlake,TexasIncomeMap, n.d.)  Social/Cultural Environment: Social Mediaisone of the best waysto drive businessand a way that ischeapand can be effective.Ithinkwaystoincrease yoursocial profileand gettingyourbrandout in the communitymore is bydoingstuff onFacebook/Twitter,or evensellingT-shirtsandotheritemslikeyousee atRestaurantslike Joes CrabShack withitapparel,Dominos withthe abilitytoorderfromyourTV,phone,appor online,
  3. 3. etc. Anotherwayto increase people comingintothe store couldbe usingotherways such as textgiveaways,andevendoingthingssuchasgiveawaysaswell forrepeatvisits or spendingcertainamountswiththe use of couponcards.Another way that youcould increase the amountof coverage/interestinthe restaurantcouldbe evendoingwaysto make healthymealsathome or doinglittle lessonsonthe side withpeoplethatare interestedinlearning waystocookingsome of the itemsthatwe make,sothat eventuallywe couldbranchoutand sale ourown pizza’s/sandwiches/oreven smoothiestogrocerystoresas frozengoods.  Technological Environment:Ways to make our businessmore up todate with technologyisusingmethodsthatIjusttalkedaboutusing Twitter,Facebook,Text messaging,etc.Usingmethodslikethiswillincrease CS:Grab& Go profile inthe communityalongwithhelpingusdraw inpotentiallynewcustomerswhilealsokeeping the ones that we alreadyhave.Otherwaysto use technologytoCS:Grab & Go advantage couldbe doinglittle quickonline healthycookingtipvideosoreventeaching people differentwaystoeathealthiertolose weightorevenhelpthembuildupweight. Potential otherwaystoimprove anduse technologytothe advantage of the business couldto hire marketingpeopleorevengettingstudentsatnearbyschoolsineitherhigh school or college tosubmitideasforwaystobringin new customerstothe restaurant. Usingmethodslike thiswill helpdraw inkidsandadultstoshow that theysupportthese programswhile alsoofferingawayfor highschool and college kidswaystogetreal worldexperience. Factors Critical to Business Success  Whoare the Customers? The targetcustomersthat we will be tryingtogo afterand keepasclientsare people thatare lookingfora healthybutyetquickplace to eatwhile shoppinginSouthlake TownCenter.We believethatthisisa goodgroup of people togo afteralongwith the large volume of workersandshopperthatcome to the TownCenter everyday. The normal restaurantinSouthlake TownCenterhasaveragesaround$40 for a meal,plusthe complete time forthe meal beingaround1 hour,whatwe would like todo at CS: Grab & Go isprovide anexperience thatisa quickerandhealthier settingforpeople shoppingsotheycancome in and save time andmoney.  What do the CustomersValue? What we believe thatthe customerswill value when theycome intoour Restaurantisthe healthychoicesthatwe will offertoourvisitors,
  4. 4. but yetprovide themwithacheaperandquickeralterative.Whenpeoplethinkof fast food,theythinkof unhealthyfood,andterrible service.Here atCS:Grab & Go we will be providinghealthieroptions of pizza,sandwichesandsmoothies.We candothis because of the supplychaindeal thatwe have withGill Gardens. Our planfor our service wouldbe gettingcustomerstospend$5-10 per meal withthementeringand leavingthe restaurant within30minutes.We wanttotarget people thatare justlooking for a quickbite to eatthat will notbreakthe bank,but customersthatwill view our restaurantas place that theycan come back to visitregularlyforqualityfood.  What is the right price? AsI saidbefore,the rightprice pointthatwe are lookingatis in the $5-10 permeal range withpeople comingtoourshop as a way to geta quick, healthychoice of food.The goodthingaboutbeinginSouthlake iswithourrestaurant focusinginonhealthierfoodchoices,the priceswill be slightlyhigherbutthatwill not mattermostlyinSouthlake. Along,withusinghealthierchoicesof food,we will be using textalerts/twitter/Facebook/andreturncardsas waysto get people tokeepcoming back as loyal customers.Methodslike thiswill helpincreasethe numberof people that we have that are aware of the dealsthatwe have goingon, butit isalsoa wayto inform clientsthatcome fromoutside of Southlake toshop. Form of Business  WhichShouldCS: Grab& GoChoose?I believe thatCS:Grab & Go wouldbe bestserved usingthe Limited Liability Partnership.Limited Liability Partnershipsmake itsothatthe partnersare notinvolvedwiththe managementsideof the businessandthatthe owner isonlyliable forhisinitial investment.  Why? I believe thatCS:Grab & Go wouldbe bestservedusingthe Limited Liability Partnership.Doingthiswouldmake itsothatCarl can still be runningthe businessand has all of the managementcontrol,andthe 3 friendsof Carl’sonlycontribute capital. Thisalsolimitsthe liabilityof carl to onlyhisinitial investment.  2 Advantages:The advantagestothe LLP, is that youare yourown bossand that you have control overeverythingwiththe business,andyoualso have limitedaboutof liability.Doingthisalsomakesitsothat youhave friendsbecome limitedpartnersand all that theydo itcontribute capital tothe business.  2 Disadvantages: The disadvantagestothisare that youthisis the smallestof all the businesstypes,andyouare still able tolose assetsthatyouput upfor the initial
  5. 5. investment.Also,beingyourownboss,youhave toworklonghours andstressabout all aspectsof the businessaswell. Customer Value  Ways to create value- Waysto create value forcustomersthatcome intoCS: Grab & Go, wouldbe byusingSocial Mediaand notifyingourcustomersof dealsthatare going on. CS: Grab & Go wouldtalkaboutour healthyfoodchoicesandhow we are able toget youin and outthe door in a quickand healthyway. Otherwaysthatwe couldincrease value wouldbe havingrepeatcustomers,andgivingthemlittle cardsandofferdifferent options.  DifferentValue- Waysto show that we have a differentwaytobringvalue is showcasingourhealthyfoodchoices,andhow we are a place that are a cheaperand quickerrestaurant.Anotherwaytodifferfromotherrestaurantsisbyofferingtocater, delivery,andgraband go menus. Customer Market Segment  Whois the Target Market? At Carl’s,our TargetMarket wouldbe people onthe run, people thatwantto save money,andpeople that workinthe Southlake TownCenter. The age range that we want to be our primarytarget marketwouldbe individualsinthe 20-50 age range. The reasonsthatwe wouldfocuson thisTargetMarket is because of the large numberof people thatcome throughthe Town Center, the large numberof workersthatwork inthe Town Center,andcustomersof Southlake TownCenterthat are justshoppingandlookingforaquick,cheapbite to eat.Focusingonpeople that workin Southlake TownCenterwouldbe agreat place to start because of the number of placesthatkidsand youngadultshave toget a quick,fastbite to but yethave to leave the Towncenterbecause mostof the otherplacesare expenseordonot offerfast foodservices.Targeting customers thatcome and visitthe Center,is oursecondary target marketbecause of the large numberof people visit.People maysaythatthisis not go groupto focuson because theycome andgo, but we (CS:Grab & Go) would enable these visitorsusingsocial mediatokeepthemuptodate and informedon specials.Cheap/Fastfoodshoppers are thatare lookingsomethingdifferentthanthe
  6. 6. usual inthe TownSquare restaurant.Offeringaquick,healthierandcheapalterative offersmore time toshop,alongwithmore moneytospend.  CustomerRelationships:Waysto buildrelationshipswithcustomerswouldbe by offeringbettercustomerservice.Atcarl’s,we wouldhave to remindourworkersthat theyneed tofocuson the clientseverydayall the time because standoutcustomer service hasseenanabilitytoincrease pricesasmuchas 10%. Doingthiswill help customerscome back,while increasingthe payforthe employees. Similarwaystoback customerswouldbe byofferingfrequentbuyercards,sothat theycan get rewardsfor comingback. Othermethodswouldbe usingsocial mediatotalkaboutdealsthatwe have goingon,and longwithincreasingthe amountof productswe couldofferto customers.  Locations of Target Market inthe Towncenter: The reasonswhywe (CS:Grab & Go) shouldfocusonthese specifictargetgroupsisbecause of the volume of the peoplethat come throughthe shoppingcenter.Peoplecome tothe towncenterto shopand spend money,orevenitskidsintheirteensand20s that workinthe areato come forthe vast array of storesandjobsthat it provides.Youngadultsorevenparentsonthe run are not lookingtodrop$30-40 on a meal or lookingtosit downforan hour,theyare looking for a cheap,healthyplace toeat andCS: Grab & Go will provide that.Justlookinginthe towncenterkidsthat workat the storesandbusinessesreallydon’thave alotif any optionsforthemto go geta thatare in the $10-15 range,so theyhave to getintheircar and leave togo getsomething,we wouldprovidethemaplace that theycouldwalkto or evenhave deliveredquicklyjustinsideof the shoppingcenter.Targetingandfocusing on people thatcome tovisitthe towncenterisanothergroup that we needtofocuson, because nearly60%of the people thatshopat the towncentercome fromoutside of Southlake.Withthese customers,we wouldneedtofocusonsocial mediausingtext alerts,Twitter,Facebook,andevenYoutubeaswaysto bringincustomersontop of offeringrepeatbusinesscardsthatwe couldstampfor themto redeemforothergoods. Again,narrowingourtargetgroup downto these potentialcustomerswouldbe away for uscrave out our ownmarketwhile providingaservice tothe customersthatcome to visitandshop.
  7. 7. Promotional Strategy  Promotional Strategy to attract: If I were to helpCarl witha promotional strategy,it wouldbe to have himfocuson informing,persuading,andremindingcustomersand visitorsthatour businessissomethingthattheyshouldchoose andstickwith.Our promotional strategydefineshow we are goingtomeetand follow how we wantto marketour company.We do thisby attractingnew customersisthe firstobjective,and we can do thisby havingdealswithotherbusinessesinthe Southlake Towncenterfor themto referandhave theiremployeescome inforsomethingtoeat,orevenoffering discountsforcustomersthatshopat otherstores.Anotherobjective,istoincrease the usage of ourproduct withour currentcustomers.Waysto increase andkeeprepeat businessisbyfocusingonthe customersthatdo come inand make sure that theyget everythingthatthey exactly want,atCS:Grab & Go we can do thisby offeringdelivery withinthe towncenterorevendoingdiscountsaswell foremployeesof other businesses. Gettingourbrandknownamongthe visitorsof Southlakeisanotherkey objective,thatonce theyknow we are there andoffercertainunique andspecial featureswill leadtoa stabilizationof salesandhelpusfigure outnew leadsonfor where we can growand expandourbusiness.  Personal Selling: Personal Sellingissomethingthatdifferentinthe FoodIndustry comparedto otherindustries,mostlybecausethe FoodIndustryhasmanydifferent choicesforthe withinjusta certaintype of food.Personal SalesinCS:Grab & Go would have to deal withthe interactionbetweenthe customerandthe employee inproviding themwithall the optionsandchoicesthat theycouldmake andmix togetherfortheir meal.The bestwayto do this,ishavingmultiple employeesworkingwithknowledgeof our healthyfoodchoices.Thismeanshiringextrastaff sothateverycustomerdoesn’t feel asif theyare beingrushedandsothat everycustomerhasthe abilitytoask questionsaboutcertainhealthchoicesandforthemto getwhat theyorderquicklyand correctly.Personal salescanevenbe havingCarl goaroundto the other81 firms,135 business,governmentoffices,andthe Hiltonandoffertoprovide mealsformeetingsor maybe evenofferingtomake andprovide differentthingsatthe hotel.Doingthiswould leadto more visitorstothe store because of people tryingoutthe foodat workor on vacation.
  8. 8.  Direct Marking/ Internet: UsingDirectMarketingand the internetisone of the best waysof gettinginformationouttoyourcustomers,itcan be done eitherusingflyers/ Brochures,or evenemail.WhatIwoulddowiththisislookat all of the social mediaand optionsthatyou coulddothat will make youdifferentthanothercompanies.The best wayto get out andinformand show people thatyourhealthychoice,istoputthe informationandthe product infrontof the customers.Iwoulduse directmailersto houseswithinSouthlake,Grapevine,Westlake,Colleyville,andanyothercitiesthat borderor touch Southlake,andthenmail outflyerstoafew otherselectcitiessuchas Keller,orHEB,informingthemaboutCarl’shealthyfoodchoicesandwhere we are locatedinside Southlake Towncenterandsome otherstoresthatare locatednearour store for people toA) know where we are located,andB) for themto thinkohheyI needsomethingfromone of these storesandgivesthemanotherreasontodrive to Southlake.The cheapestand probablythe bestmethodof deliveringinformationis throughthe likesof FacebookandTwitter.Carl’scouldevenuse YouTube andperiscope to our advantage withourhealthyfoodchoicesgivingcustomersadifferentlookathow and where we getouringredients from.FacebookandTwittercouldsendout informationaboutdealsandspecialsthatwe have goingon,andeventalkaboutthe specialsandeventsthatare goingon inSouthlake Towncentertogive people more knowledge andotherreasontocome out. YouTube youcan show how we prepare and eventalkaboutthe differencesinthe ingredientsthatwe use andwhytheyare healthierforyou.PeriscopeisanAppthat I don’tthinka lotof people know aboutand itssomethingthatcan give youa directlinkandhelpuslinkto our customerseven betterthenFacebook/Twitter/andYouTube because of one directdifference. Periscope issomethingthatCarl’scoulddowhenhe picksup some local veggie,showing Carl at the foodmarketactuallypickingoutthe actual veggiesthatwill gointo someone’smeal,while alsohavingitsavedforviewinginthe future justlikeYouTube would.Once people come intothe restaurant,theycanevensignupfortextmessage alertsforwhenwe do specialsandothertypesof discounts.  SalesPromotion: Thiscan be done usingMass Social MediaandText Alertsforour customers.OnFacebookandTwitter,we can spendoutcouponsand tell peopleabout dealsthatwe have goingon. Twitteryoucan actuallyhave TwitterPollswhere youcan have people vote forsomething,andwe couldsetitup forpeople tovote onpossibly
  9. 9. whatspecial todo today,or what typesof videosthattheywouldwantposted. Promotionsthatwe coulddocould be how otherbusinessesinthe FoodIndustryuse localitycardsfor repeatbusiness. DoingdiscountsorevenofferingtoLoyal customers,if theybringinsomeone fornew forthe firsttime we give them50% off theirmeal or an additionstamp,butothermethodsandwaysof havingcustomersbringintheirfriends thenjustpeople cominginontheirownisanothersalespromotion.Evensponsoringor makingofferstolocal farmersandgrowersin the communitythatif theybringintheir veggies,we canofferthemdiscountsorgiftcardsfor themto eatat our restaurant.  Advertising:AdvertisingandmarketingCS:Grab& Go issomethingthatwill be difficult at the start,because mostpeople have apredeterminedmentalitywhenitcomesto goingout to eator grabbingsomethingtoeat and thisiswhenPublicRelationscomes intohelpa lotas well.Mostpeople have certainplacesthattheyeatforcertaintypesof food,suchas some people goto Taco Casa or Taco Buenoor Taco Bell andstickwith1 of the 3, justlike howwe have people thatorderonlyfromPizzaHut,Dominos,orPapa Johns.Asa restaurantthat is justbreakingintothe communityitwill be difficultforus to be the firstchoice fora lot of familiestostartoff because once people getintoa norm,theystickwithit and sometimesitdifficultjust openthatdoor.ButMarketingour restaurantproperlycanmake a huge impact,if youdo itcorrectlyand efficiently.First,I wouldsaywe needtodo thingsthat that wouldgetourbusinessoutandin the mindsof people,andwe coulddothisby sponsoring,maintaining,andeducatingpeoplewitha local vegetable garden.Somethingthatwe coulddoisgoingto local schoolsand show themhowto grow differenttypesof vegetablesthatcouldleadtohealthierfood choicesthenjustcandyand othersugary foodsthattheyeat,or we couldeveneventsin the Town centerforcookingclassesandhealthychoice mealsthatare quickand easyto make.But the mainfocusat the start forMarketingand Advertisingshouldbe within Southlake Towncenteratthe local storessuch as Apple,BarnesandNobles,Trader Joes,etc.Focusingonthe towncenterfirstand showingandremindingpeoplethatwe are a healthy,speedychoice ratheryoursitdown1-hourwine anddine restaurantis somethingthatwouldappeal tothe average workerthatdoesn’twanttodive 5-10 minutestogetsomethingtodrive backas well because it’sawaste of gas, andcuts into theirbreak. Meanwhile,we couldprovide foodtolocal schoolsforthingsuchas Field Day or SeniorDayas well,togive more peopleataste and forthemto know that we are
  10. 10. not the typical healthyrestaurantwere peoplethinkeverythingjusttastesplainand boring.  PublicRelations:I coveredsome of the ways thatI wouldconductpublicrelationsinthe Advertising,butonly 1or 2. In broughtup how we couldsponsorlocal school’s gardens and leadclassesonhealthierwaystouse these ingredients.Somethingthatgets overlookedaswell alot,ispeople thatgrow stuff athome,andthe waythat we could use thisto our advantage isofferingforpeopletobringintheirextrasandwe couldbuy it,or we couldsponsormonthlycommunityfarmermarkets.OurYouTube Channel as well couldbe usedforPublicRelationsaswell,byprovidingandshowingpeople differenttypesof ways toeat healthierorevenwhattypesof plantsdowell incertain seasons/timesof the yearsimilartoblogsthatpeople post. Somethingthatcouldbe a bighit butsomethingthat maybe difficult,butverygoodpublicrelationsfornotjustCS: Grab & Go wouldbe to see if we couldtalkto the Cityof Southlake andsee if we justget a small spotof landwhere we couldhave a communitygarden,where peoplecouldbuy a small plotinthe gardenandtheygrow theirownfoodas well. Guerrilla Marketing  10 %/ Universe:OurUniverse Targetshouldtargetthe areafromI-35 inFort Worth to Friscothenrunningall the way upintoDenton/Lewisville Area.  30 %/ Prospects:Our ProspectTargetshouldthe citiessuchas Colleyville,Grapevine, Southlake,Keller.  60 %/ Customers:Shouldbe the people thatworkinSouthlake Towncenterandthe surroundingarea. Revenue Sources  Primary Source: Our primaryincome forCS: Grab & Go will be withourselectionof quickmeal foodssuchas sandwiches,pizzaandourhealthysmoothies.Whenwe are withcustomers,we needtoalwaysfindwaystoadd a smoothie withsomeone’smeal or a quickbite to eatto go withtheirdrink.Doingthese additional little saleswill help increase the profitmarginthatfor the restaurantas well. Makingdealswithlogical businessesinthe TownCenterandofferingtodeliveryandprovidebreakfastorother mealsas well wouldbe amethodforusas well.
  11. 11.  Other Sourcesof Income: Othersourcesof income thatwe couldstart withwouldbe withofferinghealthymeal classes,andsummerclassesaswell forparentstodropoff theirkidswhile theyshoponcertaindaysandwe have classeswhere we teachkids waysto eat healthierwiththemmakingthe food.Otherincome streamscouldbe selling and marketingT-shirtswiththe companylogoonit,andevenCookbooksand recipes withwhatwe serve forpeople tocook at home andas well forthemto learn.Other sourcesof income,thatwe have discussedwouldbe throughcateringtoeventsaswell.  Profit/Loss Statement:I wouldsuggestandrecommendedtoCarl thathe woulddoa MonthlyProfit/LossStatementforthe restaurantandmaybe evenaBi-Monthlytoeven start off,whenCS:Grab & Go opensup.Carl shoulddothisforhim to keeptrackof the progressandhow the businessisdoingaswell.Iwouldrecommenddoingitevery2 weeksatthe openingsothat youcan see what isdoingwell andwhatisnot doingwell so that youcan try and focusmore on certainthingsand see whatisn’tworkingaswell.  Income Statement: See Below  Carl’s Annual Payments: The annual paymentthatCarl wouldbe payinghispartnersis $6,000.00 permonthto cover theirinvestment. Implementation  Corporate Culture:For a companyto exceedexpectationsisnotjustbaseduponluck,it basedupondrive andthe willingnesstogoabove andbeyondforthe customersso that theyfeel special andgivesthemareasontocome back and tell theirfriendsaboutyour business.Carl’scandothisby providingandshowingpeople how toeatand become healthier,makingsure everycustomerhasgreatservice andisinformedwiththeir choice of foodor smoothie fromCS:Grab & Go. Havingemployeesthatare cheerful and knowledge helpsalot,butitcomesdownto justhavinga great atmosphere that the customerenjoysandwantsto come back to againand again.Providingandshowing customersvideosof yougettingyouringredentslocal andhow tomake it evenhealthier isa wayto keeppeople engagedinourbusiness.  1/100 Rule: Viewingthe employees of CS:Grab & Go as waysto communicate directly withcustomersisone of the bestwaysforcompaniesforto make a good impression and showsthe knowledgeof the products.Forevery$1 CS: Grab & Go spendson trainingitsemployeesoncommunicatinganddifferentpromotionalstrategies,isthe same as spending$100 inadvertisementsandothertypesof methodsmeantto
  12. 12. communicate withcustomers.Examplesof thiswouldbe havingemployeesremind customersthaton Tuesdays,we offeraMeal deal thatincludes adrinkcomparedthem justbuyinga snack anda drinkforthe same price.We have to remindandhave our employeesremindandencourage these dealsandtell the customersaboutfuture deals. Employeesmayview thisasabeat downandsomethingthattheydon’twantto go over,butwe have toremindour employees,that the more theyremindthe customers and that the bestcustomerservice will leadtobetterprofitleadingtobetterpayfor themas well. Financials Sales Carl’s Gross Sales for Year 1 $ 800,000.00 His Returns and Allowances are - $ 20,000.00 Net Sales $780,000.00 Cost of Goods Sold Carl’s beginning Inventory $ 20,000.00 Purchases throughout Year 1 $ 400,000.00 Ending Inventory - $ 15,000.00 Total Cost of Goods Sold $ 405,000.00 Net Sales $ 375,000.00 General Operating Expenses - $ 275,000.00 Net Income $100,000.00