Christel Williams - Our iceberg is melting summary


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Christel Williams - Our iceberg is melting summary - Submitted to Dr. W.A. Kritsonis

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Christel Williams - Our iceberg is melting summary

  1. 1. Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding under Any Conditions<br />(Book Review)<br />Christel Williams, M.Ed.<br />PhD Student in Educational Leadership<br />College of Education<br />Prairie View A & M University<br />Spring 2011<br />ESL Teacher<br />Hearne Elementary<br />Alief Independent School District<br />Submitted to<br />William Allan Kritsonis, PhD<br />Professor and Faculty Mentor<br />PhD Program in Educational Leadership<br />Prairie View A & M University<br />Member of the Texas A & M University System<br />'Our Iceberg Is Melting' is a simple book narrating a cute story of a colony of penguins. The story is about a colony of 260 penguins that live on an iceberg. This iceberg has been their homeland for years. One penguin, named, Fred, who is a keen observer notices the cracks which have been formed under the iceberg. He notices that due to cracks, a cave had been formed and water had seeped in. This could lead to the iceberg cracking up and all the penguins becoming landless. <br />Now, Fred approaches Alice, one of the penguins in the Leader Committee. She notices the complications of the problem and tells the Head penguin, Louis. Now, Louis, Fred and Alice together decide to sort out the problem. First, they gather a team of efficient thinkers. Another 2 penguins, namely, Buddy and Professor join them. These sets of 5 penguins are considered a good team as each of them had a unique quality in them. They ponder over the problem and think upon many remedies. Now, on the other side, there is No No, a pessimistic penguin who tells that everything is fine and nothing shall happen to the iceberg. <br />The 5 penguins, finally, learning from the sea-gulls decides that migration was the best alternative. Hence, they select a team of penguins to go in search of new lands. They start a new way of life through migration which is much safer than their previous one. Our Iceberg Is Melting does a unique job of showing that most problems be it personal or business under any condition can be solved with the right strategy in place and when it is properly supported by those in the positions to effect positive change and can make it happen. <br />This book is great for administrators finding it difficult to effect change at any level with their staff. It is also for the staff member who can't understand how and why change takes place in educational organizations expected and unexpectedly. <br />There is a reflection that comes to mind as I think deeply about this book and how it can be implemented in my career as an educator. I think about collaboration and vision, which leads to my colleagues and I conducting a book study. After reading and collaborating, we presented the ideas to the rest of our faculty and staff as a tool that demonstrated positive and effective change, hoping to create a new culture. As a team we developed the following plan as start for creating a new culture with successful change:<br />Setting the Stage<br />Creating a sense of urgency by helping others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately.<br />Creating together a Guiding Team that encompasses great leadership, credibility, effective communication ability, authority, analytical skills and a sense of urgency.<br />Decide What to Do<br />1. Develop the Change Vision and Strategy by clarifying how the future will be different from the past and how you can make the future reality.<br />C. Make it Happen<br />1. Communicate for understanding, empower others to act, produce short-term goals, don’t let up, press harder and faster by initiating change after change until the vision is reality.<br />D. Make it Stick<br />1. Create a new culture by holding on to the new ways of behaving, and making sure they succeed, until they become strong enough to replace old traditions.<br />2. Make sure others understand and accept the new vision and strategy that will ensure positive change.<br />This book demonstrates the eight steps of successfully managing change. It is a story that is simple and easily related to managing change in a business. This is one book that will serve a purpose of reference in my personal library. I would recommend this to anyone facing a change no matter the situation. <br />Reference<br />Kotter, J. & Rathgeber, H. (2005) Our Iceberg is melting: Changing and succeeding under any <br />conditions. NY: St. Martin’s Press.<br />