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Music vidio media

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Music vidio media

  1. 1. Music video analysis • BLKKK SKKKN HEAD
  2. 2. intro BLKKK SKKKN HEAD- Kanye West this video has many conventions of a RAP/R&B. Also a feature of a darker nature. • violence • racism • religion • aggressiveness
  3. 3. At the beginning of the video 3 men appear on the screen, then are dressed as the KKK. this is an ironic image that Kanye west is trying to portray. The shot is taken at a media close up of the there men. The image then zoom out making the background darker, this then relates with the name of the song Black skin head. this also set the image and the mood of the song as when this transforms the whole background becomes black. The image then turns completely black then the faces on the men turn into dogs give the video a dark image. this also can relate to violence.
  4. 4. The image then somehow transform to this shadow, is the shape of a man, we also notice that the face is black, which relates with name of the song and the background. this could be confusing for the audience, as the last image was three dogs, which is then shot reverse shot with the white shadow that appear on screen. contrasting to the previous shot of the white shadow, the lighting and miss-en-scene of Kanye west in his leather pants and the black background. there is also illustration as the artist raps about leather black jeans and he is wearing them. this video also emphasises the promotion of Kanye west as most of the shots and back ground of dark, aggressive and creative. this next image Kanye west goes completely black, this is to show the exspesice chain that is around his neck this indicates wealth. the camera angle also is different to the shot above as it is as a median close
  5. 5. we then get an close up image of the characters face, we see that he is wearing the chain again this also relates that he is a rapper. Also notice the mask which gives off an impression of violence and danger. this next shot is confusing for the audience as from a human it transforms to a mental objects, which is juxtaposed as it has nothing to do with the enter video. the artist added this feature to the video to give it a psychedelic feel, he could have also added it to show off his creative side. This next image we see Kanye west looks as if he is approaching forward with an arm of dogs. This again relates to violence and danger, the whole image in blacked out allowing us only to see the out line of the bodies and eyes are the dogs and of Kanye west again the chain has been highlighted to indicate that his is a rapper.
  6. 6. we then get a close up off Kanye character getting bigger and bigger which could relate with his ego getting bigger and bigger throughout the song. the camera has been shot a an extreme close up so that we can only see the middle part of his body. this has been purposely done so that the views feel intimidated by the image, it also blends in well with the video, as it is creative and aggressive. The image then changes back to what it was at the beginning of the video as we see the median close up of three men dressed as the KKK. this has been cleverly put together to portray a message and it also relates the message well to the views watching the video. they have also make the background dark so that the only thing that can be seen is there eyes which again create an violent effect. we then get an extreme close up of one of the people who is dressed as the kkk, this is how the video ends this is to give a series ending effect on the views.