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bike collections2


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bike collections2

  1. 1. Your second hand bikes wanted for community fundraiser Wanted – your second hand bikes for Macedon CFA Fleamarket bike stall Collecting now for Macedon CFA Flea market (25th February 2017) Collections / Donations Drop them off @ Macedon Nursery and Garden Supplies, 40 Nursery Road, Macedon. More information about Facebook group – Wilkinson’s Wheels Want to help out? Interested in being part of Macedon Men’s Bike Shed? Contact - Phil Wilkinson Aims: 1. Encourage community involvement and improve environmental outcomes 2. Enhance the range of cycling options 3. Promote and build the social capital of Macedon 03 5426 2281 Wilkinson’s Wheels Vision: Promote health, community, environmental and social benefits of cycling in a safe and acces sible way for all ages and abilities to stimulate greater bike use in Macedon/Mt Macedon.