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Halowen Dora


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Halowen Dora

  1. 1. English working on hallowen
  2. 2. Cooking Recipes: Halloween Spider Eggs. 10 : Eggs 1 : can of tuna. 2 : tablespoons mayonnaise 1 : can black olives To make these deviled eggs you just have to bake them, split them in half, and pour the yolks, then mix them with tuna and mayonnaise, or cream cheese ... to your liking. Then you turn to fill with the mixture, and for heads of spiders an olive cut in half, and the other half of the olive can make the
  3. 3. materials knife, dishes, pots.
  4. 4. This paper was presented by:
  5. 5. for the teacher: Lucia palacios londoño