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P 101 ep 1-a


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P 101 ep 1-a

  1. 1. 1A-01-P101-EP
  2. 2. Lesson objectives• List two major fire events that shaped the direction of fire prevention• List two fire prevention programs created in the 1990’s• State when the Smokey Bear program was created 1A-02-P101-EP
  3. 3. Introduction• The evolution of fire prevention is an important element of the fire management program. This history presentation will provide the Fire Prevention Specialist the background and overview of where fire prevention began and evolved. 1A-03-P101-EP
  4. 4. Gifford Pinchot 1A-04-P101- EP
  5. 5. The Video History of Fire Prevention 1A-05-P101-EP
  6. 6. Fire Prevention 80’s and 90’s• The return of fire on the landscape• Integration of fuels management• Population growth into the wildland interface• Declining fire prevention budgets• The debate over fire management and the use of prescribed fire continues. 1A-06-P101- EP
  7. 7. Oakland Hills - 1991• 25 lives lost• 3,000 structure• 1 Billion dollars• We are now experiencing these types of fires all over the country. 1A-07-P101-EP
  8. 8. 1A-08-P101-EP
  9. 9. Good Fire-Bad Fire• School programs integrated modules promoting fire in the ecosystem.• Smokey was still used to promote the prevention of accidental fires. 1A-09-P101-EP
  10. 10. 1A-10-P101-EP
  11. 11. The Future• The 21st Century introduced new tools.• Innovative and creative ideas bring about public awareness and people’s responsibility for their own property.• The big burn of 1910 has set the tone of fire management for almost 100 years. 1A-11-P101-EP
  12. 12. The Future• The long term effects of fire suppression were a grim reminder.• The start of the next century of fire management and prevention began much as the previous century. 1A-12-P101-EP
  13. 13. The Future• Today’s fires are unprecedented in size and destruction.• The fuels and climate outlook are not favorable for the next 35 years.• No agency can go it alone.• Our challenges will continue.• So, who will meet the challenge……… 1A-13-P101-EP
  14. 14. The 21st Century 1A-14-P101-EP
  15. 15. Summary and Review Lesson Objectives• List two major fire events that shaped the direction of fire prevention.• List two programs created in the 1990’s.• State when the Smokey Bear program was created. 1A-15-P101-EP