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Artistic Styles used in Computer Games


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Artistic Styles used in Computer Games

  1. 1. Photorealism is when a piece of artwork is createdby other means than photography but still seeks tokeep a realistic interpretation similar to a photo.Photorealism is a particular major goalfor many artistswho work with 3D software so they can create as real-likeart as possible for many medias such as film,advertisements and games however why isphotorealism so vital in the modern video gameindustry, some say it gives the player a sense ofsurrounding and helps to simulate real human emotionfrom the player while they are playing the gamebut does it add anything to the gameplay itself?
  2. 2. Photorealism has created some verysatisfying gaming experiences but Icannot help but to see it as limiting aswell. As we get to the point that agames graphical success is determinedonly by how real it looks surelyphotorealism will get to the peak ofperfection and then the sight of anynew possibilities will vanish. Videogames after all are only supposed tobe depictions and representations oflife therefore wouldn’t it be better tohave the player see reality in a newperspective or be challenged tohandle it in a different manner ratherthan having cleaner and crisperdefinitions of a real life that will nevertruly exist in video games.
  3. 3. There are a lot of good reasons forgame companies to opt for cel shadingwhen creating a games graphical artstyle. Since a lot of game featurefreakish fantasy beasts and giganticsuper soldiers depicting themrealistically can be a little awkward andcan even come out sometime as just amuddy grey thing that lacks any textureand of course any fantastical element isalready seen as unrealistic. As it alsoquite pricey to create a realistic gamecel shading can come across just aseffectively. However it does have its setbacks especially as it essentially is aretreat back of its stylized nature.
  4. 4. To simply put the mark of cel-shading is To simplify textures of objects. Where cel- shading differs from conventional rendering is that it uses a non-photorealistic light. Conventional (smooth) lighting values are calculated for each pixel and then mapped to a small number of discrete shades to create the characteristic flat look—where the shadows and highlights appear more like blocks of colour rather than mixed in a smooth way. Some feel that this visual art style favours efficiency, symbolism and style over realism. However in a video game there is no set angle so how does a cel shaded videogame portray a 3D gaming environment. It can often give a lighter more airy feel to a game probablybecause of its smoother texture so even thoughBorderlands proved a shooter game can be done in cel-shading maybe this style is more suitedto games like platformers and the lighter genres.
  5. 5. The abstract art style often employheavy lines and geometric shapes thatresemble no realistic object. Abstractdoes not mean stylized or cartoonyand in should no way resembleanything realistic no matter howheavily stylized. Even in this modernday of photorealistic heavyvideogames there is still a niche forthis colourful and beautiful art stylewhere the gameplay is simple andreminiscent of the retro gaming era.Like the game The Child of Eden it canbe one of the most visuallyspectacular art styles.
  6. 6. The title of this video game art style isquite self explanatory, meaning thatthe style of the game can exaggeratethe size, texture and colour of in-game worlds to make it look moreexaggerated but still keeping to somerealistic form. A more popularvariation of this style is anime andmanga which mostly affects thefeatures of characters sometimesminimizing facial features andincreasing sizes of limbs, heads and soon. This style can also to extend intoother forms of cartoon and comicvisuals.
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