App concept schedule


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App concept schedule

  1. 1. w/b w/b w/b w/b 30.01.12 23.01.12 16.01.12 09.01.12 App Concept Schedule Monday Initiation: Tuesday Questionnaire (Handed out) Initiation:EXECUTION Ideas GenerationEXECUTION EXECUTION Initiation: Initiation: (Illustrator, (Illustrator, Ideas Generation Project Charter Photoshop) Photoshop) Wednesday EXECUTION Lunch: (Illustrator, Focus Group at CC Photoshop) Planning:EXECUTION To do ListEXECUTION EXECUTION EXECUTION Initiation: Thursday (Illustrator, (Illustrator, (Illustrator, What’s out there? Photoshop) Photoshop) Photoshop) Initiation: CLOSURE EXECUTION EXECUTION What’s Out There EXECUTION Friday EXECUTION EXECUTIONDEADLINE EXECUTION EXECUTION Initiation: What’s Out There Saturday EXECUTION EXECUTION Sunday EXECUTION Initiation: EXECUTION EXECUTION Questionnaire (Writing)