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  1. Quick links Booktype page on Sourcefabric Lorna's write up of the OER Booksprint  Open Video Workbook: a course sprint on an old fishing trawler Mozilla Webmaker - Mick's ePub series: ● Pt 1 - Create epubs from web pages ● Pt 2 - Explore and embed a video into an epub  ● Pt 3 - Remix and reuse epubs with online editors Workshop at UCL on academic use of Booktype Mick Chesterman –
  2. Booktype
  3. online
  4. social production platform
  5. books & ebooks
  6. free open source software
  7. supports traditional authoring processes
  8. redefines the production paradigm
  9. create a book in 2 – 5days
  10. publish a book in 2 – 5minutes
  11. Social Production Platform
  12. Create books alone...
  13. Create books alone... or with others.
  14. ● Real-time editing
  15. ● Real-time editing ● Chapter statuses
  16. ● Real-time editing ● Chapter statuses ● Editorial notes
  17. ● Real-time editing ● Chapter statuses ● Editorial notes ● Automatic credits
  18. User permissions... writers, editors, proofreaders.
  19. Communicate using livechat
  20. Communicate using livechat with multiple authors...
  21. ...or by using status messages.
  22. Work in real time (in real space or remotely)...
  23. ... or asynchronously.
  24. Hit publish to output paper and electronic books.
  25. Create versions.
  26. Create versions. Perfect for textbooks...
  27. Create versions. Perfect for textbooks and manuals.
  28. Create versions. Perfect for textbooks and manuals.
  29. Clone books...
  30. Clone books... then import into a different Booktype platform.
  31. The second Booktype community can remix and reuse the material.
  32. Production times are reduced, material is kept up to date.
  33. A new book, original credits intact, plus the new authors.
  34. Another clone...
  35. Another clone... imported into another Booktype instance.
  36. Booktype can be installed behind a firewall or on an intranet...
  37. ... and then the book published publicly.
  38. And this is only the start.
  39. software
  40. collaboration
  41. case studies
  42. Floss Manuals 3000 users producing books about free software
  43. Case Study One How to Bypass Internet Censorship
  44. How to Bypass Internet Censorship sponsored by Internews
  45. How to Bypass Internet Censorship 5 day sprint 300 pgs
  46. How to Bypass Internet Censorship proofed by community
  47. How to Bypass Internet Censorship released online and via
  48. How to Bypass Internet Censorship improved in second booksprint
  49. How to Bypass Internet Censorship French, Farsi, Arabic, Burmese (Myanmar), simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Russian
  50. Case Study Two Basic Internet Security
  51. Basic Internet Security funded by Greenhost ISP
  52. Basic Internet Security booksprint for teambuilding
  53. Basic Internet Security book for PR
  54. Basic Internet Security international press + 1000s hits a day
  55. book sprints
  56. Documentation Sprints team-building
  57. Book Sprints collaborative thought
  58. Writing Sprints knowledge consolidation
  59. Course Sprints teaching method
  60. Federated Publishing
  61. Publish Once Publish everywhere Print, iPad, Kindle, Web pages, Nook or any e-reader in minutes.  Customise Fonts, illustrations and tables in pdf, epub, mobi, odt, html.  Templates designers can use (css)
  62. Remix and reuse books Make new from old Mash-up, illustrate, translate, curate and publish.
  63. You control your content Not tied into licenses, contracts or limiting agreements. Choose how your content is used and distributed.
  64. Formless Content Formless refers to content that has no inherent visual structure, and for which the meaning doesn’t change as the words reflow. Think: paperback novels. Definite refers to content for which the structure of the page—the juxtaposition of elements—is intertwined with the meaning of the text. Think: textbooks.
  65. Challenges of Formless Content Pixel perfect manipulation within a strictly contained space is not possible This makes book designers uncomfortable (contrast to web) Web designers lack good tools for formless books
  66. Embrace Epub and Formless Content Let go of pixel perfect layout & embrace the flexibility of formless content! Experiment with Book layout and css Enjoy collaboration with peers to create Books in new ways