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Reference Letter Wilbert


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Reference Letter Wilbert

  1. 1. August12, 2013 To Whom it may concern, My name is Sakieth Long and I’mthe Director of Youth Success. I overseethe WorkforceDevelopmentProgramat the United Teen Equality Center. This letter is to certify that Wilbert Seoane worked as a ProgramManager at the United Teen Equality Center. Wilbert was an excellent youth worker and he was a passionateteam member that was involved with creating the best plan for youth ages 17-24 to be prepared for the workforce. I supervised Wilbertand I would recommend him to any organization that works with at-risk youth or proven risk youth. His personalexperience has help youth makebetter decisions in their life and his heart and passion for working with youth that are less privilege is amazing. Wilbert was a great team member, his role involved teaching youth the hard and softskills to make sureyouth understand the skills they need to maintain a job in the workforce. Hecollaborated with the case managers of the youth to make surethey had the best plan to succeed. If you haveany questions regarding his work, pleasefeel free to call or email me. My information is below. Sincerely, Sakieth Long Director of Youth Success 978-856-3905