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Bdd and Agile Requirements


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Presentation from Agile Silesia 2014, InfoMeet 2014 - Kraków

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Bdd and Agile Requirements

  1. 1. BDD & Agile Requirements ­do it right! Wiktor Żołnowski Code Sprinters Twitter: @streser Pragmatic Coders @pragmaticcoders
  2. 2. Three aspects of BDD & Agile Requirements Requirements: What the stakeholders require? Requirements => User Stories Functional Specification: What the product will do to meet requirements? Functional Specification => Examples, Acceptance Tests, Given/When/Then Technical Specification: How the product will provide the functionality Technical Specification => Unit Tests, Functional Tests, Integration Tests @strese r
  3. 3. @strese r Requirements As an <User> I want <some action> So <Goal> As an user I want to log in into application So I will be logged in In order to <business goal> As an <stakeholder> I want <visible change in system>
  4. 4. @strese r Coaching? G oal R eality O pportunities W ork
  5. 5. @strese r It is all about removing requirements which doesn't make any sense...­transformacje
  6. 6. Complicated 3. There is at least one person in our organization who know how it works 2. There are at least few people who know that @strese r Cynefin Simple Complex Chaotic Disorder 1. Everyone knows how to do this 4. Someone, somewhere already done that before 5. No one ever done this before BDD Experiments Libraries Do not use BDD for everything! https://cognitive­edge. com/library/more/articles/­complexity/
  7. 7. Questions? Wiktor Żołnowski Code Sprinters Twitter: @streser Pragmatic Coders @pragmaticcoders