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Navigating the Online Qualitative Landscape by iModerate


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The rapid growth and acceptance of online research has led to an increase in the online qualitative methods available in the marketplace. In the Web 2.0 world, where harvesting consumer insight is critical, what are the online qualitative tools and techniques that can help you accomplish your research objectives?

The following whitepaper takes an in-depth look at the online qualitative arena, provides you with info about iModerate's qualitative-quantitative solution and gives you the information you need to help you navigate this landscape effectively.

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Navigating the Online Qualitative Landscape by iModerate

  1. 1. Navigating the Online Qualitative Space
  2. 2. The Growth of Online QualitativeOFG’s started Mid 2000, an In 2010,in 1994 influx of online qual is companies and expected techniques to grow 41%
  3. 3. Why Online Qual?To satisfy the same objectives as offline qual… Understand Develop feelings, values & hypotheses perceptions Capture language Generate ideas & imagery
  4. 4. The Difference Cost   Speed   Broader  access   to  respondents  Technology   More  mediums   Where  people   are  talking  
  5. 5. So Many Choices MROC 1 on1 OFGBBFG Social Media
  6. 6. What Do Your Objectives Call For? Point inPlatform Dynamic Voice Anonymity time Text Group Synch Passive Visible Video Individual Asynch. Active Anonym. Mobile
  7. 7. Traditional vs. Non-traditionalOffline New- to onlineonline Groups Social media IDI’s Communities Ethno Hybrid
  8. 8. IDIDescription•  Individual, in-depth interviews between respondent and moderatorBenefits•  Intimate, one-on-one setting•  Full deliverables•  Greater flexibility•  No groupthink•  Interviews are more personalized and focusLimitations•  Fall short with objectives that benefit from group dynamic•  Not conducive for objectives that require respondents to ponder over responses
  9. 9. IDI Applications Sensitive subjects Quick insights To seamlessly add qual to quant
  10. 10. IDI ExampleClientNational RetailerAudienceIndividuals who live within two miles of their location and havepurchased a beverage there within the last 30 daysBackgroundThis retailer wants to test the concept of incorporating a “beveragecenter” into their storesResearch objective(s)•  See if they understand the concept of a beverage center as it is described to them•  Understand the value, if any, that a beverage center would provide•  Gauge whether having this beverage center would make them a “beverage destination”
  11. 11. IDI Quick HitsSynchronous   Text   Video   Active  Voice   Individual   Anonymous  
  12. 12. Online Focus Groups (OFG)Description•  6-8 person group discussion led by an individual moderator, online equivalent to traditional face to face FGBenefits•  Group dynamic allows for interaction•  Robust and engaging•  Easy video and stimuli incorporation•  Safe jump from traditionalLimitations•  Moderation can be challenging•  Subject to group dynamic•  Scheduling difficulties
  13. 13. OFG Applications Ideation, brainstorming, concept and ad testing In-depth discussions on anything with focused moderation
  14. 14. OFG ExampleClientMedia & EntertainmentAudienceIndividuals 18 plus with cable or satellite television service whowatch more than two hours of television a weekBackgroundThis company want to start generating ideas for new sitcoms tolaunch in fall 2012Research objective(s)•  Gather feedback on what sitcoms/characters they are attracted to•  Uncover what is missing from the sitcom landscape•  Generate fresh ideas to base further brainstorming on
  15. 15. OFG Quick HitsSynchronous   Text   Video   Active  Voice   Group   Visible  
  16. 16. Bulletin Boards (BBFG)Description•  Interactive group discussion led by a moderator that occurs via postings over timeBenefits•  Produces a lot of qualitative feedback•  Allow respondents to reflect and think about their answers•  Conducive to hybrid research•  More respondents than OFG (10-30)Limitations•  Difficult to probe•  Responses are not top-of-mind•  Subject to group dynamic•  Can be slower than other online qual methods•  Tougher to switch directions on the fly
  17. 17. BBFG Applications Letting ideas materialize over time Exhaustive, journal type research Product and packaging tests
  18. 18. BBFG ExampleClientPublishing CompanyAudienceMen and women who purchase three plus fiction books annuallyBackgroundThis company is publishing a new book of short stories and wants toget an idea of which ones resonate in order to promote it effectivelyResearch objective(s)•  Assign 1 story every three days and gauge which stories are most enticing•  Find out which stories mesh best with the author’s current image
  19. 19. BBFG Quick HitsAsynchronous   Text   Mobile   Video   Active  Voice   Group   Visible  
  20. 20. EthnographiesDescription•  Online observation to capture human behavior in its natural contextBenefits•  Captures how people behave, interact and perform tasks•  Much easier than in-person ethnographic research•  Often called one of the more “honest” research approaches•  Yields more than just transcripts, more robust pictureLimitations•  Relying on participant, not active probing•  Can still be a lengthy and involved process for participants
  21. 21. Ethnographies Applications Usage tests Uncovering unspoken patterns and habits Understanding experiences and relationships
  22. 22. Ethnographies ExampleClientConsumer Packaged Goods CompanyAudienceMothers of children under the age of 15 who are the primary groceryshopper in the householdBackgroundThis company has just redone their packaging for a popularchildren’s cereal and wants to test shopper’s reactions in a virtualgrocery aisleResearch objective(s)•  Understand if the brands cereal box is recognizable and stands out amongst the competition•  Gauge the shopper’s overall reaction to the packaging while in the store
  23. 23. Ethnographies Quick HitsSynchronous   Asynchronous   Text   Mobile   Video   Passive  Voice   Individual   Visible  
  24. 24. Communities (MROC)Description•  Network of targeted individuals brought together in a social space to participate in ongoing research activitiesBenefits•  Dedicated respondents, customer connection•  Ability to keep going back to same “pool” for research•  Allows for all research activities (qual, quant)•  Ideal for longitudinal•  Engaging, ideal for sharing within the participant poolLimitations•  Expensive and time consuming•  Can be difficult to manage•  Findings don’t come overnight•  Difficult to keep participants engaged
  25. 25. MROC Applications Getting consumers involved in your business Creating brand advocacy Innovation Finding out how your target interacts
  26. 26. (MROC) ExampleClientNational Beverage RetailerAudienceCustomers who frequent their establishment more than 3 times aweekBackgroundOut of a demand for more weekly coupons and deals, the companyhas decided to roll out a weekly “hot deal” on their beveragesResearch objective(s)•  Get qualitative feedback on their weekly “hot deals” before theyare finalized as promotions•  Understand how to best deliver these deals (what medium(s),channels to use every week)
  27. 27. MROC Quick HitsSynchronous   Asynchronous   Text   Mobile   Video   Visible   Group   Active  voice  
  28. 28. Social MediaDescription•  Collection and analysis of social media activity to gain insightsBenefits•  Ability to pull from a huge sample source•  Feedback is unassisted, unfiltered•  Listening to consumers where they speak out•  Quick analysis (quant output available)Limitations•  Noise and misinterpretation can be a factor•  Methodology not scientifically proven•  Sampling issues•  Doesn’t offer ability to probe easily
  29. 29. Social Media Applications Listening in on consumers Campaign tracking and measurement Identifying trends Brand management
  30. 30. Social Media ExampleClientElectronic CompanyAudienceGeneral consumersBackgroundThis organization has recently undergone a brand makeovercomplete with new tagline, mission statement and consumerpromise and has launched a huge multi-platform campaign to gettheir new messaging acrossResearch objective(s)•  Track social media mentions and get a sense of people’s sentiments toward the campaign•  Gauge if the campaign message is resonating or if people aren’t buying it
  31. 31. Social Media Quick HitsAsynchronous   Text   Mobile   Video   Passive  Voice   Group   Anonymous  
  32. 32. SummaryOnline qualitative is on the rise thanks to factorssuch as speed, convenience, cost, technologicaladvancement and communication preferences…and there are more approaches now than ever! Choosing the right one comes down to: •  Mapping out your objectives •  Gauging the type of features, platform, and dynamic they call for •  Understanding the limitations, benefits and utilities for each method •  Leaning on trusted research partners to help guide you