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Presentation slides


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Slides of Swinburne University students project

Published in: Healthcare
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Presentation slides

  1. 1. Wikihospitals Industry Project
  2. 2. Agenda What is Wikihospitals? Project Brief & Process Solution Vision, Mission & Market Goals, Funding & Activities Prototypes Next Steps Questions
  3. 3. What is Wikihospitals? Website Directory Blog Podcast Patient experiences Medical errors Health-tech startups Broad issues in health
  4. 4. Project Brief Initial requests: ● Business development ● Marketing ● Website development Main issue: ● Business model “Wikihospitals is self-funded, has no clear business plan and is limited to a small audience”
  5. 5. Our Process ● Initial research ● Multiple meetings with client ● Workshop - DEFINING MOMENT ● Focus was: ○ Customer + sketch ‘ideal customer’ ○ Product - “Core benefit” ○ Unique Selling Proposition - Why us? ➢ Without these, you have an idea, not a business ● Deciding on becoming a not-for-profit > Purpose to improve transparency
  6. 6. Solution To create a social community using Facebook that Wikihospitals can then leverage to monetise the business in the future.
  7. 7. Contributions, Collaboration and Skills ● Georgia → Marketing/Branding ● Ash → Business ● Brig → IS & Data Analytics ● Ange → Accounting & IS ● Grace → Accounting & IS
  8. 8. The Wikihospitals Community
  9. 9. Business Plan Vision Statement Mission Statement Values Goal Impact Plan Organizational activities Market Analysis Market Need Customer Analysis Customer Management Financial Plan Current Industry Situation Situation Analysis Overview of Macro Environment Problem Statement Marketing Objectives Proposed Strategy Short Term Plan (12 months) Long Term Plan (3-5 years) Marketing Strategy
  10. 10. Target audience People aged between 25 and 70 who regularly use social media, are well educated and in white collar professions or work in the medical industry. Current likes on Wikihospitals Facebook Page: 184 Target by Dec 2019: 200 engaged users and 500 likes.
  11. 11. Vision Statement Mission Statement To improve transparency in the medical and health industries Be a force for good, connecting like-minded people to share, discuss and generate ideas for action and reform of healthcare.
  12. 12. Market trends Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur eleifend a diam quis suscipit. Fusce venenatis nunc ut lectus convallis, sit amet egestas mi rutrum. Maecenas molestie ultricies euismod. Morbi a rutrum nisl. Vestibulum laoreet enim id sem fermentum, sed aliquam arcu dictum. Donec ultrices diam sagittis nibh pellentesque eleifend.
  13. 13. Goals SHORT TERM (12 MONTHS) ❏ Reach 200 community members ❏ Regularly host meetups and events ❏ Reach 50 members actively participating in events ❏ Build brand awareness through social media engagement ❏ Become cost-neutral LONG TERM (3 - 5 YEARS) ❏ Reach 10,000 community members ❏ Reach 200 members actively participating in events ❏ Host bigger scaled events with featured speakers
  14. 14. Funding As a not-for-profit, Wikihospitals has a number of funding options Community Fundraising Content Creation Corporate Partnerships Grants Fees for events Donations Merchandising
  15. 15. Activities of the organisation
  16. 16. Parliamentary Submissions Harnessing the power of the community, collective efforts can be combined to produce high-quality submissions to parliamentary committees Inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia (2017) Inquiry into Sleep Health Awareness in Australia (2018)
  17. 17. Events Themed, topical monthly meetups Larger-scale events, with relevant speakers from startups, government, activism and industry where possible
  18. 18. Prototypes
  19. 19. Existing Wikihospitals Facebook Page Profile Pciture
  20. 20. Prototype: Facebook Group Focus on simplicity. One message. Group page. Sharing Stories. Community creation. Events.
  21. 21. T-Shirt Design Transparent doctor to highlight Wikihospitals cause T-shirt mockups through CustomInk for print on demand merchandise
  22. 22. Existing Wikihospitals Website
  23. 23. Prototype: Refocused Website Combining the existing assets with the new not-for-profit direction
  24. 24. Next Steps for Wikihospitals Transition online platforms (Facebook and website) to the Wikihospitals Community. Focus on short-term goals.
  25. 25. Thank you! Questions?