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Towards a Commons RDF Java library


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Slides for the SemDev workshop at ISWC2014

Published in: Engineering

Towards a Commons RDF Java library

  1. 1. Towards a Commons RDF Java library Sergio Fernández, Andy Seaborne and Peter Ansell
  2. 2. Sergio Fernández @wikier Who Am I Senior Researcher at Salzburg Research Partner Technology Manager at Redlink GmbH Committer at the Apache Software Foundation
  3. 3. Commons RDF, why? ● Historical incompatibility in Java ● Not providing yet-another-wrapper ● But providing commons interfaces ● It arrives in the right time: ○ Apache Jena 3.0 ○ OpenRDF Sesame 4.0 ● But it will live or die on its own merits!
  4. 4. Features ● A type-safe, non-general API that covers RDF 1.1. ● Initial focused on a subset of the core RDF 1.1 concepts ○ IRI, Blank Node, Literal, Triple, and Graph ● In a future other aspects may be also included ○ datasets, query, etc. Which other interfaces are desired by developers?
  5. 5. Design using Git workflows
  6. 6. Next steps and discussion ● Bootstrap the implementations on each toolkit ● Evolve the current design ● Get feedback from the commuity ● Currently working at Github, although at some point we could move to Apache Commons or any suitable organization
  7. 7. acknowledgments to the MICO FP7 project (grant no. 610480) grazie!
  8. 8. CC BY-SA 3.0