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Redlink, The Data Linking API


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my talk at the Vienna Semantic Web Meetup for Business Semantics & Enterprise Linked Data (January 15, 2015)

Published in: Engineering
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Redlink, The Data Linking API

  1. 1. The Data Linking API Business Semantics & Enterprise Linked Data Vienna Semantic Web Meetup Vienna, 15/01/2015 Redlink
  2. 2. @wikier Who Am I Partner Technology Manager at Redlink GmbH also… Senior Researcher at Salzburg Research Committer at The Apache Software Foundation Sergio Fernández
  3. 3. - 10+ years experience in software engineering; - participated in 20+ international research projects; - successfully deployed 40+ industrial solutions; - co-founded 2 Apache projects. the team Redlink GmbH is a Austrian startup, headquartered in Salzburg, that provides cloud services for Content Analysis, Linked Data Publishing and Semantic Search. @RedlinkGmbH Who Are We
  4. 4. Redlink offers named-entity recognition and linking, topic classification, fact extraction and topic classification from textual and media documents in different languages. Text Analysis & Entity Linking Linked Data Publishing Application development Enterprise Data Linking Redlink offers services to build your own applications by combining existing analysis tools and datasets. Redlink offers cleaning, transformation and reconciliation of legacy enterprise data using open standards and technologies. Redlink offers data management and data publication using open standards Linked Data technologies. Connect your content with data that matters
  5. 5. How should we handle information?
  6. 6. · content analysis linked data publishing semantic search find things that matter dynamic semantic publishing get facts out of your unstructured content · · Solutions based on 3 pillars
  7. 7. content analysis
  8. 8. Linked Data Publishing
  9. 9. Semantic Search
  10. 10. Redlink Platform
  11. 11. some successful stories
  12. 12. - Junior Backend Engineer - Senior Java Engineer - Frontend Web Developer - UX Designer
  13. 13. are you ready to make sense of your data?