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Introduction to Apache Beam (incubating) - DataCamp Salzburg - 7 dec 2016


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Session at DataCamp Salzburg:

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Introduction to Apache Beam (incubating) - DataCamp Salzburg - 7 dec 2016

  1. 1. Sergio Fernández Redlink GmbH December 7, 2016 - DataCamp Salzburg (incubating) Introduction to
  2. 2. THE decision Gearpump Google Dataflow streams
  3. 3. Apache Beam is a unified and agnostic (batch+stream) programming model designed to provide efficient and portable data processing pipelines
  4. 4. Some bits of history...
  5. 5. Beam
  6. 6. Beam Programming Model: abstract stack SDK DSL Beam Pipeline Construction Runner Beam Fn Runners Execution
  7. 7. Beam Programming Model: concrete stack Java SDK scio Beam Pipeline Construction Flink Runner Beam Fn Runners Execution 1 Python SDK x SDK Apex Runner Dataflow Runner Spark Runner Direct Runner Execution N
  8. 8. Beam Capability Matrix
  9. 9. Beam Model API in a nutshell ● Pipeline: a data processing job as a directed graph of steps ● PCollection: a parallel collection of timestamped elements that are in windows ● IO: produce/consume PCollections from/to outside the pipeline ● Transforms, for instance: ○ ParDo: flatmap over elements of a PCollection ○ (Co)GroupByKey: shuffle & group {{K: V}} → {K: [V]} ○ Side inputs: global view of a PCollection used for broadcast / joins
  10. 10. Options options = PipelineOptionsFactory.fromArgs(args) .withValidation().as(Options.class); Pipeline pipeline = Pipeline.create(options); pipeline.apply("ReadLines", TextIO.Read.from(options.getInput())) .apply(new CountWords()) .apply(MapElements.via(new FormatAsTextFn())) .apply("WriteCounts",;; Writing a basic Beam Pipeline
  11. 11. Run your Pipeline: Direct Runner mvn compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=io.redlink.datacamp.beam.WordCount -Dexec.args="--inputFile=../input.txt --output=target/direct/counts" -Pdirect-runner
  12. 12. Run your Pipeline: Spark mvn compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=io.redlink.datacamp.beam.WordCount -Dexec.args="--runner=SparkRunner --inputFile=input.txt --output=target/spark/counts" -Pspark-runner
  13. 13. Run your Pipeline: Flink mvn package exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=io.redlink.datacamp.beam.WordCount -Dexec.args="--runner=FlinkRunner --inputFile=input.txt --output=target/flink/counts" -Pflink-runner
  14. 14. Vielen Dank Sergio Fernández Software Engineer Redlink GmbH Work partially funded by SSIX, a European Union’s Horizon 2020 project (grant agreement no. 645425)