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The conflict of the mind: Creativity vs Innovation


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An article about how creativity and innovation differ and how imagination is a crucial element to making them function and interact.

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The conflict of the mind: Creativity vs Innovation

  1. 1. The Conflict of the Mind: Creativity VS Innovation
  2. 2. Creativity is about connecting the dots that haven’t been connected before. - More human - Expression and thought - Linked to emotion - A creative idea can be killed by bad execution.
  3. 3. Innovation is about creating roads and processes for ideas to move forward. - Rarely emotional - More rational - Dependent of ideas - Logical & down-to-earth
  4. 4. John Seely Brown is a researcher specializing in organizational studies. - Contrast between imagination & creativity, and its link with innovation. - Imagination is “taking something strange and making it familiar”; Creativity is the opposite -The deepest form of innovation will never work without imagination.
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