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X magazine


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X presents the best the region has to offer. Surprising yet familiar. X puts the South-eastern Netherlands on the international map. Limitless. Its basic elements are living, working and studying. The basic themes are culture and leisure.

X is a publication of Brainport International Community (BIC). Besides this magazine for International knowledge workers (IKW's) BIC is constructing Both aimed at promoting this region world-wide as an interesting place to study, work and live for high-tech and brainy talents. Goal is to support stakeholders, employers and educators in High-tech, Automotive and Life sciences, Food and later also Design in attracting the necessary top talent and make them feel at home.

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X magazine

  1. 1. edition 2010.2011 magazine for xpats in the southeast netherlandsXploreEindhoven& MaastrichtQuiz: Are youDutchproof?3 Xpats in weeks,months, years good inspiration! shops food & drinks museums
  2. 2. PICK UP THE FREE CITY GUIDE AND CITY MAP ‘THIS IS EINDHOVEN’ AT THE VVV TOURIST OFFICE EINDHOVEN VVV Tourist Office Stationsplein 17 5611 AC EINDHOVEN Information number +31 (0) 40 297 91 00 WWW.40-WATT.NL
  3. 3. p. 3 x magazinehello! Brainport meets xpats in X! X. A magazine especially created for expats. For you. X is a guide to help you explore the Brainport region. A region that is happy to have you here for your contribution to the economy and to cultural life in this lively international community. X alternates between need to know and nice to know and likes to share the region’s must sees and must do’s with you. Local experts X is a Brainport International will divulge their best kept secrets: addresses Community edition. to shop, relax, and enjoy a wonderful meal. For further information: Experienced expats will give you a more complete picture of life in the Southeast - Netherlands. Newcomers will explain all This edition: 10,000 copies about the first few months as an expat, Produced by: PreVision because they know what it is like to have to find your way in a new set of surroundings. - All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or X would like to welcome you to the beautiful transmitted on paper or in any Brainport region. We hope you will feel at form, either electronic or by home soon. Enjoy! making photocopies or recordings, or by any other means, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Yvonne van Hest Program Manager Brainport International Community-Brainport InternationalCommunity is co-financedby the Ministry of EconomicAffairs, the ProvincesNoord-Brabant andLimburg and the city regionEindhoven (SRE).
  4. 4. titel xpat p. 4INDEXXPAT12 weeks, months, years X is happy to tell you how nice, how great and gezellig things are over here. But to be honest, we are a little prejudiced. This is why we let 3 expats do the talking. In WEEKS (all about work), MONTHS (finding my way), and YEARS (loving life the Dutch way).34 Xpat VS Xpat Sweden VS the Netherlands, and vice versa. Which is the best place to live?36 I ❤ Eindhoven & Making my Home You came here for love. And then ... 2 women, 2 stories. Completely different, yet both at home.62 Hello Goodbye! Should you fail to feel at home: you can always leave. Forever, or for a while.Typically Dutch18 Quiz: Are you Dutchproof? Do you know the Dutch ins and outs? Test yourself.23 Hollandse Keuken No culinary fireworks in the Dutch kitchen? Wait till you get a taste of some of these treats …44 Dressed in Dutch The Dutchies like to party. Read about the hows and whys, dress appropriately, and dance along.48 Yes, it’s homemade Homegrown is best. Good stuff. See, taste, and learn.
  5. 5. p. 5 xpat titel XPlore 11 Home is where the heart is How to feel at ease so far away from home … these spots have what it takes. 5 Expat favourites. 28 Xplore Eindhoven Eindhoven may not be the most authentic city in the Netherlands, but it is one of the most lively ones. Those who love technology and design are in luck here because these are the spearheads of Eindhoven’s local policies. 40 Xplore Transfer X loves Eindhoven, Maastricht, and everything in between the two towns. How better to explore the area than by bike? 80 kilometres, just you, the surroundings, and your bike. 56 Xplore Maastricht Maastricht– or ‘Mestreech’ as the city’s inhabitants would say – is the oldest city in the Netherlands. Its central location in the European region between the Meuse and the Rhine brings a great number of international visitors and inhabitants to Maastricht. XPERT 50 fashion, Nature & food Xperts in Fashion, Nature & Food tell you all about some very special places. For your inspiration! 60 Let’s go out Plenty of fun to be had in the region. So much so that it can be hard to choose. X has made a selection for you. and more ... 01 hello 05 x-team 07 xtra In short: Need to know and nice to know
  6. 6. titel xpat p. 6Looking for short stay housing?HOUSINGXL.NL is your partner +31(0)13-5321014 +31(0)13-5358168
  7. 7. p. 7 x magazine x-team Madeleine Sars will literally eat dirt for a good cover. Three women (model, assistant and photographer) in their city shoes in a paddock near the Genneper Hoeve. A shame that we do not have any pictures of it. But we did get our cowgirl cover. Ties van de Werff is a free- lance researcher, writer and curator. As a student, he lived in Maastricht for eight years. Ties frequently visits his second home-town, as a teacher at the Faculty of Arts & Culture at Maastricht University. On a good day, you can find him reading at café Falstaff. Maria Rudnaya was born and Yvonne van Hest is a Program raised in Russia. She has been in the Manager for Brainport Netherlands for almost three years. In ad- International Community, the dition to attending a photography course at organisation which commissioned X. the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, she has She loves food and cooking. Her favourite been working on her PhD at TU/e’s depart- is De Woenselse Markt in Eindhoven, ment of Scientific Computing. Maria took especially the Saturday morning market some photos for X, pages 28-29, 48-49. which offers food from all over the world. Michiel Landeweerd was our photographer for Dressed in Dutch. He pulled out all the stops. In the middle of a heat wave, Sinterklaas was seen going from door to door, Prince Carnaval donned his outfit, and Johan Vlemmix painted the town Orange. X Team Credits Contributorspublisher sales Olga van Straten Thanks toBrainport Development Jan-Koenraad Veenstra Olivia Neri Esther Bo Bakker Ties van de Werff Lorraine Witteveenchief editor Holcom Rob ter SteegeWies van Kats Photographers Janicke Kernlandart director Writers Boudewijn Bollmann Handan Kilic (cover model)Marieke van de Graft Anoek Hofkens Madeleine Sars Lana Mesic (cover assistant)communications Caroline van Schubert Maria Rudnaya Genneper Hoeve (cover)Brainport Development Dagmar Steins Marielle Leenders www.genneperhoeve.nltranslator Ioana Stanescu Michiel Landeweerd and Everyone we haveWendy Lubberding Jane Hardjono assistant Olga Ganzha interviewed
  8. 8. titel xpat p. 8 presents fall/winter 2010 MELVIN THE MACHINE a designmachine by HeyHeyHey and many others On view during Dutch Design Week 2010 saturday October 23rd till sunday October 31st FUNWARE_PLAYING WITH SOFTWARE ART an interactive and international groupshow On view from friday November 21st, 2010 till sunday January 16th, 2011MU partners:Eindhovens Dagblad MU is generously supported by: muBlend HeyHeyHey Gemeente Eindhoven emmasingel 20Greve Off set Brainport Provincie Noord-Brabant 5611 az eindhovenFatboy STRP festival Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur & Wetenschap
  9. 9. p. 9 xtra text olivia van den broek-neri xtra Funny words Learning Dutch can be challenging. Here are some words that native English speakers might find confusing.Need to have: umbrella Frikandel (n.) a deep-fried Dutch snack, sounds likeThe Netherlands enjoys a maritime climate. Summers are freak and with an average July temperature of 19º C and winters Schoonmoeder (n.) mother-in-law, literally meansare mild with an average January temperature of 2º C. clean motherAlways carry an umbrella! There is limited sunshine and Willen (v.) want, not willan average rainfall of about 76.5 cm. Snow and extreme Scheveningen during World War II, the Dutch wouldheat are rare. For information on the weather: ask Germans to pronounce this town’s name to prove theytel. 0900-8003 or were not German spies! Boterham (n.) a sandwich Slim adj. not thin, but smart! Driftkikker (n.) a hothead, an extremely temperamental or violent personWhy do kliekje (n.) leftover, remainderthe Dutch Op apegapen liggen (n.) to be out of breath,what they to be completely knackered mierenneuker (n., vulgar) a nitpicker, a hair-do? splitter, someone who spends hours niggling over the tiniest of details. (But not literally molesting insects.)The book Manners in the Netherlands - Dutch Ditz byReinildis van Ditzhuyzen, Lorraine T. Miller (Translator) Would you like to learn Dutch?will help you get started. Take advantage of some of the There is a range of different language courses availablereal life experiences and observations from expatriates, from certified institutes such as the ROC Eindhovenand find out how to prevent common misunderstandings or the Maastricht Talencentrumbetween foreigners and the Dutch. Price: €13,50 ... from Rob van Gijzel, Chairman stichting Brainport and Mayor of Eindhoven: “Visit: This portal will tell you everything you Tips need to know about Technology and Talent Opportunities in the Brainport region. Dozens of Brainport ambassadors, international talents living in this region, are on stand-by to answer your questions. We ‘Southerners’ are warm- hearted people, but do not only take our word for it; ask your fellow country (wo)men what they think of our region through the Brainport website.”
  10. 10. text ioana stansescu xtra p. 10xtraSTREET INTERVIEWIf you say HEMA, you say Holland. The Dutch lovetheir HEMA. Inexpensive, but good quality and greatfun. X magazine wants to know the ins and outs, sowent out and asked HEMA visitors.Henry (60) Maaike (22) Robin (23) & Heike (19)Typically HEMA ...? Typically HEMA ...? Typically HEMA ...?“It’s a shop for everyone, young or old, “Hema’s hotdog, no, no I mean their “Their tasty rookworsten, therich or poor. Everyone can find what rookworst. Hasnt everyone heard children’s book heroes Jip &they need at HEMA.” of it?” Janneke, and their trademark cheerfulWhat do you buy at HEMA? How often do you come here? packaging.”“Painting things, film roll, and as you “At least twice a month.” How often do you come here?can see, ice creams for my grand- What do you buy at HEMA? “Easily two to three times a month.”children.” “Bras, make-up and all kinds of fun What do you buy at HEMA?Is HEMA typically Dutch? little bits and bobs they sell here.” “Nail polish, notepads, those sets to“Oh absolutely, without a doubt.” fix a flat bicycle tyre.” ... from X Crossroads is an English-language web magazine aimed at the international community in Tips and around Maastricht. Sueli Brodin is the driving force behind Crossroads, something which won her the title of Expat of the Year 2010. Read all about her favourite spot in Maastricht on page 55.
  11. 11. p. 11 xtra text olivia van den broek-neri Tips xtra ... from Jasper de Groot,“There is a lot Director of of support for Do not take any chances when you are trying to find a entrepreneurs in home. “Always start with a viewing day and view a Holland” variety of five to ten rental properties. You will get a great reading about what is available on the DutchTrue entrepreneurs will see new opportunities in every market. Only then, hunt for properties that exactlycountry. But support is always welcome. In the Netherlands, meet your requirements. Let your rental agencymany other expats have preceded you. One of them is Ashish arrange the best possible deal.”Dharap. He moved to the Netherlands to work for AtosOrigin and started iKAnesys when he saw market potentialfor his ideas (innovation and idea management). He soughtand found help from the Kamer van Koophandel (Chamberof Commerce). According to Ashish Dharap: “The businessregistration process was particularly smooth, which comes as Nice to meet you!a surprise to many expats”. The Kamer van Koophandel has X is the way to get to know the area.recently released an English Starters Guide, which highlights But if you prefer to meet face-to-face, youall aspects involved with starting a business. Request a free could join one of these meeting at And he has another tip A small selection:for new entrepreneurs: “Always keep the key parameters ofyour business at the top of your mind and always know your • IWC Eindhoven / www.iwce.nlnumbers -- even better than your accountant.” • IWC South Limburg / • Tilburg International Club • MEETin EINDHOVEN • MEETin Maastricht • Living with a Dutchie / • Mums and Toddlers in Eindhoven • The Thistle Club of Scottish Country Dancing • North American Women’s Club • The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in Eindhoven / • Amigos de la Cultura Hispano-Americana Tel. 040-246 50 05 • Couchsurfing, international meetings in cities all over the world /
  12. 12. titel xpat p. 12xtra Holland has it ... ... a great website for internationals who are looking for a rental property. - over 100,000 Dutch rental properties available - - all listings in six languages - - free access - - extensive information on properties - - google maps - - google streetview - - international oriented rental agencies - - mobile website for iPhone -
  13. 13. p. 13 xplore text ioana stanescu photo boudewijn bollmann home is where the heart is 15Daydreaming among the leaves as if it were my own back garden - “I grew up on the coast, in an arid, sandy climate. This is why I simply adore the green parks in the Netherlands. Lying in the grass, I empty my mind and leave my worries and stress behind. I often ride my bicycle to the park like a real Dutch person. Sometimes I will take a book, or something to feed the ducks. This park feels like my own back garden, I can easily dream away the afternoon here.” - Letitia Fung was Born in Hong Kong, raised in Portugal and has lived in the Netherlands for four years. she is Communications Manager at De Lage Landen and she loves Stadswandelpark Eindhoven > 2/5 on page 21
  14. 14. text anoek hofkens photo madeleine sars xpat p. 14weeksmonthsyears-what is it like to work here? Three expats telltheir stories from their experience: as a newcomer,as someone who has been here a while, and assomeone who intends to stay. Name “SABIC is an international company where everyone speaks English, Diego Castaneda which has made it easy to fit in. I came to the Netherlands especially Age for this job and I have enjoyed it so far. The atmosphere is open, we 29 all address each other by our first names, it is great! But in order to Place of Birth create a life for myself I have to step out; go into town, meet new Medellin, Colombia people. The SABIC welcoming dinner (held three hours after my Employer arrival in the Netherlands) helped me establish my first contacts. SABIC (geleen) It immediately made me feel welcome. Position Afterwards I went out and bought a map of Maastricht, where I live. Technology I am starting to find my way around here. But the thing that is going Development Engineer in to take some getting used to is the eating habits. In Colombia you the plastics field will have a breakfast fit for a king, lunch like a prince, and dine like a - poor guy. This is the way things are in the Netherlands: you will eat Likes breakfast like a poor guy, lunch like a poor guy, and you will dine like intercity trains; a king. Because I still prefer to eat later on in the evening, I have to they feel go shopping in time. If I want to buy a carton of milk at six o’clock in like business class the evening, the supermarket will have run out of milk and I will have Enjoys watching to go to a night shop where milk will fetch the price of a nice whisky. cartoons to learn Dutch I simply do not get it. Finds it extraordinary And another thing that has surprised me is the number of bicycles! that women ask They are like flies: they are everywhere. Buying a bicycle is one of my men to dance goals for this year. I want to adapt as well as I can because I would like to stay here for a long time. I would not yet dare to say forever; Colombia and Germany also have a special place in my heart. For now I will concentrate on my work. I intend to become famous among my colleagues.”
  15. 15. p. 15 “I want to make a career for myself”
  16. 16. text anoek hofkens photo madeleine sars xpat p. 16weeksmonthsyears Name "My first time in The Netherlands: I remember arriving at the central Qi Wang station in Eindhoven, carrying two heavy suitcases. Someone saw me Age and helped me out. I did not even have to ask. Afterwards an elderly 29 man showed me the way to my hotel. I then realised how friendly and Place of Birth helpful Dutch people are. China I had never lived abroad before coming to the Netherlands. One of my Employer colleagues from China was already working at the TU/e and he told TU/e, Eindhoven me there were more vacancies, so I took my chance and as you can Position see I was lucky enough to get the position. The work itself does not postdoctoral differ very much; the big difference lies in the fact that everything is Chemical Engineering well-organised, especially the safety issue in the workplace. I notice - I am still used to the high work pressure in China, even after having Has discovered been away from that for a few months. Taking a break from work to that Chinese food in have a chat is not something I do very often. Back home it is impossi- the Netherlands is not ble to take a long vacation. People in Holland can really enjoy life. So Chinese food I have been thinking a lot about life and work since I have been here. Is amazed by I could not say if what I am doing now is something I will want to do the Dutch propensity forever. Finding a job that suits me is one of my main goals. In China for interrupting people do not focus on the things they feel passionate about, they each other during just make random choices. conversations I would like to get to know Dutch people, but I am very shy. I feel as Would like to if there is no common ground, that we will have nothing to talk about,find clothes that will fit. because of our different backgrounds. I think it would be good for me Trousers especially to learn some Dutch. I will be staying for 12 months, but who knows, as they will often perhaps I can stay longer. I would like that. Holland is very clean and be too long quiet, but the shops should definitely be open every Sunday. I like it here, even though I do not feel Dutch at all. One time I bought a herring and fried it; I think that says it all."
  17. 17. p. 17 "People in Holland can really enjoy life"
  18. 18. text anoek hofkens photo madeleine sars xpat p. 18 weeks months years Name "I fell in love with the Netherlands when I came to a secondary Daniel Keszthelyi school in Zuid Limburg for a year as an exchange student in 2000. Age My Hungarian classmates did not understand why I went to Holland; 26 they thought I went for the drugs, or because I might be gay. But Place of Birth that was not true; to me, this was the land of optimism, freedom, and Pécs, Hungary opportunity. A feeling that was only strengthened by the experience. Employer After I got my Master’s degree in medicine in my home country, I Faculty of Health, flew back to start a life here in Maastricht. I got a great deal of help Medicine and Life Science, from my host family in Stein, with whom I had stayed during my Maastricht exchange year. They also helped me with the Dutch language, which University Function I speak fluently now. I still see them every Saturday and I love them Doctor of Medicine just as much as I love my Hungarian family. My birth mum has had - some trouble dealing with this. But I see it as something that enriches Likes my life here, because I want to stay. The Dutch mentality matcheserwtensoep (Dutch pea soup my personality. The Dutch are more broad-minded, they are more eaten in winter) assertive, and work-wise you can get ahead if you perform well as an Misses individual. This works well for me. I lead a better life here than I did offal in Hungary. Over there a young doctor would be working his fingers Believes to the bone for € 500 a month, after tax, something which I think is it is a sign of prosperity just depressing. I realise I am continuing the braindrain by staying that so many Dutch people here, but I do not feel a personal responsibility for the situation the play sports country is in. I need to think of my own life, and I am happy over Would like to here. But I will always feel connected to my native country. Until I vote during am buried six feet under I will always be a Hungarian. My children the national elections will be born in the Netherlands, but they will become familiar with their father’s culture as well. As a doctor I would like to specialise as a GI-doctor (gastrointestinal) and I would like to continue to work as a House Officer at the Atrium Medisch Centrum in Brunssum, and as a sports physician at sports events. Only having a girlfriend could make me happier."
  19. 19. p. 19 “The Dutch mentality matches my personality”
  20. 20. text ioana stanescu illustration marieke van de graft typically dutch p. 20 ARE YOU DUTCH PROOF?
  21. 21. p. 21In the Netherlands you will find chips with mayonnaise, vastlandscapes, canals and boats. But this is not all there is to theNetherlands. Our pop quiz will test your general knowledge, butbeware: we will not go easy on you. Good luck!❶ How many people in the world speak ❻ When a baby is born, the new parentsDutch as their native language? will treat their friends and family to ...A. 16 Million. A. Dutch rusk with aniseed sprinkles.B. 23 Million. B. apples.C. 25 Million. C. a cheese board.D. 30 Million. D. a glass of jenever.❷ When a secondary school student ❼ You are a guest at a Dutch family home.passes his/her final exams after much When you go to the toilet, you will find …blood, sweat and tears, then … A. a birthday calendar.A. the graduates will go away on an excursion. B. a standing toilet.B. he/she will fly the Dutch flag, with their school bag C. a bowl of peppermints. and all the books, from their bedroom window. D. a bidet to rinse your behind.C. the school teachers will cook their students a fancy meal.D. his/her name will appear in the local newspaper. ❽ To what do the Dutch attribute their thrifty nature?❸ How many bicycles does an average A. To their moods, brought on by the weather.Dutch person lose because of theft in B. To their upbringing.the course of his/her life? C. The Dutch are not really thrifty but they do notA. Around 20, with a bit of bad luck. actively dispute the prejudice.B. One or two at most. D. To Calvinism.C. Exactly as many as he/she steals back.D. All the bicycles are common property, so there is no ❾ Why is Carnaval celebrated mainly in theft. Brabant & Limburg? A. Because Northerners are more subdued in nature.❹ How many millions of Euros do the B. Because Northerners think that Carnaval is aDutch spend on drop (liquorice) each year? proletarian affair.A. 2 Million Euros per year. C. Because Carnaval is originally a CatholicB. 10 Million Euros per year. celebration, and the North of the Netherlands was aC. 135 Million Euros per year. Protestant region historically.D. 300 Million Euros per year. D. Because Northerners celebrate Carnaval’s counterpart Luilakken.➎ Why do some Dutch people eat theirsandwiches with knife and fork? ❿ What would a Brabants kwartiertjeA. It is etiquette. mean?B. They do not like to use their hands when they eat. A. A casual meeting in the lobby at the office.C. It makes them eat more slowly which benefits the B. A morning coffee. digestive system. C. When a scheduled appointment starts later.D. Because the Dutch like symmetry and order, even D. Waiting for the delayed public transport in the on their plates. Brabant region.
  22. 22. typically dutch p. 22 The score Oops, sorry, a pathetic result! Luckily you have this magazine full of tips and stories. Venture into the lion’sThe den (not wearing wooden shoes, please, but fashionable footwear like the rest of us) and explore. No need foranswers Dutch courage, simply start your day with a glass of milk, and having a kroketje* at the snack bar for lunch will help you get in the mood for Dutchness.❶ A For the Flemish and the Surinamese, Dutch is their native language as well.❷ B Every year in June you will see flags and bags flying happily in the wind all across the country.❸ A Unfortunately, stolen bikes are a frequently occurring phenomenon, especially in the larger You are on your way to fathoming the down-to-earth cities. and subdued Dutch, but we would not exactly call you a❹ C This comes down to e 8.40 euros on average connoisseur. We tend to hold back on the compliments, per person. but you knew that already.❺ D It has never been scientifically proved, but instinctively true.❻ A Dutch rusks with aniseed sprinkles are popularly called ‘beschuit met muisjes’ (little mice). During the Middle Ages, women were served aniseed after childbirth because it was believed to stimulate lactation. Bravo, our hats off to you! Our quiz is not easy, so you❼ A This will remind you of people’s birthdays in have amazed us. We are even feeling a little as if so- time, because in the Netherlands, birthdays meone were taking us for a ride... are you sure you are are a big thing. Remember not just to congra- not…You’re Kees, aren’t you! Very funny! tulate the birthday girl or boy, but also their partner, parents, and close friends. * A deep-fried snack, with a warm, beef ragout filling and a crispy breadcrumb coating.❽ D It refers to a certain lifestyle: sober, subdued, frugal.❾ C Protestants abhor debauchery.❿ C Brabanders are easygoing and therefore not as punctual as the people living in the North Suggested reading: of the country. X magazine The Undutchabels - Colin White & Laurie Boucke
  23. 23. p. 23 xplore xpat text titel ioana stanescu photo boudewijn bollmann home is where the heart is 25 Nice people and great food make me feel like home - “My wife and I would drive past this restaurant every week, on our way to the gym. It looked so ‘local’ that we did not dare go in, in spite of our curiosity. We finally ventured into the lion’s den. Since then we have come here on a regular basis. The service is personal; they know us and our tastes very well. I rarely see the wine menu these days because I like the way they keep surprising me.” - Yasushi Kusume was Born in Japan, and has lived in the Netherlands since 1990, with a brief stint in Vienna. He is Vice-President of Philips Design and he loves Restaurant De Cuijt, Burg. Termeerstr. 50 Mierlo > 3/5 on page 33
  24. 24. titel xpat p. 24Living the green lifeYou do the best you can. You’re in a job that suits you into an attractive, spacious and first and foremost,and your career perfectly. Now all you need is the green residential area on the edge of a large park. Thishouse that goes with the job and more importantly: makes Strijp R a perfection location for a green andyour family. You’re looking for space, lots of green, real prosperous life. Sales will start before the end of thisdurability, expressive architecture and if at all possible year. Building will start in 2011 and the first of theall of this about 10 minutes cycling from Eindhoven residences will be yielded in 2012.City Centre. Strijp R is the answer to all your wishes. Please check the website for the latest information.This former industrial area, is going to be developed
  25. 25. p. 25 typically dutch text Franke Elshout photo Marielle leendershollandsekeuken-Dutch cuisine is not famous for its culinary fireworks. a.k.a. dutch kitchenA mistake. Treat yourself to these mouth-wateringultra-Dutch sensations. Tickle those tastebuds!About the creators of these recipes: Franke was a student at Design Academy EindhovenFor eight years Franke Elshout and Maarten Lockefeer and puts her heart and soul into her profession as ahave been working together on a range of unique projects Food Designer. You can check out their companyin which food and drink have always played a central role. Keukenconfessies at
  26. 26. p. 26 Mini Speculaasjes-apple pies with cardamom and vanilla sugar Serves 10 Ingredients Recipe For the crust 1. Prepare the crust using the butter, the 200 grams flour / 200 grams butter / egg, and the flour. 150 grams sugar / 1 egg / a pinch of salt 2. Peel and dice the apples. Mix these with the other ingredients. For the filling Choose a few small-sized baking tins (or 1.5 kilograms Elstar or Goudreinet apples / small flower pots lined with baking paper, or ½ teaspoon cardamom (in powdered form, or open the pods and old tins).grind the seeds) / 1 tablespoon custard powder / a few tablespoons 3. Whip the cream with the cold custard mix of sugar, to taste / grated zest of orange or lemon if desired and the vanilla sugar, or ladle into a Gourmet Whip, and pipe onto the warm apple pies. For the vanilla foam 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar / a tablespoon custard powder mixed with a splash of milk / 200 ml whipping cream
  27. 27. p. 27 typically dutch Vla-Flip trifle with a crumble of traditional Dutch biscuits Serves 10 Ingredients Recipe 2 litres whole milk / 1. Crumble the biscuits and press them down into a small cake tin, ½ packet of an assortment traditional a glass, or a recycled plastic pudding container. Dutch biscuits, for instance: 2. Prepare one type of pudding after another (allow each layer to set in the bitterkoekjes (macaroons) sprits fridge before you make the next). Follow the instructions, but use 0.45 litres (buttercookies), stroopwafels of milk instead of the 0.5 indicated on the packet.(caramel filled wafers), bokkenpootjes 3. Start with one pudding flavour and spread a layer over the biscuit crumble. (chocolate dipped log cookies) / Then continue your layers with a selection of lovely colours and tasty flavours 4 different 0.5 litre instant pudding such as bitterkoekjes, semolina, custard, strawberry, mocha.powders / 1 packet good red fruit jelly 4. The last layer should be a good red fruit jelly or a layer of gelatine with or gelatine to mix with redcurrants, redcurrants and redcurrant juice. fresh or frozen / redcurrant sauce 5. Leave your trifles to set in the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours. from a bottle or packet 6. Serve with any left-over biscuits and some redcurrant sauce. This is not really vla, which is a runny Dutch custard, but rather a pudding. It is typically Dutch: inexpensive but yummy. A guaranteed success thanks to the instant pudding mixes.
  28. 28. Pure strength of interior designThe art of temptation
  29. 29. Dutch languagetraining forhighly skilledmigrants &knowlegde workers. Small groups Evening classes Emphasis on speaking Effective and affordable Including intake and testing Roelofspad 10 / 5645 JG Eindhoven T. +31 (0) 40 211 31 01 /
  30. 30. p. 30xploreeindhoven-Eindhoven has lots of great shops, fashionable cafés,and places to eat. And should you grow tired of theurban bustle, this Southern Dutch town offers plenty ofbeautiful places to escape to. Check these out! 12.00pm A Dash of Art a tasty lunch. Usine is well-known for its urban and international Bang in the middle of the city outlook. Do not miss the beautiful centre is the Witte Dame. This white bathrooms!
 building used to be a Philips factory, but today it is home to a range of different institutions. In addition to the library and Design Academy, you will find MU here, where you can see contemporary art mixed with fa- shion, architecture, and new media.09.00am Starting the Day At the Krabbedans (on the left side of the building) you can look at asStart your day with a good breakfast well as buy or borrow Bagel & Juice, the place to findfreshly baked bagels and healthyjuices. You will find the café in thecosiest little street (Kleine Berg) in 14.00pm MulticulturalismEindhoven. It is a favourite haunt forDesign Academy students. In Eindhoven’s best-known market square (Woenselse Markt- Kruis-10.00am Shopping straat) you would think you were somewhere abroad. With more thanShopping for the mainstream brands 500 market stalls you will find acan be done in the Rechtestraat and host of exotic foodstuffs, in additionPiazza. But if you want something to the more standard market fare.special, then lose yourself in one of Feeling peckish after this? Then havethe cute little shops in the Bergen. 13.00pm Lunch in the City lunch at one of the internationalDo not skip Magda (young women’s eateries in the neighbourhood. Wefashion with a twist) on the Berg- To the right of the Witte Dame recommend Sang Lee Rotishop atstraat, Heijmans Delicatessen (Spa- building you will find another icon number 206, Kruisstraat, for Easternnish, French, and Italian delicacies) of the city: the light tower. On the and Surinamese delicacies.on the Kleine Berg, or Motta (art and ground floor you will find Grand The market is held Saturdays fromdesign bookshop) on the Grote Berg. Café Usine where you can tuck into 10.00am - 5.00pm.
  31. 31. p. 31 xplore text Olga van Straten Photo Maria Rudnaya / Olga Ganzha a favourite hang-out for tourists, but 18.00pm Sightseeing Strijp you will also run into fellow expats regularly. Cheers! Strijp-S, the former Philips indus- trial area is fast becoming the city’s creative heartbeat. Check out the beautiful old industrial buildings where today’s designers and artists have found a place to work. Strijp-S is also revealing itself as a Valhalla for Urban Sports. This is where Monk is situated (the Netherlands’ first15.00pm Relaxing bouldering accommodation) and Area 51 as well (a 3000 sqm skatingAfter all the hustle and bustle in the park).city you can find peace and quiet bytaking a walk in the municipal park, 22.30pm Let the Night BeginStadswandelpark. Take a look at thethirty sculptures scattered among There are not many clubs in Eind-the trees. Adjacent to the park you hoven, because here, the mentalitywill find the Genneper Parken. of ‘let’s get these tables out of theA natural area offering a range of way so we can dance reigns. So thisindigenous plants. Take a look is what they do at cafés Berlage andaround the eco-farm de Genneper Hoogste Tijd. During the summerHoeve. Do sit down for a drink at months the parties run on into thePaviljoen Genneper Parken! You can streets, creating a warm and funalso rent a bike in the Rijwielshop. atmosphere outside. 19.00pm Wine & dine in style KB 23 is a modern restaurant in an old setting. You can look down into the wine cellar through the glass plates in the floor. And do not forget to look up as well, where you will see the old beams way up into the top of the roof. Restaurant/winebar JIU.NU offers an international menu with an Asian touch, and where you can taste as well as buy a wide range17.00pm Lazy afternoon of fine wines. Key words: exclusive, … Good night, sleep tight… modern, professional. "Lifes tooOns has a unique dining balcony short to drink bad wine!" is their Best Western Premier Art Hotel isand its lovely sidewalk terrace looks fitting motto. The place to go to for situated in the Lichttoren, an oldout onto the city’s largest church, a good wine recommendation. industrial building formerly ownedthe Catharinakerk. In this snug little by Philips. Perfectly located in theeatery you can spend a lazy, relaxed 21.30pm Pub Crawl heart of the city and with its ownafternoon. A varied menu for vegeta- restaurant and world bar. Easilyrians and meat eaters. Plus delicious OSheas Irish Pub: loud and rough, the trendiest place to sleep in all ofdesserts like the home-made ‘Death as a real pub should be. Order a pint Eindhoven. And the safest one: rightby chocolate’-cake, which has not of lager, assume your fake Irish ac- across the street from the policebeen named that way for nothing … cent, and join in the fun. The pub is station ...
  32. 32. xplore p. 32 09.00am 14.00pm 19.00pm ➊ Bagel & Juice / Kleine Berg 19 ➏ Woenselse markt / Kruisstraat
 ➊ KB 23 / Kleine Berg 23 Open from 08.00 am. ➏ Sang Lee Rotishop / Kruisstraat 206 Closed Mondays. JIU. NU / Willemstraat 9 10.00am 15.00pm Closed Tuesdays. ➊ Kleine Berg, ➋ Grote Berg & ➐ Stadswandelpark, ➐ Genneper Richting 21.30pm ➌ Bergstraat Parken, ➐ Genneper Hoeve ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Some shops on the Bergen are closed Tongelreeppad 1 / Amsterdam Pub O’Sheas Irish en on Mondays. ➐ Paviljoen Genneper Parken Nijmegen Jan van Lieshoutstraat 9 Antoon Coolenlaan 2a 7 days a week: 12:00pm till 02:00am 12.00pm (Saturday and Sunday till 04.00am). Closed 20 December-28 February 2011 ➍ Witte Dame / Emmasingel ➑ Rijwielshop / Stationsplein 22 22.30pm ➍ MU / Monday-Friday 10.00am-5.00pm. Rental € 6.50 per day, deposit € 50.00. Admission 2 Euros, free on Wednesday Hoogste Tijd / Vrijstraat 38 afternoons. 17.00pm During weekends, doors close at ➍ Krabbedans Tuesday- Sunday 4.00 am. 12.00-5.00pm, Fridays until 9.00pm. ➒ Ons / Kerkstraat 16 ➊ Berlage / Kleine Berg 16 ORPHEUSLAAN VAN OLDENBA Admission free. 11.30am-02.00am. BO 18.00pm EUROPALAAN Oct-May closed for Sunday lunch SC HD 13.00pm Best Western Premier Art Hotel IJK ➓ Strijp-S, Monk bouldergym Lichttoren 22, ➎ Usine / Lichttoren 6 Strijp S, Entrance 3 Glaslaan, Open from 9.00am. Saturday and Building SBX. Sunday from 10.00am. Area 51 / Klokgebouw 51AN ONZE LIEVE VROUWST ST AN RAA IN A T NIL SU RA O LI RC ATR MA ND N EL A AA LA N DYE NN E Philips F. K Complex S ➏ N T KRUISSTRAA H JOH EN EIS KA ST ➓ AN BO JE LA SC AN N AA HD SL AAN I LA FUUTL JK G L AAN FR PARK ED RI KL AA MATHILDELAAN ➑ NSWEG IO N STAT ➎ GEL ➍ AA T VE ASIN WILLEM TR ST STRAAT S SE DIJ EMM MA RE K AAT EL RK SESTR NG STRIJP T T G AA TO WE ➒RKSTR KE BE EL IZ ST E RG ER HA K RG ➊➌ ST SG BE RA RA NE AT ➋ BERG CH EI T KL E T GRO W LIM AL ED EN BUR ST AN RA GLA AT LA TE GELDROPSEWEG ➐ AN RO AT G RA AN DE LA ST RIS L OG JO RE ST. KA HO
  33. 33. WHAT’STHAT’S In the city is where it all happens. There you find the thrill in the air inviting you to enjoy the good things in life. That’s the place to be. You’ll experience this in Hartje Eindhoven where living in the city will be raised to a higher level. Large and small. Luxurious and upbeat. To rent and to buy. In all different atmospheres the world has to offer. Building work has already started and sales begin in February 2011. So for all you people out there who want to come and live in Eindhoven for a short or longer period, Hartje Eindhoven is yours for the taking!
  34. 34. POP kapper Cosmopolitic hair fashion, professional stylists and colourists. Our products: Sebastian, Sassoon, Redken, Label M & our own POP haircare!design Open: mon-thur 9.30 till 18.30 fri 9.30 till 21.00 sat 9.30 till 17.00 International jewellery-design and craftsmanship Eindhoven Maastricht Catharinaplein 25 Rechtstraat 80 5611 DE Eindhoven 6221 EL Maastricht 040 - 283 26 20 043 - 325 10 20
  35. 35. p. 35 xplore text dagmar steins photo boudewijn bollmann home is where the heart is 35 Water brings me back to the coast where i grew up - “Water always reminds me of my own country. I grew up near the sea where I could hear the seagulls every day. That is why I love this café so much. It’s nothing like a typical Dutch place. This bar is really open and light. Sitting on the terrace I can not only see the water, but also the new city and the old one. In the summertime you can get a chaise longue. I like to bring a book and relax. It gives me that real Southern European feeling I love so much.” - Cláudia Vaz was Born and raised in Portugal and has lived in the Netherlands for 13 years. she is a Business Development Manager at DSM and she Loves Café Zuid, Plein 1992 15, Maastricht > 4/5 on page 43
  36. 36. p. 36xpatVS “The Swedes really live only five months a year”xpatHarry de Vos (54, Dutch) and then to continue their work at home at eight inSenior Vice President Human Resources the ASML, worked and lived in Sweden for Best experience as an expat?three years My 50th birthday, which turned out to be a real cele-- bration in Sweden. My colleagues had organised a bigWhy Sweden? reception with speeches and gifts. It was quite special.I got a great job at the Swedish company Elektrolux. What did you miss?What did you like about Sweden? A social life. As a commuter, travelling home everyThe ambiance in the summer, which is very lively. weekend, I was often alone during the week.People are happy: they play, have barbecues and Typically Swedish?have fun in the park. Snus. Horrible. Even during meetings, people will putWhat did you dislike? those little tobacco-bags in their mouths. It smells likeThe dark winters, the retreat indoors. The lack of cat litter.light has a big impact on everything, especially your Who has the coolest attitude?mood. The Swedes. They may not always be cheerful, andBiggest difference with the Netherlands: they can be quite distant. But they are great to haveThe light. And the flexible working hours. In Sweden, drinks with, once they get to know you. Swedes reallythere are more arrangements for employees with love to get drunk, especially during Midsummer´s Eve.children. I had to get used to people leaving at three Then they all party as if they had not properly livedin the afternoon to pick up their kids from school, for seven months.
  37. 37. p. 37 xpat text ties van de werff photo madeleine sars “The Dutch are not patient enough” Home sweet home, or, is the grass really greener on the other side? X put the question to the test: Harry de Vos and Pär Broman compare and contrast their homeland and expat-country. The Netherlands VS Sweden. And vice versa. Pär Broman (29, Swedish) Strangest experience as an expat? a design engineer at ASML, has worked and Carnaval. I tried to join in, but I really did not under- lived in the Netherlands for five years stand it. And getting my contract. For my contract, - I needed health insurance. For that, I needed a bank Why the Netherlands? account. But in order to get a bank account, I needed I was an exchange-student and met a girl here. Since a contract. Weird. we both have great jobs, we decided to stay. What do you miss? What do you like about the Netherlands? It is difficult to buy an affordable, good-size piece Life is very efficient. There is a lot to see and do within a of fish. Then again, we Swedes can always go to the short distance. And you can ride your bike everywhere. IKEA-food shop. What do you dislike? Typically Dutch? People here are impatient in conversations. If you do Family days. In Sweden, we do not organise family not start speaking immediately, someone else will pick days, apart from Christmas and Midsummer´s Eve. up and you will never get your say in meetings. This Who has the coolest attitude? has taken some getting used to. The Dutch are more open and easier to approach. Biggest difference with Sweden: We are more reserved. But we do stop and think The space, and the amount of people living in it. Even about what we are going to say, instead of just saying the distance between the shelves in the supermarket something. is smaller here.
  38. 38. text jane hardjono photo mike roelofs xpat p. 38ieindhoven-city of dreams: a true story in III partsby Jane HardjonoA nightmare for some philosophies. I formed a network made up of bona fideI had been asked many times why I wanted to leave Eindhovenaars and other Dutchies, as well as someMelbourne. Why would I want to leave my job and English, Germans and South Africans.the whole career I had built there? And what aboutmy brilliant friends and awesome family? When A dream come true I decided to leave Australia four years ago, I was A couple of years ago I was out with two very goodready to say a permanent goodbye to the advertising friends – Dutch girls I had befriended via TAC. Overindustry and do something completely different. dinner we all said we would like to do somethingI wanted to know whether, as a single girl, I could entrepreneurial, or maybe try some individual really independent. I wanted to stop working for We all joked that we should stop dreaming and just dothe man, be my own boss and become a freelance our own things, leave our jobs. Hey, we could share anwriter. My destination was Amsterdam. On the way office!I met a lovely young Dutchman and took a detour Since April this year I have been sharing an office invia Eindhoven. I never left. Eindhoven with these very two girls. And I am a free- lance writer. I saw one of my office-mates get marriedDreamers: my kind of people and she will soon become a mother. I feel so privilegedIn Australia, I never belonged to a tribe as such. to be a witness to such important milestones in her life.I was more of a friend collector. From the minute I What is interesting to me is when you get to a certainarrived in Eindhoven I knew I would not take on an age, people do not want more friends. But these Dutchinstant friendship group. It was going to take effort girls chose me; now they form part of my immediateto continue my careful curation of friendships. Five community and they encourage me to be my best self,months after arriving, I married the lovely young the way any other friend would do – whether I wouldDutchman. Beyond his friends and family, I met some be in Melbourne, Paris or even New York. However, ininter-national people through my work. When I took this version of girl-meets-boy-and-they-live-happily-up some volunteer work at the Temporary Art Centre ever-after, all the girl’s dreams come true … in(TAC) I started to meet locals interested in the arts Eindhoven.and culture; people actively exploring their personal
  39. 39. p. 39 Jane Hardjono (35) said goodbye to Australia to become a writer. While travelling she met her husband and stayed in Eindhoven where she started The Dossier, documenting the pursuit of culture and the creative sector in Eindhoven. Jane’s motto is: “Embrace wherever you are.” Check
  40. 40. p. 40Olivia van den Broek- Neri (31) isa native Californian who earned aB.A. in Journalism from PepperdineUniversity, and moved to theNetherlands after marrying herDutch husband. She is a regularcontributor to publications forexpats living in the Netherlands,including ACCESS Magazine