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Widos katalog englisch


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Widos katalog englisch

  1. 1. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:20 Uhr Seite 1 in perfection
  2. 2. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:20 Uhr Seite 2 Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH A long-established company with more than 60 years of pioneering spirit and the prime father of many welding machines. Plastic welding technology by WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH: Today a worldwide household name in the plastic welding technology and approved market leader in various fields of application, we once started from scratch with pioneering spirit and One of the first invoices dated 1946 energy as well. Established in 1946 as company Wilhelm Dommer with the main focus on car repair and mechanical fabrication, Armin and Dieter Dommer developed the first pipe welding machines for the treatment of plastic still emerging at that time in 1967. The revolutionary ap- proach of these machines is considered to be the basic concept of practically every equipment that is available worldwide today and has been refined constantly for the workshop, 2010 Formation of WIDOS LLC in the USA construction site and special applications. 2009 Current new building at head office A further milestone was the first involvement of the CNC technology in welding machines for construction site and workshop in order that we may be somewhat proud to be considered as 2008 Formation office Hamburg synonym for groundbreaking developments. The focus on the highest possible welding quality in the important pipe fusion technology and the knowledge of the significance of an optimal equipment productivity guarantee that our machine construction is on premium level providing 2006 60 years’ celebration cooperative reliability. 2004 First ISO 9001 certification Logically, WIDOS took this responsibility and did not only advance the development of the pipe welding technology but also did create a complete range of tools and implements 1996 50 years’ anniversary facilitating and securing their handling. This includes the extensive development of the cutting technology for construction site and fitting production that today covers diameters of over 2 meters. 1994 Formation of WIDOS AG Switzerland The permanent improvement of our very successful activities in the 1993 Formation of WIDOS Singapore field of special machinery construction and individual customer solutions has built a constantly growing technological 1991 Formation of WIDOS Grüna competence which has found a widespread response in technological areas. Worthy to mention is e.g. automotive, cleanroom and filtration. These 1990 Formation of WIDOS Netherlands, later WIDOS Benelux B.V. interdisciplinary experiences are now for the benefit of all individual domains 1980 Development of the first CNC techno- and our customers and partners logy for workshop welding machines know how to appreciate it. 1976 Change of company’s name from Wilhelm Dommer Söhne OHG to WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH 1967 Formation of the company Wilhelm Dommer Söhne OHG and develop- ment of the first welding machine FLIZ 955 by Armin and Dieter Dommer 1960 Own workshop at today’s head office 1946 Formation of the company Wilhelm Dommer Garage in Stuttgart-Möhringen Head office after reconstruction in 2009
  3. 3. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 4 Construction site welding WIDOS ESI 4000 OD 20 - 2400 WIDOS 6100 WIDOS 10000 WIDOS CNC 3.0 Our product range comprises various heating element butt welding machines, light and solid heat-ring welding machines for pipes and WIDOS 4600 WIDOS 20000 fittings with a diameter from 20 – 2400 mm as well as welding devices for electro fittings to be used on the construction site and in the trench. WIDOS SPA 600 WIDOS Maxiplast WIDOS HRG 10 WIDOS ASM 160 WIDOS Miniplast WIDOS HRG 3 WIDOS 4600 without fourth clamping ring For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  4. 4. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 6 Workshop welding WIDOS 7000 WM OD 20 - 2400 Split heating element WIDOS 4002 S CNC WIDOS 4002 WIDOS 16000 Our varied workshop welding range comprises stationary butt welding, socket welding and saddle welding machines for all common thermoplastics and welding standards for pipes and fittings with a diameter of 20 – 2400 mm. Furthermore, conversion sets for fit- tings and reduced T-pieces, cross pieces and T-pieces 45°/60 ° are available. WIDOS 2500/315 WIDOS ASM 1000 WIDOS Miniplast WIDOS 3500 WIDOS Miniplast IR For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  5. 5. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 8 Control unit/weld logging WIDOS SPS WIDOS ESI 4000 Our workshop, construction site and special welding machines are available in different versions resp. designs, either to log the welding data and/or to control the welding cycle. WIDOS CNC 3.0 WICON WIDOS 4600 CNC WIDOS SPA 600 WIDOS 2500 S CNC WIDOS 2500 S CNC WIDOS CNC 2.13 The inventor of the CNC control unit! (1980) WIDOS 4002 S CNC Siemens S 7 For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  6. 6. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 10 Welding machines for the serial production and special machinery From the support upon the component’s design until the starting of the production equipment, it is all from one source. The welding of components under serial conditions is not only accomplished by The WIDOS special machinery con- the outcome of high quantities. In fact, there are special requirements with re- struction is based on a success story gard to precision and longevity of the machine technology and for the handling of more than 20 years. With regard of the components. to these experiences we are able to offer our business partners the hig- The most different machine layouts and welding technologies are available for hest individual solutions for the most an efficient fabrication under these particular requirements that may be adapted different welding duties in practically perfectly to the particular circumstances according to the project. every field of industrial treatment of plastics. Due to the complex and specific customer solutions in the most different areas like e.g. automo- tive, filtration and cleanroom, a very broad and permanently growing body of experience is available by which all applications have their profit in equal measure. The development of these special solutions is not only limited to the construction of a mere wel- ding machine according to demand and specification sheet but includes consulting in the com- ponent’s development as well as extensive and harmonized automation to the point of robot connection on request. The realization and optimal implementation of all welding technologies is based on contact heating with heating elements from absolute low up to high temperature, contact-free me- thods by means of infrared radiation, inductive energy insertion as well as rotational friction welding. And all this is combined and carried out precisely by means of mere electric servo drives, pneumatic or hydraulic systems, fast rotary tables, tilting technology etc. According to the requirement and performance extent as two-dimensional welding surface or outline in 3D. For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  7. 7. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 12 Cutting devices WIDOS RS 630 WIDOS RSC 2000 WIDOS RS 315 WIDOS motor hand-circular saw Accessory for radial cuts WIDOS rotation circular saw 500 WIDOS rotation circular saw 315 Our product range comprises various mobile cutting devices and stationary workshop sawing installations for pipes with diameters from 110 – 2400 mm in order to prepare resp. cut pipes in rectangular manner prior to the welding; the workshop sawing installations provide a saw arm that may be swiveled optionally for continuous segmentation of the pipes. Further sawing installations in special version resp. with optional accessories on request. For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  8. 8. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 14 Accessories and tools Holding device Pipe peeler small Timer Pipe shears Rollerstands Handling accessories Pipe cutter Quarter-moon blade Pipe preparation Pipe cleaning cloths Temperature measuring device Manual scraper Pipe peeler large Rectangular version Outside debeader Hand-held heating tools Inside debeader Welding seam treatment Outside debeader Heating blade Socket welding tool Round version For detailed information on each machine type please visit:
  9. 9. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 16 Service Our overall supply of services is completed by: - Instruction and initial operation resp. on-site assignment worldwide on a time and material basis - Repair and maintenance worldwide by authorized and trained partners resp. in the WIDOS workshop for existing devices in regular intervals according to DVS resp. when a damage occurs - Multi-language product and service training for our retailers and service partners in order that they are able to offer the best possible service at any time… …and is not limited to the construction of a mere welding machine according to demand and specification sheet but includes consulting in the component’s develop- ment as well as extensive and harmonized automation to the point of robot connection on request. Rental machines Of course, we provide a large part of our wel- ding equipment including accessories also on rental basis at short notice. Our rental park covers a diameter range from 20 up to 1200 mm and is constantly expanded. Spare parts A good and extensive availability of spare parts for all current machines is indispensable for the permanent functionality of our welding devices. We continue to have all necessary spare parts available even for older machines. For detailed information please visit:
  10. 10. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 18 Sheet welding Research and development Different sheet welding machines up to a sheet length of 5 m and a sheet thickness of Cooperation in standards committees The cooperation in the international and national standard committees ISO, CEN and DIN as 50 mm are available in manual, hydraulic or servo controlled version for the treatment well as in the subject-specific standard committee DVS guarantees that WIDOS is always up- to-date technically contributing to technical developments in a decisive manner. Furthermore of sheets and boards of all common thermoplastics. and as a member of the DIHK, we have a reliable partner at our side e.g. for the internal education or as agent of supply and demand in all technological areas. Training centers Various training centers here and abroad that are created above all in cooperation with the SKZ (South German Plastic Center) and equipped with the necessary machines by WIDOS make sure that new projects may be realized by qualified personnel. Primarily, this is very im- portant for the field of testing technology of basic material in order to verify their reliability resp. durability. WIDOS PSM 20 WIDOS PSM 10 WIDOS PSM 4050 S CNC Close collaboration The application of new technologies demands among other things a close and continuous col- laboration with well-known manufacturers of all kinds of thermoplastics – a tradition that WIDOS has maintained and promoted from the beginning. For detailed information on each machine type please visit: For detailed information please visit:
  11. 11. WIDOS_Katalog_englisch 16.10.2010 12:21 Uhr Seite 20 We are here! WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne GmbH Einsteinstraße 5 71254 Ditzingen-Heimerdingen Retailers and service partners GERMANY WIDOS GmbH WIDOS Office Hamburg An der Wiesenmühle 15 Humboldtstraße 25 09224 Chemnitz-Grüna 21509 Glinde GERMANY GERMANY WIDOS BENELUX B.V. WIDOS Wilhelm Dommer Söhne AG JDC HANS MEIJERINK St. Gallerstrasse 99 HOUVEN VAN OORDTSTRAAT 12 9201 Gossau 8191 AV WAPENVELD SWITZERLAND NETHERLANDS WIDOS LLC WIDOS Technology 625 A Old Norcross Road (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046 Tagore Building USA No. 6 Tagore Drive # 03-13 Singapore 787623 SINGAPORE WIDOS Chile Von Unger Hermanos y Compañía WIDOS Technology AV. ZAPADORES # 0436 S I P Representative Office CASILLA 50, CORREO 26 No. 5 Xing Han St., COMUNA DE RECOLETA BLK C #01 - 05/08, SANTIAGO DE CHILE SUZHOU / JIANGSU CHILE CHINA