Introduction to Search Marketing for New Marketers and Students


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Understand enough about SEO and SEM to hire an effective search marketing agency. Deliver a guest lecture on search marketing.

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  • Me!

  • Divided in to paid and organic. Which is the yellow? Which is the gray?
  • Mobile: More time on Internet on mobile than desktop since 01/14
    89% of time on media thru mobile apps. 11% mobile web

    80% of Internet users own a smartphone.

  • Mobile: More time on Internet on mobile than desktop since 01/14
    89% of time on media thru mobile apps. 11% mobile web

    80% of Internet users own a smartphone.

  • Yahoo & Bing Connection: Anbody know about a connection between any two of these search engines? Bing power’s Yahoo!’s search engine, so all of the organic Yahoo! Listings are from Bing’s algorithm. As a generous “thank you”, Bing gets 12% of all ad revenue generated by Yahoo’s search ads.

    <obile, Google 83%, yahoo 10%, Bing 6%

    Baidu: 18% world. In China, over 60% search market share there. Google is only 3% There! Yandex: In Russia, over 60% search market share there. Google has 27% there. 4th largest global.
    Google: 68% world, Over 65% in US, and over 88% Mobile search US! Over 90% Europe.
    Bing: 6% global
    Yahoo: Around 12% US

  • Quote on Black Art: “This causes search engine technology to remain largely a black art and to be advertising oriented (see Appendix A). With Google, we have a strong goal to push more development and understanding into the academic realm.”

    Stats from:

  • Which browser do you use? How many of you use Google? How many use Bing? How many have EVER used Bing?

    Ok, now that you have a little context on a Bing user, when would you want to pay attention to Bing? Corporate, old peeps.

    87% of Bing users are on IE browsers: means they are over 35, have children, more likely less tech savvy, more blue collar than white

    Along with Online services division (msn, Bing…), lost over $11 billion since 2005, $1.3 billion in 2013 alone.
  • Let’s Bing it on!

    Quote on Black Art: “This causes search engine technology to remain largely a black art and to be advertising oriented (see Appendix A). With Google, we have a strong goal to push more development and understanding into the academic realm.”

    87% of Bing Users come from IE

    23 billion pages indexed by Google, Bing has about 17 billion, Yahoo in between

    Stats from:

  • Link-metric based: Links are a sign of a relationship, just like we form links online through social media, through exchanging phone numbers, through spending time together. Online linking is a website’s way of doing that.
    Hang out with the wrong crowd as a high-school kid, you get in trouble. Get links to your site on the wrong websites, you also get in trouble.
  • Content: – Lawton-digital copyscape rpt pulls up my profile’s testimonial dup content.
    Technical: Look at an example, and DU’s site. Could also use Chicago Tribune for slow.
  • Everyone talks, everyone now talks online. Google tries to capture that conversation and use it to determine relevancy.
    (ask, when its time to pick a restaurant for dinner and you’re ready for something new, where do you go to find it? How many go to Google? How about Yelp? Any others?)
    Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + , Instagram, O.M.G. the list doesn’t end…
  • -Does anyone remember what PPC stands for?
    Google is a business, so the paid search ad must be relevant.
  • I was trying to be a good wife, and after cutting the cable cord to save money, I was looking for a way for my husband to watch Bronco games. After I checked out NFL Rewind, they followed me around the Internet with ads like this.
  • Bid based on keywords, or content placement on relevant sites.
  • One blog post, 3 different companies stalking me.

    What should we take in to consideration as markters with retargeting? Are there products that aren’t appropriate for retargeting?
  • Ask: Who knows what engagement metrics are? Can anyone name a metric that could show that a visitor is engaged? (pages per visit, time on site, bounce rate)
  • For brand, dominate by targeting both.

    For non-brand, supplement one another. Experiment with paid to inform SEO, use paid when SEO is down for an important term.
  • You get what you pay for. Don’t pay for crap.
  • Introduction to Search Marketing for New Marketers and Students

    1. 1. By: Lauren L Perfors Search Marketing Organic & Paid Search 101
    2. 2. Hi, I am Lauren. Work Here Studied Here Play Here
    3. 3. How We’re Going to Get Through This • Search Marketing Overview • A SERP • SEO & PPC • Where Users Search • The Mysterious Algorithm • How to Hire An Agency • How to Learn More • Questions • Time to Wake Up, I’m Done.
    4. 4. Search Marketing Paid •Pay for Visibility •Only Exist When Paying Organic •Natural •Determined to be the Best by Search Engines
    5. 5. Let’s Pick Apart a SERP
    6. 6. Let’s Pick Apart a SERP
    7. 7. SEO “I want long term visibility that LASTS!” • = Search Engine Optimization • Working to gain natural/organic/free listings on search engines. • Proving that YOUR website is the BEST • Long Term Strategy
    8. 8. PPC “I NEED to be #1 TOMORROW!” • = Pay Per Click • Also Called: Paid Media, Paid Search, Sometimes SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • Gaining traffic by purchasing ad placement on search engines. • Instant, trackable ROI • No direct residual benefits
    9. 9. Not Mobile? Just Go Home. Page 1 Bottom, Page 2 “There’s a 2ND PAGE?! What…?” –Every mobile user, Everywhere.
    10. 10. SoLoMo… So Yesterday Social Local Mobile
    11. 11. The Major Players A Few Others 65% US 20% US Don’t forget us! 1.2%... Your grandmother uses us all the time!
    12. 12. Google… a Business • Since 1998 • Initial goal academically-based • Called search engines who had gone commercial as “black art” • Link metric based algorithm
    13. 13. Bing… a (copycat) Business • Since 2009 • Powers Yahoo! • 20% U.S. Search + Another 12% With Yahoo! • Initial Goal Business-Based: Microsoft Scared NOT to Enter Search • Default in IE Browser (who uses that…)
    14. 14. Come So Far… 1997: 1 in 4 finds itself. Lucky us, they outgrew that. 1994: 110,000 pages Today, 23 Billion pages
    15. 15. How to Tell Google YOU’RE the BEST On-Site: Through Your AWESOME Website Off-Site: Through Everyone Else’s Websites BRIBERY!! à Pay for Visibility with PPC
    16. 16. Google SEO: The Algorithm Mystery “Think” like a person to answer questions like a person. •Related text, especially in headings •Trustworthy brand •Functional What would a person look for? Link metric-based
    17. 17. SEO: Google Gets Up in Yo’ Grill • Where Are You? • Who Do You Talk To Online? • What Else Do You Look At on the Web? (Hmm.. That could get ugly) Example: Asana is a task management system I use. Instant results show it’s most commonly associated with yoga. But my search history shows I want, so it comes up first before yoga or even Wikipedia.
    18. 18. SEO: On-Site Optimization • Content – Have it. – Make it original. – Make it fun/engaging/exciting. – Rinse and repeat. Constantly. • Technical – Make it work. – Error-free. – Lightning fast. – Crawlable. #1 #2 A 404 Error Page
    19. 19. SEO: Off-Site Promotions • Local • Social • Press/News • Blogs
    20. 20. Mastering PPC PPC has an algorithm of its own (yep, scary), so things like relevancy, quality content, and CTR count. Google makes sure ads are relevant to searches. You can’t trick Google. Your ad REALLY has to match the website page where you send the user. Related URL Related Ad Text
    21. 21. PPC Big Types Text Ads Display Banners
    22. 22. PPC Main Methods Keyword Bids • Searching for cookies? We have cookies. Content Placement • Reading about school? Check out this pretty picture of OUR school.
    23. 23. PPC Main Methods • Think you can escape? Think again. • Text + display • Search + content Retargeting
    24. 24. How to Show Success: SEO • Rankings • Traffic • Engagement Image Source: Lawton Digital Marketing Reporting Platform
    25. 25. How to Show Success: PPC Traffic Leads Conversions
    26. 26. Why SEO & PPC Must Be Friends • Optimized and executed differently, but work together for Google SERP DOMINATION. • Keyword Strategy Sync • Cost Efficiency
    27. 27. Hiring An Agency: A Good SEO Firm • Regular Reporting – Rankings – Traffic • Talks Through Algo Changes • GA Certified Staff • Most Offer Flat Fee Monthly Contracts
    28. 28. Hiring an Agency: A Good PPC Firm • Regular Detailed Reporting – Traffic – Conversions – Leads • AdWords Certified Staff • Most Charge Variable Monthly Spend % With Minimum Monthly Fee – Creative is Usually Extra
    29. 29. Wrap It Up 2 Big Areas Make Up Search Marketing • Organic • Paid SEO • Complex & Long Term Results • Constantly changing • Prove to Google You’re the BEST Result PPC • Instant Results • Limited Only By Your Budget • Buying Your Top SERP Placement
    30. 30. Questions
    31. 31. Fascinated? Entranced? Learn More • SEO – Search Engine Land – – Moz – – Google search this: “Google Beginner’s Guide to SEO” – download the PDF (the URL string is super long) • PPC – Inside AdWords – – PPC Hero – – PPC Academy by Search Engine Land -
    32. 32. Thank You!