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STATE-OF-THE-ART as a service: from paper to api


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Introduction to the Wide Eyes Fashion Visual Search API at Barcelona API Days Mediterranea, the independent conference on APIS, NLP and language technology. Why APIS are the best way to deliver this technology? How can a scientific paper be converted on a deliverable product abstracting most of its complexity?

Wide Eyes has developed a unique image recognition technology and visual search engine for the fashion and eCommerce industry, that goes beyond the limits of the state-of-the-art. This technology allow users, not only discover fashion through images but also index, search, tagg and find images without using a single word. Today, we can truly change the paradigm and claim: “a picture doesn’t worth 1000 words… a picture worth a picture”

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STATE-OF-THE-ART as a service: from paper to api

  1. 1. STATE-OF-THE-ART AS A SERVICE - from paper to api - Rodolfo Guichon | @WideEyesTech #APIdayBCN  ‘15
  2. 2. About us • Scalable platform and structured teams o address other geographies and industries • High scalability with long-life cycle customers. • No idiomatic or geographical barriers. • Top tier advisory board including two of the most worldwide renown researchers in the field. • Founded by computer vision geeks and scientists & senior tech-focused MBA entrepreneurs.
 • Balanced key functions coupled with ambition-driven culture • Key partnerships with industry-leading companies (Logisfashion and Zeil24) • State of the art technology creates a high- end offering and a strong entry barrier for potential competitors. • Best functionalities and most effective search results compared to other existing solutions. WIDE EYESTECHNOLOGIES TEAM HIGHLEVEL ADVISORYBOARD PARTNERS ROLL.-OUT READY BUSINESS MODEL TECHNOLOGY #APIdayBCN ‘15
  3. 3. Computer Vision Technology #APIdayBCN ‘15
  4. 4. Technology - How It Works Intelligent  Adap-ve  system Visual  Matching MATCH Universal  Image  Sourcing Internet  of  Things CAPTURE Ar-ficial  Intelligence UNDERSTAND Similar  PaAern  Retrieval Massive  Parallel  Clustering Deep  learning  &  Machine  learning SEARCH #APIdayBCN ‘15
  5. 5. Product-B2C    SMART  VISUAL  SHOPPER  APP Fashion Visual Search through camera pictures Similar items in color and pattern Best clothing matching ¡SHOP! Semantic Search B2C #APIdayBCN ‘15
  6. 6. Product-B2C • Visual Search: Find any type of clothes through a picture for any product inside your database or e-commerce • Refinement: Search refinements based in the visual similarities of the items (colour, patterns…) • Matching: Match any type of clothing items (Bag-Shoe, jacket- trousers…) based in colour similarities and fashion trends ( fashion trends yet to come) • Inspiring: Recommend from any kind of colours, patterns to find similar colours and patterns in clothing of your database • Shopping: All e-commerce features to buy once the item is founded Functionalities • Showrooming - Omnichannel: Users can find similar articles off- line and search them on-line • Marketing: Experience tested with final users, that increases Average Basket and improve UX. • Attraction: Powerful tool that attract users to its use due to a high usability and feasibility. • Improve m-conversions: Allow users to find what they are looking for, so churn rates are lower compared to other systems. • Innovation: “human-friendly” look & field. What most of the women have been looking for! Find through magazine, street…! totally different from today´s searching engines. Applications    SMART  VISUAL  SHOPPER  APP B2C #APIdayBCN ‘15
  7. 7. SaaS / API Solutions API Wide Eyes Technology has a platform-agnostic scalable approach, providing all solutions (We Vision, We Recommend and We Recognize) for any kind of e-commerce and fashion companies on mobile, tablet and laptop environments through: Our goal is to facilitate the access to our technology 
 to different profiles reducing the time and the cost of integration #APIdayBCN ‘15
  8. 8. SaaS / API solutions – We Vision Functionalities • Visual Search through images captured by users. • Finds similar products to one in 
 an image from a database. • Behavioural and transaction-based search results (not random). • Delivers the most accurate results when comparing similar products. Benefits • Higher conversion rates in cross and up- selling. • Reduced time of product searching, improving metrics • Reduction on basket drop-out rates. • Powerful marketing tool for users. • One click, with automatic integration • No need to get to 24th page to find the right product The Next generation of Visual Search Engines API API #APIdayBCN ‘15
  9. 9. SaaS / API solutions – We Recognize Functionalities • Learning algorithms intelligently recognize different pixels and shapes belonging to different objects. • The system fully recognizes and extracts differentiated parts of the body and fashion-related elements 
 to find the same or similar fashion articles contained in the image, without human interaction. Key Benefits • Plug & Play Technology. Drag&drop images to find similar products. • Customizable and fully adapted to different client needs. • Powerful Marketing and Selling tool. The system is able to recognize what is in the picture, clothes and accessories, and match with similar articles in a database. • Advertising: Contextual Information that improve CTR results • Auto-tagging: Creates taggs automatically from image content. WE RECOGNIZE API #APIdayBCN ‘15
  10. 10. SaaS / API solutions – We Recomend The Next generation of Recommendation Engines Functionalities • Smart recommendations for clothing combinations • Machine deep learning from databases (more than 2 yr. and millions of images Benefits • Cloth-matching recommendations based on fashion trends and also geo-localized views and transactions. • Increase Average Basket weight. • Improve Cross-selling. API #APIdayBCN ‘15
  11. 11. “I know you understand what I said, but what you don’t understand is that what I say is not what I mean” Requirement Engineering S/W #APIdayBCN ‘15
  12. 12. 1. Inception Bye 1. Business need 2. Potential new market or service #APIdayBCN ‘15
  13. 13. 2. Elicitation Bye Identify the problem Propose elements of the solution Negotiate different approaches Specify a preliminary set of solution requirements #APIdayBCN ‘15
  14. 14. 3. Elaboration Bye Expand and refine information obtained during inception and elicitation #APIdayBCN ‘15
  15. 15. 4. Negotiation Bye Negotiate what can and what cannot be achieved Negotiate conflicting requirements Priorize requirements (cost, risk) #APIdayBCN ‘15
  16. 16. 5. Specification Bye Detailed description of all aspects of the software will be built must be specified before the project is to commerce. #APIdayBCN ‘15
  17. 17. 6. Validation Bye Requirements validation examines the specification to ensure that all software requirements have been stated unambiguously; that inconsistencies, omissions and errors have been detected and corrected and that the work products conforms to the standards established for the requires software product. #APIdayBCN ‘15
  18. 18. 7. Management Bye Set of activities to help the project team identify, control and track requirements and changes at any time as the project proceeds. #APIdayBCN ‘15
  19. 19. Rodolfo Guichon | THANKS!