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Winext presentation 20101009


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Published in: Technology
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Winext presentation 20101009

  1. 1. Company Profile Turin, September 2010
  2. 2. Wi-Next, Everything Can Be Part of a Network Wi-next, born from a group of researcher at the Polytechnic of Turin, is an Italian Company that offers products and innovative solutions for the creation of Wireless Broadband Networks automatic, reliable and cost effective
  3. 3. N.A.A.W. Technology On each N. A. A. W. device there is a proprietary firmware that allows to manage automatically : • Network Configuration (self-generated and self-managed). • Connections among different nodes calibrating the consumption of resources on the effective network requirements. • Real time routing of packages optimizing the path.
  4. 4. Wi-Next is included in the Incubator of Innovative Companies of the Politecnico of Turin Wi-Next launched on the market the N.A.A.W. Wi-Fi Mesh family equipments. By half of the year run on the italian market the N.A.A.W. Enterprise, N.A.A.W. Xtend, N.A.A.W. Connect and Naawigo Wi-Next launched the Business Partner Program for the certification of the System Integrator. It launched on the italian market the Naawigo Mini, the smallest Wi-Fi mesh router Wi-Next was acquired from Carpaneto Sati Group and consolidates its commercial structure by important agreements with national distributors. By the end of the year launch on the market the 802.11n mesh technology Wi-Next will launch on the market the first Wi-Fi mesh based telecontrol system for public and street lighting and a line of Wi-Fi mesh sensor equipments.
  5. 5. CARPANETO Networking, by the products of AST, WIT and Wi- Next, designs and sells networking solutions able to satisfy the needs of a growing market Middle East Commercial Office Cairo IT Infrastructure and Data Server Solutions Barcelona HeadQuarter Turin Wi-Fi Mesh Solutions Turin Telecontrol Solutions Nice (France)
  6. 6. N.A.A.W. Enterprise New generation wi-fi mesh devices for the creation of widespread wireless networks N.A.A.W. Xtend The most flexible and economic solution to extend the coverage of a wireless network and to provide outdoor hot spot services N.A.A.W. Connect The best wi-fi device to connect houses and offices to an existing wireless network Naawigo e Naawigo Mini The power, reliability and easyness of use of N.A.A.W. Technology for the creation of indoor wireless mesh networks N.A.A.W. equipments
  7. 7. N.A.A.W. ENTERPRISE Multifunctional Wi-Fi Mesh Outdoor Router • Self-supporting polyethylene plastic box without welding ( IP66 ) • 4 radio 802.11a /b/g configurable separately • Use mode : • Mesh • Hiperlan • Bridge • AP • 2 Integrated Antennas • 5 Ghz 17 dbi – 16° • 2.4 Ghz 9 dbi – 90° • Up to 4 external antennas • Web based configuration interface
  8. 8. N.A.A.W. XTEND Multifunctional Wi-Fi Mesh Outdoor Router •Self-supporting polyethylene plastic box without welding ( IP66 ) • 2 or 3 Radios 802.11a/b/g configurable separately • Use mode : • Mesh • Hiperlan • Bridge • AP • 2 integrated antennas • 5 Ghz 17 dbi – 16° • 2.4 Ghz 9 dbi – 90° • Up to 3 external antennas • Web based configuration interface
  9. 9. N.A.A.W. Connect Wi-Fi Outdoor Mesh Client • Waterproof Plastic Box • 1 radio 802.11a or 802.11b/g • Use mode : • Mesh • Hiperlan • Bridge • AP • CPE • 1 integrated antenna • 5 Ghz 13 dbi – 30 or 2.4 Ghz 8 dbi – 60° • Connection for external antenna • Indicators Led • Web based configuration interface
  10. 10. Naawigo Access Point Mesh Indoor •1 radio 802.11a/b/g or 802.11b/g • Use mode : • Mesh •Bridge • AP • Repeater • SMA connector for external antenna • Indicators Led • Web based configuration interface
  11. 11. Solar Power Kit The Solar Power Kit for N.A.A.W. Wi-Fi equipments is a completely made in italy solutions borned from the integration of Carpaneto Sati Group technologies for the alternative energy and Wi-Next technologies for Wi-Fi mesh Solutions. Major Features : – No need to link to electricity system – Simple to install on a wide range of standard poles – The guidance of solar panel is independent from the pointing system of the radios – an energy accumulation system with battery is included in the kit for a 24 hours operation – Fully compatible with N.A.A.W. family Wi-Fi equipements – Possibility to install camera and sensors – integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi mesh equipments ( optional ) Thanks to the simple installation and flexibility of use, it is indicated for the creation of links and Wi-Fi hot spot on the beaches, Farm holidays, Campings, rural areas.
  12. 12. Simple Hot Spot Simple Hot Spot is the best of breed solution for the management and authentication of the users • Available in : – License mode – Application Service Provider • Access Authentication by : – SMS – Scretch card – Credit Card • Easy to use control panel for the creation of user profiles with different rules of access • Content Management System for the management of all contents ( optional ) • Banner Management ( optional) • The registration and authentication forms are completely embedded on any websyte • Able to manage different captive in different locations
  13. 13. Solutions Metropolitan Networks Enterprise Logistic Retails Tourism Security
  14. 14. Why Wi-Next? • A full range of easy to use Wi-Fi Mesh equipments • Each N.A.A.W. Product is included of a full range of network profile configurations ( Mesh, Bridge, P2P, AP, Hiperlan ) • Each N.A.A.W. Product is equipped with an easy to use control panel for a complete management of all configuration data •Pre Sales support for the best effectiveness of the commercial projects • Online technical support • Continuous online training • Made in Italy technology
  15. 15. Be part of the network Website : Email : Twitter : winext