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About Wisconsin Clean Cities


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About Wisconsin Clean Cities

  1. 1. Driving Wisconsin Forward WISCONSIN CLEAN CITIESAbout Wisconsin Clean CitiesWisconsin Clean Cities (WCC), a nonprofit 501(c)3organization, is one of 87 active U.S. Department ofEnergy (DOE) Clean Cities coalitions in the UnitedStates. The coalition is membership-based and relieson membership participation and dues to accompishtheir mission. In 2010, WCC was comprised of 14members, and in 2012 boasts more than 60 members ̶ a significant growth under new leadership, renewedvitality, and reinstated vision. Wisconsin Clean Cities works to promote petroleum reduction and one method isGoal and Strategies educating fleets and the general public about alternative fuels. WCC holds manyWCC’s mission is to reduce petroleum consumption events throughout the year and often features vehicles, such as compressedand vehicle emissions through the support and natural gas trucks (U.S. Venture pictured).promotion of alternative fuels, alternative fuel andadvanced technology vehicles, and the necessaryfueling infrastructure to sustain the industry. WCC 2011 Petroleum Savings by Technology Typeworks toward their mission of petroleum reduction 2,084,075 gallons of gasoline equivalentsthrough education and outreach, training, acquiring Off-Road Vehicles (3%)necessary funding to implement projects, andstakeholder partnerships. The coalition’s fuel Idle Reduction (16%)portfolio includes biodiesel, electricity, ethanol,natural gas, and propane. Additionally, the coalition Fuel Economyadvocates for idle reduction and fuel economy Improvements (1%)technologies. Alternative Fuel Vehicles (80%)WCC employs three main strategies: 1. Replace petroleum with alternative and renewable fuels; 2. Reduce petroleum consumption through smarter driving practices and fuel economy improvements; 2011 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced by Technology Type 3. Eliminate petroleum use through idle 12,498 tons total reduction and other fuel-saving technologies and practices. Off-Road Vehicles (2%)AccomplishmentsTo measure WCC’s level of success in reducing Idle Reduction (32%)petroleum consumption and greenhouse gases, eachyear WCC gathers data from stakeholders. It gives the Alternative Fuelcoalition a yearly benchmark to set operational goals Vehicles (63%)and gives Wisconsin a chance to show the U.S. DOEthe incredible efforts in the state. In 2011, Wisconsin Fuel Economywas 7th out of 87 coalitions for reduced petroleum Improvements (3%)consumption (gasoline gallon equivalents or GGEs) Wisconsin Clean Cities | 231 W. Michigan St., P321 | Milwaukee, WI 53203
  2. 2. Wisconsin Clean Cities · www.wicleancities.org · Page 2 Compressed Natural Gas in Over-the-Road Trucks Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) has 35 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks on the road. PTI has logged over 2.4 million miles with natural gas powered trucks, and has formed a joint venture to build public-access CNG fueling stations throughout the regions in which they operate. The first station opened in Green Bay last January and two have been added since with two more planned for early 2013. In promoting the natural gas industry, PTI advocates natural gas as a transportation fuel to their competitors, sharing technical expertise with other carriers looking to explore CNG as an alternative fuel source. Additionally, PTI has lent itself to test prototype compressed natural gas products, putting into service a Kenworth and a Freightliner tractor powered by the CWI ISX-12G CNG engine. They have also been instrumental in working with and testing APG dual-fuel technology. PTI has been and continues to be a leader and pioneer in the natural gas truck market. PTI is a member of Wisconsin Clean Cities, and Jeff Shefchik, President of PTI, serves on the board of directors.and greenhouse gases (tons). As a whole, the by serving as a community-government- Partnerscoalition reduced a total of 2,084,075 GGEs business partnership of select industry WCC’s members consist of more than 60(equivalent to 49,620 barrels of oil or around participants in Southeast Wisconsin’s severe private and public organizations and1.9 million liters of soda) and 12,498 tons of ozone nonattainment region, encompassing individuals that support WCC’s mission ofgreenhouse gas emissions (equivalent to Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, Kenosha, petroleum reduction and energy security.taking 2,451 passenger vehicles off the road). Milwaukee, and Racine counties. WCC’s supporters include: U.S. Venture (Diamond), We Energies (Diamond),Wisconsin Clean Transportation Program In 1998, the WCC program made the ANGI Energy Systems (Platinum), AmeriGasThe State Energy Office, in partnership with transition to become an independent, self- (Gold), Clean Energy Fuels (Gold), CumminsWCC, was able to bring $15 million from the sustaining nonprofit coalition within the NPower (Gold), General Motors (Gold), KwikAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act Southeastern Wisconsin community. In July Trip (Gold), Paper Transport, Inc. (Gold),(ARRA) funding into Wisconsin for the 1999, WCC hired its first Executive Director, ROUSH CleanTech (Gold), Truck Countrypurchase of alternative fueling infrastructure and was housed out of the downtown office of (Gold), Wisconsin Kenworth (Gold), Trilliumand vehicles. Further, the program has the local utility, We Energies. Today, WCC is CNG (Gold).leveraged an additional $17 million in housed in the same building.cost-share from its 37 partners across the state. WCC Members gain the benefit of beingThe mission of the Wisconsin Clean WCC has grown since its humble beginnings. connected to the other 86 Clean CitiesTransportation Program (WCTP) is to In 2011, WCC started an initiative to expand coalitions across the United States ̶ more thansignificantly reduce petroleum consumption its designation to encompass the entire state 10,400 other stakeholders. Some other benefitsand emissions, and is anticipated to displace in order to reflect the work they do outside of members gain include:over 1.6 million gallons of petroleum each Southeastern Wisconsin. • Networking opportunities with fleets andyear. Since its inception, the program has industry partners;updated or installed 13 private and 4 public Over the last 18 years, the Board of Directors • Technical training, seminars, and webinars; fueling or electric charging stations, and has increased from 5 members to over 12, • Information resources on alternative fuels,deployed more than 220 vehicles. membership is at a decade high, and the advanced vehicles, idle reduction, and other number of stakeholders is well over 2,000. technologies that reduce petroleum use;History Since 2005, WCC and its partners have • Assistance with funding applications andThe coalition was established in 1994 and displaced almost 13 million gasoline gallon technical troubleshooting;located within the State Department of equivalents of petroleum through the • Information about funding opportunitiesAdministration’s Madison office building, promotion of alternative fuels, advanced from the U.S. Department of Energy, stateunder the Bureau of Transportation Services. technology vehicles, and supporting and local government agencies, nonprofits, infrastructure. and foundations; andThe WCC organization had direct benefit to • Public recognition for progress inthe Governor’s Alternative Fuels Task Force reducing petroleum consumption.
  3. 3. Wisconsin Clean Cities · www.wicleancities.org · Page 3Wisconsin Clean Cities Board of DirectorsThe primary role of the Board of Directors is to provide overall guidance and policy to makefinal decisions on pivotal issues. The Board consists of representatives from bothpublic and private voting member organizations. Members of the Board serve three year terms,are elected by vote, and required to be dues paying members in good standing. Jeff Bach Al Bartell Technical Support & Training Manager Fleet Repair Supervisor American Diesel Systems City of Milwaukee Katrina Bell Craig Fischer Marketing Coordinator Sales Director ANGI Energy Systems Dual Fuel Systems Ruanna Hayes Matt Jarmuz Alternative Fuels Specialist Director of Sales Kwik Trip Odyne Systems, LLC Jerry Medinger Ken Neusen, PhD Manager - Clean Fuels & Vehicle Techs Director Emeritus - Center for Alt Fuels American Lung Association in Wisconsin University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Bryan Nudelbacher Bob Reagan Business Analyst Senior Service Manager U.S. Venture We Energies Jeff Shefchik Mary Smarelli President President Paper Transport, Inc. Transit Express George T. Stone Instructor of Natural Science Milwaukee Area Technical College Auxiliary Board Members: Matthew Carr Martin Franzkowiak General Sales Manager Account Manager Cummins NPower Ferrellgas Tim Glynn Director of Development & Marketing for Alternative Fuels E.H. Wolf and Sons Why Join Wisconsin Clean Cities? “As a manufacturer of CNG fueling equipment, it’s convenient having a high percentage of our customers affiliated with a common association like the Wisconsin Clean Cities Coalition. They offer clean fueling partners support in specialized events, funding, technical assistance, and reference information. It’s an easy decision to support Wisconsin Clean Cities.” ̶ Dan Hicks, Midwest Regional Sales Manager, ANGI Energy Systems “Wisconsin Clean Cities gave us the tools that were instrumental to begin the conversion of our fleet from diesel to CNG. This conversion will reduce harmful emissions and significant costs for our operation – a win-win for everyone. Wisconsin Clean Cities has provided us with the information we need to continue to make a positive impact on our community.” ̶ Lisa Morris, HR and Safety Manager, Time Transport, Inc.
  4. 4. Wisconsin Clean Cities · www.wicleancities.org · Page 4 Kwik Trip Makes Major Investments in Alternative Fueling Retail Stations Kwik Trip built the nation’s first truly alternative fuels station in La Crosse, WI – a personal investment of $3 million dollars. The design of the station itself incorporates 10 transportation fuels, including CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG), under a single canopy to achieve a one-stop fueling experience for the general public. As of January 2013, Kwik Trip has six locations offering CNG – which sells for between $1.59 and $1.79 per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) in Wisconsin, and plans to open an additional 10 stations in 2013 within their territory (Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Kwik Trip’s own natural gas vehicle (NGV) fleet will serve as part of the anchor load. Kwik Trip maintains a fleet of about 400 vehicles which travel over 18 million miles annually. They have just begun to transform their fleet and currently operate over 20 NGVs ranging from light-duty vehicles to Class 8 trucks. Kwik Trip is an activist for the natural gas industry and strongly advocates the nationwide adoption of natural gas to be a standard fuel instead of an alternative fuel. Kwik Trip is also a member of Wisconsin Clean Cities.Wisconsin Clean Cities ContactsContact us with any questions or information about Wisconsin Clean Cities or our mission. Lorrie Lisek Emily DeVillers Heather Goetsch Executive Director Program Associate Program Associate (414) 221-4958 (414) 221-2509 (414) 221-4487 Lorrie.Lisek@WICleanCities.org Emily.DeVillers@WICleanCities.org Heather.Goetsch@WICleanCities.org info@wicleancities.org facebook.com/wisconsinCC Wisconsin Clean Cities 231 W. Michigan St., P321 Milwaukee, WI 53203 (414) 221-4958 info@wicleancities.org twitter.com/wccsea youtube.com/wccsea www.wicleancities.org linkedin.com/company/wiscon- flickr.com/wicleancities sin-clean-cities