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Evolution marketing presentation


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Lisa Geason-Bauer, Evolution Marketing, presented information on her fleet experiences and barriers from implementing an EV into her fleet for Wisconsin Clean Cities EV Basics & Barriers webinar.

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Evolution marketing presentation

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  2. 2. About  EM  -­‐   We are an environmental communications and marketing firm that offers marketing, public relations and creative design services to businesses, organizations and gov’t units. • Our clients are engaged in sustainability (local food, green technology, energy conservation, etc) or they prefer to have all of their marketing materials produced in a sustainable manner. • Evolution Marketing is managed and operated in a sustainable manner, meaning that over the last five years we have focused decision making around a number of actions that have helped our business to be leaner and greener •At Evolution Marketing we believe sustainability can only be accomplished by taking a holistic systems wide approach to management of the business. Since 2008 we have taken steps and completed initiatives within nine areas of sustainability: water, waste, energy, climate change, supply chain, governance, workforce, community and transportation.   2  
  3. 3. 217,686  Plug  in  Vehicles  sold  in  the  US  (from  Dec  2010  to  the  end  of  May  2014),   vehicle  count  based  on  EDTA  count  of  US  sales  of  211,097  plug  in  vehicles  (BEH,   PHEVs,  EREV’s)       Total  US  charging  staOons  =  8,  301         3  
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  6. 6. *  Over  the  last  2  years  we  have  parOcipated  in  several  different  educaOonal   programs,  acOviOes  showcasing  our  vehicle  (everything  from  the  Oconomowoc   Chamber  of  Commerce  Harvest  Fest  to  the  2012  Odyssey  Event  above)   *  This  means  that  my  staff  needs  to  understand  how  the  car  works  and  be  able  to   communicate  abut  our  experiences  with  it  in  a  clear  and  concise  manner.   *This  also  means  that  we  have  had  to  deal  with  a  fair  number  of  folks  who  are   uneducated  about  EV’s,  carbon  foot  prints,  etc….  We  have  an  EV  binder  that  contains   informaOon  about  our  experiences  with  our  Leaf,  so  that  if  someone  wants  to  know   they  can  read  the  binder,  visit  the  links  etc….     *  Our  website  has  an  ongoing  case  study  about  our  experiences  related  to  this   vehicle,  we  recommend  that  before  you  purchase  any  vehicle  you  actually  do  an   analysis  of  how  you  currently  use  your  vehicle  and  how  you  plan  to  use  the  new   vehicle.    An  EV  is  not  for  everyone!!   6  
  7. 7. *If  I  had  a  quarter  for  every  Ome  someone  in  the  public  thought  that  we  worked  for   Nissan,  I  would  be  a  millionaire!!    *Since  EvoluOon  MarkeOng  is  an  environmental   markeOng  and  communicaOons  firm  who  works  with  lots  of  environmental  not  for   profits,  as  well  as  within  the  sustainable  business  world  we  are  asked  to  adend  many   events/fairs  &  conferences.    *When  the  public  learns  that  we  do  not  work  for  Nissan  the  quesOons  really  come   out  about  the  car.     The  picture  above  was  taken  in  Dec.  2012  at  the  WI  Sustainable  Business  Council   Annual  Conference  held  at  American  Family  in  Madison.    The  sign  in  the  window  of   the  vehicle  was  put  up  to  direct  the  employees  at  Corp.  HQ’s  to  the  EvoluOon   MarkeOng  booth  inside  if  they  had  quesOons  etc….     7  
  8. 8. *We  encourage  folks  to  think  about  how  they  drive.     What  does  your  carbon  foot  print  look  like  for  your  business?    Are  your  customers   concerned  about  your  businesses  or  organizaOons  CO2  foot  print?    Do  they  want   products  that  can  be  cerOfied  carbon  neutral?    Do  you  have  a  sales  team  that  is   driving  all  over  the  state  of  WI?    Or  are  your  deliveries  all  local?    What  type  of   vehicles  do  you  have  now?  What  are  you  paying  per  month?  Really  dig  into  how  your   business  manages  transportaOon  issues.     There  are  so  many  more  opOons  today,  more  so  then  probably  ever  before  due  to   technology.     We  also  encourage  business  folks  to  really  think  about  what  there  customers  are   demanding/expecOng  and  where  there  market  is  moving  in  the  future.    At  EvoluOon   MarkeOng  we  did  a  carbon  foot  print  analysis  back  in  2009/2010  to  see  where  carbon   was  an  issue.    You  are  not  going  to  know  unOl  you  start  track  your  energy  use   etc….we  figured  out  that  over  90%  of  the  carbon  in  our  system  was  from  the   vehicle(s)  that  we  used  to  drive  to  meet  clients.    So  invesOng  in  a  zero  emission   vehicle  made  sense  to  our  business.     Picture  above:    The  photo  above  was  taken  at  the  Waukesha  County  Green  Team     8  
  9. 9. Over  the  last  2  years  we  have  given  many  rides  to  clients  and  their  staff  as  well  as  to   total  strangers  who  showed  up  at  an  event  and  wanted  to  learn  more  about  the   vehicle.    I  know  that  the  EvoluOon  MarkeOng  Leaf  has  inspired  at  least  3  people  to   purchase  Volts  and  1  business  owner  to  get  a  Ford  C-­‐Max  Energi  PHEV.  Mind  you   these  are  the  people  who  have  told  me  that!     9  
  10. 10. •  Last  week  I  was  asked  to  adend  the  grand  opening  of  the  new  Outpost  Foods  store   in  Mequon  WI,  and  present  a  talk  on  EV  charging  staOons/EV’s  and  trends  in   consumer  behavior.    The  photo  above  is  a  picture  of  my  EV  next  to  the  new  Charge   Point  Charging  staOon.  Many  of  my  colleagues  within  the  sustainability  world  (i.e.   sustainability  managers,  directors  etc…)  are  receiving  feedback  from  their  customers   who  want  EV  charging  staOons.    Before  this  store  was  built  I  was  approached  by  the   Sustainability  Manager  at  Outpost  about  different  charging  opOons  for  there  store.    I   have  spoken  to  many  folks  in  the  green  building  world  as  well  as  the  construcOon   industry  that  have  customers  who  are  interested  in  learning  about  EV  charging   staOons  and  what  type  of  staOon  would  make  the  most  sense  for  them.       10  
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