Green Fleet Vehicle: A Leaf Case Study


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Presented by Lisa Geason-Bauer, President, Evolution Marketing, on October 4, 2012, at an Odyssey Day focused on Wisconsin Fleets and hosted by Wisconsin Clean Cities.

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  • 1. The energy economy for the Evolution Marketing green fleet vehicle is about 4.78 miles per kWh. This equates to about .02 cents a mile for electricity to operate the fleet vehicle. National industry standards for the Nissan Leaf are 3.4 miles per kWh. 2. The Evolution Marketing Leaf has grown 173 ECO–trees, which means over 1,150 lbs. of CO2 was not produced. The Leaf is zero emission, it does not produce harmful pollutants such as: particulates (soot), hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, carbon dioxide, and various oxides of nitrogen. 3. All electrical energy used to run the business, office and fleet vehicle are purchased through Oconomowoc Utilities Green Power Partner Program (the electricity is made from 100% renewable energy that is green–E certified). 4. The Leaf regenerates energy as it is driven, to date about 20.2% of the energy consumed a month is from regeneration. If we would have been paying for gasoline the expense would have been….2200 / 25 = 88 gallons @ $3.80 = $334.40
  • Green Fleet Vehicle: A Leaf Case Study

    1. 1. Green Fleet Vehicle: A Leaf Case Study Presented by:Lisa Geason-Bauer, Evolution Marketing
    2. 2. About Evolution Marketing• We are an environmental communicationsand marketing firm that offers marketing,public relations and creative design servicesto businesses, organizations and gov’t units.• Our clients are engaged in sustainability(local food, green technology, energyconservation, etc) or they prefer to have all oftheir marketing materials produced in asustainable manner.
    3. 3. History of Evolution Marketing vehicle UseJan 1st, 2008 – Dec. 31st, 2011• 26,865 miles driven – approx. 6,716 miles per yr• approx. 10.5 tons CO2 generated (vehicle had average fuel economy of 25 mpg)•approx. expense for gasoline (2008-2011) was $3072.46Projected expense for gasoline in 2012 was$980.00 (based on $3.5 per gallon price)
    4. 4. Factors not included in chart• Charging Leaf at dealerships or one of the many FREE charging stations in WI• The only expense for yrly maintenance is one tire rotation. No oil changes, fluid changes etc….• Use of eco-friendly driving techniques will increase overall mile per Kilowatt hr. performance (i.e. energy economy of vehicle)
    5. 5. Why the Leaf makes CENTS!• The majority of our clients are within a 30-mile radius of Oconomowoc /office.• Driving in ECO-mode increases the driving range for the vehicle (over 120 miles)• Evolution Marketing only drives about 7000 miles per yr.• Purchasing renewable energy from the electric company is cost effective.• Great advertising opportunity – showcase brand everywhere we go!
    6. 6. The Leaf will help Evolution Marketing to furtherdemonstrate to the public our mission, which isto operate in the most environmentallyresponsible manner possible, while providingthe highest quality of services to our customers.Using the Leaf as both a marketing andadvertising tool will further help to not only raiseawareness of our business, but also help toeducate the public about the services weoffer and alternative transportation options.
    7. 7. SustainabilityAt Evolution Marketing we believe sustainabilitycan only be accomplished by taking a holisticsystems wide approach to management ofthe business.Since 2008 we have taken steps andcompleted initiatives within nine areas ofsustainability: water, waste, energy, climatechange, supply chain, governance, workforce,community and transportation.
    8. 8. TransparencyThe Evolution Marketing Leaf is chargedwith electricity that is generated from 100%renewable energy. The electric energy ispurchased through Oconomowoc UtilitiesGreen Power Partner Program and theelectricity is Green E-Certified.
    9. 9. Questions ?Lisa Geason-BauerPresidentEvolution Marketing llc262-354-0341Lisa@evmkting.comFollow at