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Espar Heater Systems


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Espar Heater Systems explains how school buses can reduce their idling and still keep their drivers and passengers warm

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Espar Heater Systems

  1. 1. A WORLD OF COMFORT SustainableSustainable Idle ReductionIdle Reduction ProgramsPrograms “Fuel-Operated Heaters....They Just Make Sense“
  2. 2. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 2 We All Agree......Clean Air is GoodWe All Agree......Clean Air is Good Maintaining Emission Reduction MomentumMaintaining Emission Reduction Momentum • Program to provide the best return at minimal cost • High emissions reduction vs. financial investment • Good for the property • Good for the taxpayer
  3. 3. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 3 Fuel-Operated Heaters are that ProgramFuel-Operated Heaters are that Program Idle Reduction – Provides True Engine-Off SavingsIdle Reduction – Provides True Engine-Off Savings • Relatively inexpensive to fund • Easy to install and maintain • Reduce emissions as much as 90% versus idling • Applicable to almost any application
  4. 4. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 4 FOH - Key to Sustainable IR ProgramsFOH - Key to Sustainable IR Programs Most Effective Package - For the ProviderMost Effective Package - For the Provider • Help extend the life of funded aftertreatment devices • Help extend the life of funded engine replacements • Reduces fuel consumption – waste oil production • Best emissions reduction for the investment DERDER AA
  5. 5. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 5 FOH - Key to Sustainable IR ProgramsFOH - Key to Sustainable IR Programs Most Effective Package - For the UserMost Effective Package - For the User • Very well accepted by drivers • Increase equipment reliability • Reduce engine and component wear • Reduce DOC/DPF regen cycles and repair costs • Reduce fuel consumed - by up to $1,100 per unit • More effective than plug-ins
  6. 6. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 6 Evolution of Idle Reduction PlatformsEvolution of Idle Reduction Platforms Spec for a Truly Sustainable ProgramSpec for a Truly Sustainable Program • Latest heater technology • Most effective controller packages • Lowest cost of ownership available • Highest fuel and emissions reduction possible • Benefits drivers, technicians, managers - citizens
  7. 7. Espar Heater Systems 2010 / 7 For whatever’s in your fleet……For whatever’s in your fleet…… Now available inNow available in Diesel - GasDiesel - Gas CNGCNG Dale R. Peay / VP Regional SalesDale R. Peay / VP Regional Sales Phone (901) 647-9960 EmailPhone (901) 647-9960 Email