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Cummins NPower CNG Engines


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Presented by Dave Ver Cauteren, Cummins NPower, on October 18, 2012 at the Wisconsin Clean Cities Odyssey Day event hosted by GAIN Clean Fuel.

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Cummins NPower CNG Engines

  1. 1. Cummins WestportThe Natural ChoiceNatural Gas and VehiclesJune 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Market Changes ISL-G, ISX12-G – Technology – Product features and benefits – Differences – (CNG vs Diesel) – Tech Specs / maintenance intervals / ratings – Value Spec – Availability 2
  3. 3. Heavy Duty Market – Primary DriversThe market is moving….Large oil and gas Truck OEMs and Fuel Fleetsproducers Providers oTesting NG vehicleso Investing in LNG oExpanding product oLooking to innovateproduction offering the business model oBuilding infrastructure Cummins Westport Confidential 3
  4. 4. Natural Gas is a Safe Fuel CNG LNG Liquid fuels Lighter than air  Heavier than air Rises  Descends Doesn’t accumulate in low places  Accumulates in low places Rich mixture burns off slowly  Rich mixture explodes Ignites at temperatures of approx.  Gas and diesel vapors ignite at 600 C approx. 200 C Non toxic  Toxic, especially gasoline Odorless-detection fragrance is  Strong inherent odor added  Evaporates slowly at room Evaporates quickly temperature
  5. 5. Why Cummins Westport Natural Gas Engines? Environmental Leadership  Meet Regulated 2010 EPA/CARB /Euro EEV  Lower noise  Lower greenhouse gas emissions Performance The Natural Choice  Experience  Cummins Factory built engines  Delivered +35,000 engines  Cummins Factory Warranty  +15,000 ISL G’s in service  Engineered for Performance  Industry Leading Technology  VPI Engineering  Powerful, Reliable and Durable  First fit OEM availability  No hassle aftertreatment  Cummins Service Network  Lower fuel costs  Parts, Service, Training Support 5
  6. 6. Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) A Joint Venture of Westport & CumminsCummins Inc. 50% 50% Delivered over 34,000 engines. 2011 Revenue = $139M New 10 year Agreement 2012 6
  7. 7. CWI Technology Path Spark Plug O2 T O2 Sensor Sensor Three Way Catalyst Charge Air Cooler EGR Cooler Stoich EGRSpark Ignited Three Way• Fuel and air are premixed Catalystoutside the cylinder Architecture• Spark plug ignites the mixture Fuel• Air flow controls fuel flow Throttle• Air/Fuel ratio controls emissions Cummins Westport Confidential 7
  8. 8. ISL G Product Features and Benefits 8.9L Stoichiometric Cooled EGR engine with spark ignition In production since mid-2007 Low emissions – 0.20 g/bhp-hr NOx – 0.01 g/bhp-hr PM Three Way Catalyst Aftertreatment Diesel like Performance, Reliability and Durability – Same rated speed – Similar torque curve – Over 30% more torque at idle vs. lean burn – Improved fuel economy of 5% vs. lean burn Over 80% parts commonality with ISL9 Compatible with CNG, LNG, or Biomethane (RNG) Renewable Natural Gas 8
  9. 9. What is the Same Between ISL9 & ISL G? Major Engine Components & Technology – Block, crankshaft, main bearing, piston rods – Over 80% parts commonality – Cooled EGR 500 hour Maintenance Interval Parts, Service, Training, Warranty – Cummins Distributor Network 320, 300, 280, 260 and 250 HP rating Compatible w/ Cummins Diagnostic Tools – Insite – QuickServe Online 9
  10. 10. What is Different Between ISL9 & ISL G? Cylinder Head 2 Valve 4 Valve Ignition Spark Ignition (spark plugs) Compression Ignition Fuel System Intake Manifold Common Rail Aftertreatment Three way catalyst Particulate Filter + SCR Compression 12:1 16.6:1 Ratio Cost of maintenance related to ignition and overhead valve adjustments adds incremental maintenance cost for the ISL G Maintenance Cost versus ISL9. This cost is typically more than offset by fuel cost savings with natural gas. Natural gas engines require a specific oil that meets Cummins Lubricating Oil specification CES 20074 Noise Natural gas engines are up to 10db quieter at idle 10
  11. 11. Aftertreatment Comparison SCR Catalyst Particulate Filter ISL9 (diesel) Heated DEF Tank DEF ECM Dosing Control Unit Three Way Catalyst ISL G Cummins TWC(natural gas) 11
  12. 12. ISL G Maintenance Free Aftertreatment Three Way Catalyst Packaged as a muffler-vertical or horizontal mount Weighs approx 100 pounds Minimizes vehicle impact No regeneration or DEF required.
  13. 13. Maintenance – ISL G Maintenance is a key factor in engine life ISL G maintenance intervals are established by Cummins Engineering and are based on engine family data. Key interval is oil drain, which is duty cycle dependant. The ISL G durability target for major engine components (crankshaft, etc.) is the same as ISL – B50 of 600K miles / 20,000 hours in typical on-highway applications (30 mph average speed). However, not all engine components have the same life expectation. In particular, the ISL G engine 2 valve cylinder head – Predicted B50 life of 325K miles (11,000 hours).
  14. 14. Intended Service Guidelines The ISL G operates in a variety of applications. Maintenance intervals as published by Cummins are established based on vehicle applications and average speed. Normal Duty is described as idle time less than 40%, the vehicle does not operate in dusty areas, and GVW is not more than 65,000 pounds. Vehicles exceeding the published weight values as described in Cummins AEB 140.21 require a Cummins application review.ISL G Severe Duty Application Review Severe Duty is described as more than 40% idle time, expected annual mileage in excess of 60,000 miles per year or weights in excess of 65,000 pounds Severe Duty requires special consideration on a case by case basis – Severe duty may increase maintenance costs and engine life Each case must be specifically approved by CWI.
  15. 15. ISL G -Oil Drain Intervals
  16. 16. ISL G Maintenance Intervals - Truck Eg: Truck application Hours Miles Kilometers MonthsCheck CAC cooler, piping 250 7500 12,000 3and Air CleanerOil & Filter* 500 15,000 24,000 6Coolant Filter** None¹ None¹ None¹ None¹Spin-on Fuel Filter 1,000 30,000 48,000 12Spark Plugs 1,500 45,000 72,000 18Standard Coolant 2,000 60,000 96,000 24Overhead Adjustment*** 2,000 60,000 96,000 24Air Cleaner/Element Follow vehicle manufacturers published recommendations Default interval is the hours stated. Interval is whichever comes first – hours, miles or time. Refer to Owners Manual for complete details on Maintenance Intervals. ¹ If engine is equipped with an optional coolant filter, it will need to be replaced at the same intervals as the oil filter. Regardless if the engine is or is not equipped with a coolant filter, SCA/DCA additive levels must be checked according to the interval listed in the Owners Manual. *Assuming normal duty cycle/based on 30 mph average speed. **Do not change if SCA above 3 ***Initial Overhead Adjustment at 1,000 hours
  17. 17. Value Spec Example – No Funding 17
  18. 18. Additional NG Scheduled Maintenance Cost ~$1,135/year $0.01.1 per mile (Spark Plugs and Overhead Valves)
  19. 19. CommentsNatural gas (NG) trucks cost moreNG Fuel cost is $25,337/yr lowerNo DEF required on ISL GISL G maintenance higher ($1,135 per year)Save $21,090.97 per year, per truck1.9 year Payback on Incremental Truck cost
  20. 20. ISL G: The Right Applications Medium Duty Market – Refuse / Dump / Mixer – Transit and School Bus – Pickup and Delivery Truck – Medium Duty Specialty Vehicles (street sweeper, yard spotter, etc…) Heavy Duty Market – Less Than Truck Load (LTL) applications – Regional / Bulk Haul applications 20
  21. 21. ISL G Availability – Conventional Trucks OEM Freightliner Peterbilt Kenworth Volvo Navistar Model M2 – 112 320 T800SH VNM TranStar SD - 114 384 W900S 365 T440 T470 Engine ISLG 320 ISL G 320 ISLG 320 ISL G 320 ISL G 320 ISL G 300Application 6x4 Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor Tractor 4x2 Tractor Vocational Vocational 4x2 Truck Mixer Mixer 6x2 Truck Vocational North America Truck Fleets Cal Cartage, CA UPS Pac 9 Ryder Trucks Sysco Rush Dillon Transport Pepsico Waste Management Paper Transport Coca Cola 21
  22. 22. ISL G Availability – COE TrucksOEM AutoCar Mack Peterbilt American Crane Carrier LafranceModel Xpeditor TerraPro LE 320 Condor LET Terra Pro CO Fuel LNG/CNG LNG/CNG LNG/CNG LNG/CNG LNG/CNGEngine ISLG 320 ISLG 320 ISL G 320 ISL G 320 ISLG 320 North America Refuse Fleets . City of Los Angeles, CA City of Toronto Miller Waste, Ontario Republic Service City of Sacramento, CA EMI, Quebec Specialty Solid Waste Long Island, NY BFI / City of Surrey, BC City of New York Smithtown, NY Denver, CO Waste Management (USA, Ogden, Utah Canada) Violia Environmental
  23. 23. ISL G Availability – Transit BusesOEM New Flyer NABI Orion ElDorado GilligModel 30/35/40 Low Floor 35/40 Low Floor Orion V HF EZ Rider II 30/35/40 Low 60 BRT Orion VII LF Floor Fuel CNG CNG CNG LNG/CNG CNGEngine ISLG 280 ISLG 280 ISL G 280 ISLG 280 ISLG 280 ISL G 320 Top North American CNG Transit Fleets LAMTA, Los Angeles, CA OCTA, Orange County, CA Big Blue Bus, Santa Monica, CA Boston, MA Washington DC Dallas, TX TransLink, Vancouver, Canada NY / Long Island Transit, NY San Diego Transit, CA Foothills Transit, CA RTC Transit, Las Vegas, NV HSR, Hamilton, Canada Fort Worth, TX Santa Clara, CA Tacoma, WA St. Louis, MO
  24. 24. ISX12 GHeavy Duty NaturalGas EngineJune 2012
  25. 25. ISX12 G – Market and Platform Technology – Features and Benefits – Design and Technical Specs – Product differences – Ratings
  26. 26. Natural Gas Engine Introduction Target Markets – Regional haul truck / tractor – Vocational – Refuse Platform & Technology – Cummins 11.9 litre ISX12 diesel is base engine – Utilizing spark-ignition with cooled EGR & three way catalyst (TWC) • Same combustion technology as ISL G
  27. 27. Natural Gas Engine Key Product Attributes – 4 cycle, spark ignited, in-line 6 cylinder, turbocharged, CAC – Displacement – 11.9 litres (726.2 cu in) – Peak rating: 400 hp, 1450 lb-ft – EPA/CARB certified at or below EPA10 emission levels – Dedicated natural gas engine • Will operate on CNG or LNG • Capable of using up to 100% Biomethane – Three Way Catalyst after-treatment – Engine braking – Manual/Automatic Transmission capable Schedule – Commercial launch: Early 2013 – Currently in field tests
  28. 28. Engine Architecture ISL G ISX12 Diesel ISX12 G Natural GasCWI Emissions Architecture – Spark Ignition Base Engine Architecture Heavy Duty Natural Gas – Stoichiometric Combustion, – Diesel Base Engine – 400 hp/1,450 ft. lb torque – Cooled EGR – 4 valve cylinder head – Heavy duty durability – Three Way Catalyst – Cooled EGR – Heavy duty performance – Wastegate Turbocharger – Control System
  29. 29. Coil on Plug IgnitionDesign Architecture EGR Wastegate Valve Turbo Fuel4 Valve Cylinder Module Head Ignition Control Module Engine Control Module
  30. 30. ISX12 G -Technical SpecificationsAdvertised Horsepower 320-400 hp 239-298 kWPeak Torque 1,150-1,450 lb-ft 1,559-1,966 N•mGoverned Speed 2100 rpmClutch Engagement Torque 700 lb-ft 949 N•mNumber of Cylinders 6Oil System Capacity 12 U.S. gallons 45.4 litersSystem Weight 2,750 lb 1,247 kgEngine (Dry) 2,650 lb 1,202 kgAftertreatment System* 100 lb 45 kg*Three Way Catalyst Aftertreatment (packaged as a muffler) Cummins Westport Confidential 30
  31. 31. ISX12 G Features Coil on Plug Ignition Spark PlugISX12 G Coil and Extension ISX12 G Spark Plug Spark Ignited  Air flow controls fuel flow  Air/Fuel ratio controls emissions  Fuel and air are premixed Fuel Flexibility outside the cylinder  Spark plug ignites the mixture
  32. 32. ISX12 G Features Coil on Plug Ignition Three Way CatalystISX12 G Coil and Extension ISX12 G Spark Plug Fuel Flexibility 32
  33. 33. ISX12 vs. ISX12 G ISX12 ISX12 GHorsepower 310 – 425 hp (231 – 317 kW) 320 – 400 hp (239 – 298 kW)Peak Torque 1150 – 1650 lb-ft (1559 – 2237 Nm) 1150 – 1450 lb-ft (1559 – 1966 Nm)Torque at Idle 800 lb-ft (1085Nm) 700 lb-ft (949 Nm)Aftertreatment DPF + SCR Three Way CatalystEngine Brake Optional 380 hp (283 kW) @ 2100 Optional 240 hp (179 kW) @ 2100 rpmPerformance rpm
  34. 34. 2013 ISX12 G Ratings * PEAK TORQUE ENGINE MODEL ADVERTISED HP(KW) GOVERNED SPEED LB-FT (Nm) @ RPMLine Haul Truck ApplicationsISX12 G 400 400 (298) 1450 (1966) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 385 385 (287) 1350 (1830) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 350 350 (261) 1450 (1966) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 330 330 (246) 1250 (1695) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 320 320 (239) 1150 (1559) @ 1200 2100 RPMRefuse Truck ApplicationsISX12 G 350R 350 (261) 1350 (1830) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 350R 350 (261) 1450 (1966) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 330R 330 (246) 1250 (1695) @ 1200 2100 RPMISX12 G 320R 320 (239) 1150 (1559) @ 1200 2100 RPMClutch Engagement Torque – 700 LB-FT (949 Nm)Net Weight (Dry) - 2650 LB (1202 KG) * Preliminary Ratings – Subject to Change
  35. 35. Similar Ratings Power and torque curves similar to ISX12 diesel ISX12 G 320 / 1150 FR20300 ISX12 G 330 / 1250 FR20298 ISX12 G 385 / 1350 FR20290 ISX12 G 350 / 1450 FR20296 ISX12 G 400 / 1450 FR20288
  36. 36. Program Status Update – October 2012 25 truck field test trucks in operation. – Initial performance feedback has been excellent – Initial Quality Assurance (IQA) process with launch OEM is underway – Performance and fuel economy optimization continues. Limited engine production remains on schedule to start in early 2013 – Working with OEM re 2013 truck delivery schedules Full Production expected mid 2013 36
  37. 37. Service Guidelines GCVW limitations for the ISX12 G have yet to be finalized, the ISX12 diesel is unlimited but does have higher ratings (425/1650). Investigations and analysis of GCVW in excess of 100,000 lbs is in process. ISX12 PowerSpec example (85-110,000 lbs) Cummins Westport Confidential 37
  38. 38. ISX12 G Warranty Automotive Base warranty for Cummins Westport natural gas engines is same as Cummins diesel base platform 2 Year / 250,000 Mile Warranty – 100% parts and labor on warrantable failures* – Travel or towing when an engine is disabled by a warrantable failure – Consumables not reusable due to covered failure – Limited progressive damage, including aftertreatment Extended Coverage options are yet to be determined, and will be published prior to launch.Maintenance Intervals ISX12 G intervals have not been finalized. Expect natural gas related intervals will be similar to ISL G  Example: spark plug interval at 1,500 hours CES20074 natural gas engine oil will be required
  39. 39. OEM Launch Partners 39
  40. 40. ISX12 G OEM MATS DisplaysFreightliner Cascadia (CNG) Peterbilt 365 (LNG)Volvo VNL (CNG) Kenworth T660 (CNG)
  41. 41. OEM Availability - SummaryNor t h Am er icaOEM Model Segment I SL G I SX12 G Comm ent s App licat ion s: 6 X4 Tract o r (LNG, CNG),Freightliner Truck Business Class M2 112 (Class 7/8) MD/ HD Truck X CNG - 4 X2 Tract o r, 6 X2 , 4 X2 Tru ck, Vo cat io n al Cascadia HD Truck X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Kenworth W900S MD/ HD Truck X X Vocat ional/ Mixer T440 / T470 MD/ HD Truck X Local & r egional haul, v ocat ional. T660 HD Truck X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Peterbilt Model 384 MD/ HD Truck X X Model 384 - Tr act or Model 365 MD/ HD Truck X X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Volvo VNM MD/ HD Truck X VNL HD Truck X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Mack Pinnacle HD Truck X I SX12 G - Mid 2013 Granite HD Truck X I SX12 G - Mid 2013International TranStar MD/ HD Truck X New 2012American LaFrance Condor Refuse XAutoCar ACX Refuse X X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Crane Carrier LCF Refuse XPeterbilt 320 Refuse X X I SX12 G - Mid 2013Mack TerraPro Low Entry Refuse XMack TerraPro Cab Over Refuse XNABI 35 LFW/ 40 LFW/ 60 BRT Urban Bus XNew Flyer 30 LF/ 35 LF/ 40 LF Urban Bus XOrion Orion V HF/ Orion VII LF Urban Bus XFoton City - L40 CNG Urban Bus XGillig LF Urban Bus X New 2011MCI Commuter Coach 40/ 45 Motor Coach X New 2011DesignLine Commuter Coach 40/ 45 Motor Coach X New 2012El Dorado National Axess/ E-Z Rider II/Transmark RE/ XHF Shuttle XBlue Bird All American School Bus XThomas Bus Saf-T Liner School Bus XCapacity TJ9000 , TJ5000 Yard Spotter XAutoCar Xspotter Yard Spotter X June, 2012
  42. 42.■ New Website launched May 15, 2012■ Great source of information about natural gas engines and vehicles.■ Features the Natural Gas Academy, a series of instructional videos ■ Designed to provide a general overview of natural gas as a fuel whether it is compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG), and how it is used with vehicles.
  43. 43. Thank You