MyStartupStory- Wholesalefund


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This is the startup story of Wholesalefund!

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MyStartupStory- Wholesalefund

  1. #mystartupstory This is the startup story of
  2. This is Dave.
  3. In 2010, Dave was helping a friend launch a hydration beverage into the market.
  4. EXCITING This was really
  5. Except he soon discovered it was very difficult to get distribution.
  6. Tradeshows He was frustrated by the inefficiency of: Fragmented Buyer Channels Fragmented Distribution Channels
  7. “Why is it so difficult to get a product on the shelf?”
  8. He wished he could just press a And solve all these problems! BUTTON
  9. Then he realized...
  10. ideas come from painandthevisionof a new world! BIG
  11. Luckily Dave had some experience solving complex problems with simple and elegant solutions... And so he thought...
  12. Lets create a simple-to-use MARKETPLACE And Wholesalefund was born...
  13. We will make it easy for Brands And Buyers
  14. We will create something so they can avoid all this wasted time dealing with fragmented communication.
  15. Now, how will we get the money for this great idea?
  16. Got It!
  17. Instead of raising a bunch of money and hoping we get a software solution right...
  18. NOW Let’s just start doing it And build the ideal experience we envision.
  19. We will test our entire business model before we write a line of code.
  20. This will help us accelerate adoption And give us time to innovate the most elegant software solution...
  21. ...without being stuck with a “clunky” wrong answer.
  22. Fast Forward to 201 2
  23. We won the Innovation Grant from The Arizona Commerce Authority as a top 1% Arizona Company.
  24. We couldn’t do it alone though... So, we partnered with the leading venture management firm, Tallwave.
  25. Fast Forward to Today
  26. The Wholesalefund Buyer Platform!
  27. And we’re really helping people...
  28. “Breaking into the market with a new product has many pitfalls, obstacles and they all come with a learning curve that at times can be overwhelming. Once we connected with WholesaleFund we found out quickly that the Director of Marketing wanted us to feel welcome. The attention to detail we have received by the staff at WholesaleFund has reassured us that we have placed our business with a broker that understands our unique product and one that shares our vision. WholesaleFund has elevated our brand in the market place like no other broker we have worked with before. With the greatest confidence we know we have a partner that can get the job done!” Mandy Lackner Mojobricks CFO Mandeo, LLC
  29. And that’s the Wholesalefund startup story! Thank you!