Whole house fan reviews from the horse’s mouth


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This article explores some of the positive messages to come from people who have had whole house fans installed in their home.

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Whole house fan reviews from the horse’s mouth

  1. 1. Whole House Fan Reviews: From the Horse’s MouthThis article explores some of the positive messages to come from people who have had wholehouse fans installed in their home.With the number of companies competing in today’s marketplace, the modern businessneeds to shout out their brand identity as loud as they can so as to be heard above the din.As a result, it can become understandably difficult for us to believe the incredible claims ofgrandeur that are constantly flung at us from every newspaper, bus stop, magazine andwebpage. Yet, according to all the fantastic whole house fan reviews that are being made bypeople all over the United States, the house attic fans cooling system would appear to reallybe something to stop and think about (www.quietcoolsystems.com)! Instead of listening toa business owner rattle on about how brilliant their products and services are, let’s take alook at the whole house fan reviews… straight from the horse’s mouth.Whole House Fan Reviews: Benefits of a House Attic FanPerhaps the most consistent message in the whole house fan reviews made by people whohad had house attic fans installed in their home’s roofs was how incredibly fast and quietlythey worked! But first, some context: A house attic fan acts as an innovative cooling systemthat uses a fraction of the electricity required by traditional air conditioners. By opening
  2. 2. windows around the house, a circulation is set up by these large fans that draw fresh, cooland clean air from outside the house, while expelling old, hot and stale air from the attic.So efficiently does a house attic fan promote circulation in the home that you can smoke acigarette in the living room and the people in the next room will not even know it! Or soone of the whole house fan reviews had to say. Another consistent observation in the wholehouse fan reviews was that the entire cooling system is whisper-quiet. So, if bedtime hasalways meant a choice between being too hot to sleep and being kept awake by somedroning air conditioning unit, then house attic fans offer comprehensive solutions.One of the especially interesting whole house fan reviews was written by a woman whospoke about how the common cold or flu in one of her children inevitably resulted in anentire household of sick children! However, since installing house attic fans, the constantsupply of fresh air in the home has not only made an incredible difference to their allergiesand sinus problems, but none of them have been sick since! Never underestimate thepower of clean, cool and fresh air.Assessing the Whole House Fan ReviewsThe important thing to remember about these whole house fan reviews is that they havebeen written by people like you and me: people who are just looking for a cooling system tolive up to the promises made by the manufacturers. House attic fans go over and above allexpectations and can not only save you thousands of dollars in electricity annually, butcontribute to a cleaner environment; the energy efficiency of your home and the health ofyour household (www.quietcoolsystems.com).