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The Newest Whole House Fan Reviews: Two Thumbs Up!


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This article provides a summary of the ten most positive feedback points customers have made about whole house high volume ventilation fans.

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The Newest Whole House Fan Reviews: Two Thumbs Up!

  1. 1. This article provides a summary of the ten most positive feedback points customers have made about whole house high volume ventilation fans.The Whole House Fan Reviews Are Out!Whole house fans are creating waves in the world of cooling technology. These high volumeventilation fans not only run on a staggering 75% less electricity than traditional airconditioning, but they also dramatically improve the quality of the air inside the home,while cooling it by up to 30°F. The whole house fan reviews have been nothing butpositive, so we thought we would share a few with you today. From the horse’s mouth, hereis what people have to say about the innovative cooling technology that is whole housefans!Whole House Fan Reviews # 1: “My home is beautifully cool at all hours of the day, and it’swithout the massive electricity bills!” – Mary-Anne OvenstoneI’ve always relied upon air conditioning to keep thetemperature inside my house tolerable during the hotsummer. But the difference with whole house fans isincredible. Every room is beautifully cool and has thiswonderful fresh breeze blowing through it. I run my wholehouse fan in the evening and overnight and I hardly have touse my air conditioning any more. Better yet, I don’t havethe exorbitant electricity bills to deal with!
  2. 2. Whole House Fan Reviews # 2: “My son’s allergies are literally a thing of the past. We all feelso much healthier!” – Patrick FoleyMy son has always suffered from a dust allergy and asthma. Since installing my wholehouse fan, his breathing has become so much easier and he very rarely struggles withallergic rhinitis. In fact, everyone in the home feels so much healthier with all the freshclean air our home is getting! My wife and I both have so much more energy and our kidsare rarely sick anymore. Our whole house fan reviews are nothing but positive!Whole House Fan Reviews # 3: “I have saved over $1,500 on electricity every year since Iinstalled my whole house fan.” – Madeleine BillowsMy biggest gripe with our old air conditioning unit was the rate at which it chewed throughelectricity. With whole house fans, I never use air conditioning anymore and the savingsI’ve made on my cooling bills have actually covered the entire cost of the whole house fan!It is a fantastic cooling technology and far more environmentally friendly than airconditioning.Whole House Fan Reviews # 4: “My husband can puff on his pipe all he likes; it doesn’tbother me anymore!” – Beryl SmithMy husband’s smoking habit used to drive me insane; so much so that I banished his habitto the porch and nowhere else. Now, however, with our whole house fans constantlybringing in fresh clean air, he can puff away in his office and I never smell a single moleculeof that acrid stench! For this I am so grateful. He’s also happy to be able to enjoy his ‘guiltypleasure’ without being banished from the house. Our whole house fan reviews: twothumbs up!Whole House Fan Reviews # 5: “I can get into my attic again! I’ve reclaimed the space as mywriting studio.” – Spencer Meyer In summer, the attic could get as hot as 150°F. It was so bad that we literally couldn’t store anything of value up there. When I heard about whole house fans, I was attracted to the energy savings they promised – and delivered upon – but what I am SO grateful for is being able to use my attic again! I converted it into a studio to which I am now able to escape to and do some writing. I can totally understand the positive whole house fan reviews. Marvelous technology!